Going Gay / Tim – Chapters 5 – 8


Bare-assed naked. Fully erect. Breathing shakily, but not breaking our intense eye contact, we moved again into each other’s arms. The feeling of touching him skin-to-skin made my balls begin to ache with a familiar urgency. Beau must have sensed that I was approaching a climax, because he stepped back and broke the embrace.

“Got anything to drink?” he inquired. We both took a long, deep breath.

Right away, I realized what a lousy host I was being. “What do you like?”

“What’ve you got?”

I had to admit I didn’t really know. “Let’s see what’s in the minibar.” I walked over to it,
un-selfconsciously stark naked with my hard cock bobbing from side to side, and opened the door.

Beau, right behind me and equally turned on, reached past me and took out a mineral water.

“Don’t you want something stronger?”

“Nope. I like to be fully aware of everything while I’m having sex. Then I’ll get drunk afterwards!” He laughed loudly, and I sensed that he could be kidding.

I selected a Heineken, opened it, and tipped it toward his water, clinking the glass.

“Here’s hoping I don’t disappoint you,” I said meekly.

“That’s not even possible!” Beau replied, leaning toward me and kissing me gently again.

I paused to take in the scene and snickered slyly. With a quizzical look, Beau asked, “What?”

I said with a wide grin, “Here we are: two bare-ass naked men, our cocks stiff as boards, standing in a thousand-dollar-a-night hotel suite, completely at ease, without embarrassment or shame, enjoying a cold drink, as if this was something people did all the time.”

“Well, it is something people do all the time. You just haven’t experienced it yet.”

With that, Beau took my hand and led me into the bedroom. We deposited our drinks on the bedside tables and climbed onto the bed side-by-side. I still didn’t know how to act, so I stretched out my legs and leaned back onto the two plush pillows, my erection resting on my stomach, pointing directly at my head, pulsing softly with each beat of my racing heart.

Beau inched over toward me, put his right arm behind my head, and lifted his right leg over my left knee and pressed the full length of his body against me. I turned to look at him, and once again, he gently pulled me into a deep kiss.

I had never had my body this close to another man’s, but instead of feeling awkward or wanting to pull away, I found myself wishing there were some way to get even closer to him. I would soon find out that there was indeed!

We lay there in silence for a while. Then Beau turned to look at me. “So, what is it you want to do?”

Taken aback, I could only reply, “I really don’t know what there is to do.”

He laughed, shaking his head, “Tim, I can’t believe you’re as well-educated and worldly as you apparently are, and you’ve no idea of the ways men have sex with each other.”

I was silent for a moment. “All right. You’re right. I guess I know that there are only so many ways to put a penis into another person’s body, so I suppose I can probably come up with a list.” I paused. “But the fact is, I have never done it, or seen it done.” I left out the part about imagining and dreaming it almost every night.

“You mean you’ve never seen porn?”

“As prudish as you already think me, the answer to that is ‘no.’ I never felt the need or desire, and I suppose I’ve always rather looked down on the whole idea.”

He seemed hurt, so I hastily added, “But that doesn’t mean I’m condemning you. As you well know, all of this is a brave new world for me, and I’m absolutely positive that I will see things differently as I explore and experience it, especially if I see you in one of them.”

“Good answer,” he kissed me deeply again, and our tongues began dueling inside each other’s mouths. He broke off to say, “I’ll send you a link to some of my best work.”

My cock had softened considerably as we lay on the bed, but it was quickly rising to the occasion.

With that, Beau began my man-sex education. “Why don’t we start with the simplest thing? Every teenage boy knows about a blowjob!”

I said nothing as he leaned down and grasped the base of my prick in his hand, pointing it toward the ceiling and lowering his mouth over the head. Unlike Beau, I am circumcised, so there was no foreskin to push aside.

As he took my cock into his mouth, it slipped easily past his lips and began to slide up his tongue toward the back of his mouth. I felt only felt warmth and wetness. There was no hint of teeth at all, which made me think that this was a skill I would need to master if I were to pleasure him as he was doing to me. As Beau drew my dick back and forth across his tongue with a sucking pressure, it quickly hardened again.

He began a slow rhythm, raising his head so far that my cock almost slipped out of his mouth, then gently but firmly pressing down until the entire length was in his throat and I felt his nose buried in my public hair.

He did this a dozen or more times, then changed his approach. Holding my dick in his hand, he removed it from his mouth and began to lick up and down it on all sides. After that, he used his tongue to pry open the tiny slit at the opening, the one piss comes out (and semen, too, I thought to myself). It really didn’t seem possible that he could get his tongue into such a small orifice, but the feeling of him coaxing it open was exhilarating.

Beau then repositioned himself on the bed, getting up and kneeling between my legs. He continued to lick up and down my cock, but one hand began to gently fondle my nuts. I moaned with pleasure.

Taking his cue from my response, he moved his face so that he could gently draw each ball into his hot, moist mouth. Gently and delicately, he sucked one testicle in and ran his tongue all around it, lightly pushed it out, and repeated the process with its twin.

“I never felt anything like that,” I said weakly, the pleasure was so intense.

Beau went back to sucking and sliding my entire member down his throat.

“How do you do that? I mean, without choking?”

“You think you’re that big, do you?” He smiled up at me.

“Hell, no. I just can’t figure out where the fuck you put it.”

“It’s an acquired skill,” he explained. “And one I’ll gladly teach you.”

“I think it’s about time you did that.”

He rose up on his knees and began making some adjustments to our relative positions, ending up with my head at the top of the bed, and his at the foot. Playfully, I reached over and tickled the bottom of his foot. He giggled and quickly pulled away.

“Ticklish?” I inquired.

“Crazy ticklish.”

He then rolled onto his side facing me, and pulled me into the mirror image of his position. I found myself with his hard cock pointing straight at my face.

“The best way to learn this is to notice how it feels to you, and then try to make me feel the same way. This position is called ‘69’ by the way.”

With that, he took my dick in his hand and gently stroked it. I followed suit with his.

His cock was not only beautiful, it was intimidating. I am no judge of such things, but I later learned that he sports just over eight inches of length and six inches of girth, which is far above average. That is, unless you’re a porn star, in which case I expect it’s a basic job requirement.

It was so big around that I could barely close my hand on it. My own was a lot shorter and thinner, but I wasn’t here to compare. My job was to learn how to please him as much as he was pleasing me.

So I mimicked his motion, slowly sliding my hand up and down his shaft. I was fascinated by the way his foreskin opened and closed, moving several inches with the motions of my hand.

“What does it feel like to have a foreskin?”

“I don’t know how to answer that, since I’ve always had one. What does it feel like not to have one?”

“You have me there. I guess it’s just something we’ll have to accept about each other.”

Beau smiled and then used his hand to gently press the head of my cock between his lips. I followed suit.

I found that his cock fit perfectly inside my mouth. I seriously doubted that I would ever be able to take it down my throat, but at least the first four inches or so were about to receive all the pleasure I could muster.

With my cockhead inside his mouth, he then brought up his tongue underneath it, and I felt a jolt of electricity as he connected with the most sensitive part, that spot directly under the folds of the head. I did the same to Beau and was delighted that he reacted the same way I did, as I found my target.

He removed my prick from his mouth long enough to say, “You’re pretty good at this, are you sure you’ve never done it before?”

I chuckled with his dick still in my mouth, giving him a pleasure he seemed to find new and interesting.

There wasn’t a lot more to learn about sucking a cock. Beau demonstrated that it increased my pleasure when he varied the speed and depth, and how to keep my teeth away from his tender parts.

He then repeated his attentions to my balls, licking them and taking them into his mouth, which I quickly learned to do as well.

Finally, he pulled off and sat up on his elbow, looking at me. “That’s the first lesson. Do you want to take a break?”

“Not on your life!”


“OK, now let’s try another position.” With that, Beau rolled over, lying flat on his back.

“Now you get up on your knees and elbows above me, but don’t lie down on me.”

With some guidance from my lover (for that was what I now knew him to be), I achieved the intended position. My erection dangled in his face, and his rose up to invite me to take it into my mouth.

“Now, let’s do the same thing we were doing before, only from a different angle.”

Once again, I eagerly began copying his movements, taking his hard cock in my mouth and bestowing on it every pleasure that he gave me. I even found that, from above, I could take it deeper into my mouth and almost down my throat. Beau clearly noticed the difference and made a few gurgling sounds of pleasure around my cock, which was buried in his mouth.

“Now, you keep doing that, while I show you something else.”

Curious and eager, I continued blowing him. Beau pulled himself up a little bit and began licking my balls from underneath. Then his tongue made its way into that unnamed area between my testicles and my butthole. Once he had that space thoroughly soaked with his saliva, I felt to my shock and surprise that his tongue began to explore around the hole itself.

I stopped what I was doing. “Are you sure you want to go there?”

“Mm-hmm. I approached very carefully, and I can tell that there’s nothing unpleasant lurking around your secret entrance.”

With that, he returned to his mission of soaking every inch of muscle up and down my ass-crack, with special emphasis on the tight pucker that guarded the entry like a sentinel. I quivered with pleasure. I never imagined that such an unmentionable part of my anatomy could be so sensitive and provide so much pleasure when stimulated in just the right way.

To my surprise, Beau then thrust his tongue past the hole and right into my virgin back door. The sensation was indescribable. It was so overpowering that I actually pulled away from him uncontrollably.

“Don’t like that?”

“Of course I like it, you idiot. It’s so fucking intense that I can barely stand it!”

“I’ll take it slow, and if it gets to be too much, just pull off.” And with that, he began a routine of licking, tickling, and thrusting his tongue into me as far as it would go. It was pure ecstasy – a feeling I had never experienced or imagined.

“Can I try doing that to you?”

“Are you sure?”

“Well, you’re supposed to be teaching me these things.”

“OK.” We gingerly exchanged positions, and as he began sucking my dick again, I retraced the steps he had taken on my own backside. When I reached his love-hole, I hesitated only for a second before pressing my tongue past his sphincter and into a brave new world of sensual delight. To my surprise and relief, the taste was quite pleasant, with no hint of the nasty stuff that came out of this lovely orifice.

“Mmm.” Beau began to help me by moving his ass up and down so that I didn’t have to strain the muscles of my tongue trying to massage his hole. I now realized where he got his nom de porn, Beau “Botham.” He was truly an expert at using his bottom to please a man.

Finally, he pulled away. “That’s enough for now, Timmy. I think you’ve earned an A-plus for today’s lesson.”

My disappointment must have been obvious.

“Hey, I don’t mean we aren’t going to get off,” Beau explained, “just that you need to take things slowly if you’re going to enjoy the whole curriculum.”

Then he guided me to lie back again and returned to kneeling between my legs. Taking my cock in his mouth, he began a flurry of movement that soon told me he was striving to make me cum. Unable to stop myself, I began to thrust my pole into his throat, as the inevitable point-of-no-return got closer and closer. Finally, I gasped, “I’m going to cum!” I didn’t know what he wanted to do about that, but he quickly made it clear by sucking harder and deeper.

My balls rose up tight against the base of my cock, my prostate began contracting feverishly, my whole body tightened, and my breathing stopped, as I shot load after load of hot semen into Beau’s receptive mouth. As the wave of ejaculations continued, he met each by tightly squeezing his tongue against the roof of his mouth and eagerly swallowing my cream.

Finally, my balls drained, I was able to breathe again, and my cock almost instantly went limp. Beau simply lay there with my worn-out member in his mouth, gently sucking the last drops of juice from that slit he had so lovingly explored earlier.

“I don’t know what to say. I’ve never felt like that before, and I haven’t cum like that in years!”

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

“When are you going to teach me to do that?”

“All things in good time, old bean!” he said with a fake British accent, making me wonder what Lord Windermere was doing with Jimmy Coxx at this very moment. But I quickly set that thought aside, since my own reality was far better than anything I could imagine or fantasize.

“Now it’s my turn to do you.” I announced, making a move to get up.

“No need. I came the same time you did, just caught it in my hand.” He held up a palm wet with creamy jism, then quickly grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped it clean.

“Well, I wish I had been more of a participant in that.”

“Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty more times and you can get that slop all over you if you want to!”

“I fucking want to taste it, you dummy!” We laughed in anticipation of that happening soon.

We settled back in bed beside each other, took a few more sips of our drinks, and engaged in casual conversation. Soon, we both fell asleep.

But unlike Beau, who was too young to need it, I had to get up and pee three times during the night. I was careful not to wake him, and my reward was the delightful and sensual opportunity to lie there beside him and ogle his beautiful naked body until sleep embraced me in its arms again. Not surprisingly, I did not have any sex dreams or nocturnal emissions that night.

I woke up early, as I always do. Groggy from sleep and the physical exhilaration of sex, it dawned on me that there was someone in bed with me.

My first thought was, “Julie!” Turning over, I remembered that she wasn’t there. Instead, a beautiful young man lay on his back next to me, naked, his penis erect.

And I said to myself, “There is no more Julie. That life is over. It is no more. I loved her, I devoted myself to her, I took care of her through all of her pain and suffering until she took her last breath, and I buried her. I will never forget her. She will always be a part of my life, of me, and all that I am. But she is not here now. This beautiful young man is, and this is my new life.”

I didn’t feel sad. Rather, I knew that I would always have the love that Julie and I had shared for 50 years. But she is gone and I am still alive, and I need to get on with the business of living, which now apparently includes having passionate sex with a gorgeous young man.

Julie and I had often talked about what we would do after one of us died – how the survivor would get on with life, perhaps fall in love again, maybe even marry again. It was always something that we freely gave each other permission to do.

And I knew in my heart that, somehow, Julie would have approved of who and what and where I am now. She would understand, and she would even probably like Beau!

As my ruminations dwindled away, Beau stirred, then stretched. His hard cock seemed to get even bigger, even though it already reached all the way up his bellybutton. He opened his eyes and looked over at me.

“Hi,” he said with that heart-melting smile of his. I felt a warm tingle in my balls.

“Good morning.”

“Did you sleep OK?”

“Other than having to take a piss three or four times last night, I did just fine. I hope I didn’t wake you up.”

“I’m a light sleeper. You were never gone long enough for me to think I needed to get up and go look for you.” Then he winked at me. “You sure seemed to enjoy the free strip show every time you came back to bed.”

I blushed. “Well, you’re so good at it, how could I not?”

“Come here, Tim.” He pulled me down on top of him and we kissed deeply. I inhaled the manly scent of his body and quickly got hard.

“You ready for Lesson Two?” he asked innocently.

“Bring it on, lover!”

“Well, let’s start with a little review. Assume the head-to-toe position!”

I complied quickly and we began sucking each other. I tried to remember all the tricks he had taught me last night, so that I wasn’t just mimicking what he did to me, but actually improvising on the basics in order to make him feel good. I imagined that I was worshiping his phallus, like some pagan guru in a temple devoted to the gods of sex.


Beau was clearly enjoying the ministrations I was lavishing on his hard prick, “Fuck, Tim, you sure learn fast!”

“We aims to please, sir!”

“Well, you’re pleasing me a lot, but you better fucking slow down or you’ll soon get a hefty taste of that juice you wanted last night!”

By way of responding, I increased the speed and depth of my cock-sucking. I was pleasantly surprised that, the more I worked on his giant dick, the more my mouth and throat accommodated both the length and the girth. Before long, I was taking almost his whole hard-on and tickling my nose on his fluffy pubes.

After a minute or two, Beau said gruffly, “you’d better mean what you said, baby, cause here I fucking come!” And with that, I felt his cock swell to an even larger diameter and he thrust it as deep as it would go. I held my breath and suppressed my gag reflex, as the first gush of his sperm filled my mouth.

His load was hot, sweet, salty, and quickly filled my mouth. For a split second, I wondered what to do with it. Then I remembered how he had taken mine last night. I pressed my tongue toward the top of my mouth and swallowed, just in time. Immediately, the second spurt filled my mouth, followed in rapid succession by five more. I vaguely remembered masturbating as a teen, and that I often shot six or seven times, especially if I had not cum for a couple of days. At my age, however, the best I could usually manage wasn’t enough to even fill a teaspoon.

Briefly, I though about how much I had missed at that time in my life, how many willing and eager boys would have been glad to cum in my mouth. But, as they say: that was then and this is now. You can’t relive the past, and you can’t go back and change it. All you can do – shit, all you should ever want to do – is live today to the fullest. At my age, I knew I didn’t have too many years ahead, so I relished the moment, made love with the hot boy whose throbbing cock filled my mouth, and to hell with regrets or could-have-beens!

As his spent cock gradually softened in my mouth, I continued to suck it and massage it with my tongue still savoring the elixir of his ejaculate. Beau’s breathing slowed and he played with my hair with one hand, while pinching his nipples with the other. I made a mental note to try that on him the next time, since he apparently liked it a lot. It felt so right, so perfect, to be able to give this man who wasn’t even half my age the kind of pleasure that he desired.

Finally, Beau raised up on his elbow, delicately slipping his now-soft penis out of my dripping mouth.

“You get another A-plus for that exercise, Timmy-boy!” Beau then sat up in bed, dropped his legs over the side and walked naked across the room to the bathroom door. Leaving the door open, he stood at the toilet at an angle, so that I could see everything from the bed where I lay.

As his stream of piss rushed like a wild golden river into the bowl, I called out to him, “I envy you, Beau. I haven’t been able to pee like that in 20 years!”

“You like watching?”

“You bet I do. Any time I can admire your magnificent cock, I’m ready, willing and able!”

Laughing, he returned to bed and we made out for a while, gently kissing and licking each other’s bodies and cuddling.

Finally, I asked, “Breakfast?”

“Not ‘til I work out.”

“You mean you need more of a workout than what we just did?”

“That was pleasure. I need pain.”

“Pain?” I asked, incredulously.

“As in ‘no pain, no gain’. I have several hundred reps to do, down in the gym. I’ll come back for a shower, and then eat. But you go ahead and have whatever you want. You don’t have to wait for me.”

“Well, I think I can survive a while longer. Do you know what you’d like when you get back?”

He gave me a list of healthy-sounding breakfast items, which I quickly committed to memory. Then he slipped his muscle shirt back on, slowly and teasingly pulled his cargo shorts back up, and stepped into his sandals.

“I’ve never seen sandals like those before. What are they called?”

“Rail Bondis,” he answered. “Everybody’s wearing them this year.”

“I never suspected you of being a fashionista!” But I quickly realized that all the young men I had been ogling wore the same style.

With that, he laughed, leaned over and kissed me deeply, and started toward the door.

“Wait! You might need a key to our room.”

“OUR room?”

“Well, unless you prefer to sleep alone, or you’ve decided you’ve taught me all you know about sex?”

“Not even!” He laughed, as I tossed him one of the key cards.

With that, Beau left for the gym, down in the basement of the hotel.

I toyed with the idea of just lying in bed naked, waiting for his return, but something told me that he was serious about his exercise routine and might not be back for some time. So I dressed and wrote out a quick note: “I’ll be down by the pool. Call me when you get back to the room. And don’t even dream of taking that shower without me!”

On my way to the pool, I ducked into the gift shop to see if they carried Rail Bondis. The clerk said they were out of stock at the moment because everybody wanted them, but that she would order a pair for me. I requested two in my size, brown and tan. For some juvenile reason, I wanted to wear the same damned sandals as my studly new boyfriend.

I stepped out into the Southern California morning sunshine and immediately saw Martin, Allie, and Windy eating breakfast at a table under an umbrella. I tried to step back into the shade, but I was too late. They all waved, and Windermere called out, “Not so fast, old boy. Get your arse over here!”

Leery of what they had in mind, I joined them. They all looked at me with shit-eating grins.

“So, Tim, how was your night in the garden of earthly delights?” Martin joked.

“Yes, was his bottom as impressive as we said?” Allie added.

“Hold on, gentlemen,” Lord Windermere cautioned. “Let’s let our newbie take his time organizing his thoughts… before he spills his guts to us!” They all laughed heartily at that.

I smiled with feigned innocence. “Why, gentlemen, I have no idea what you’re talking about! Did I do something naughty?”

That sent them into paroxysms of laughter. Martin waved to the waiter, who brought coffee and orange juice for me.

“Anything else, sir?”

“No, thank you. I’ll be breakfasting with someone a bit later.”

“Someone?” Windermere inquired, eyebrow arched inquisitively.

“Anyone we know?” Allie said with a knowing smile.

“Does his name begin with B and end with OHHHH?” Martin exaggerated. Again, laughter all around.

“Gentlemen, I never kiss and tell!” I began. “Or suck and tell or fuck and tell or anything else and tell.” This time, I joined in the laugh-fest.

When my three new friends calmed down, Martin spoke in a serious tone. “Tim, your business is your business, and yours alone. We like to joke about things, but we also remember that you’re new to this side of life, and the last thing we want to do is make you uncomfortable or regret that you are pals with us.”

“That’s right,” Allie chimed in. “In all seriousness, we hope you had a good time, that you learned something about yourself, and that you aren’t mad at us for egging you on last night.”

I thought for a moment. “Thanks, fellows. As I said, I’m not one to talk about personal things, especially when someone else is involved, but I should, and do, thank you for your friendliness and willingness to show me the ropes.”

“Oh, no. Ty does the ropes!” Martin interjected, laughing.

“And Jonny shoots them!” Allie added, and they all had another hee-haw at my expense. I’m going to have to ask Beau to explain that joke to me.

“Whatever,” I said, unsure what ‘ropes’ are. “Seriously, thanks! And thanks, too, for respecting my privacy. If I ever want to talk about things, I know I can rely on the three of you to help in any way, and I really appreciate that.”

With that, the waiter arrived with my beverages, and the conversation veered off to the weather and a planned excursion to the San Diego Naval Base, where the three old lechers hoped to relish the sight of hundreds of handsome young men occupied with all the daily work and play of sailors and pilots. They asked if I wanted to go along, but I excused myself, saying that I was going shopping for a pair of sandals.

Their looks revealed that they didn’t believe that for a second, but no one said anything more.


They stood to leave, and it occurred to me that their three companions of the night before weren’t with them.

“Say, where are the boys?”

“Look around you, there’s dozens of them!” Windermere gestured and exclaimed.

“You know the ones I mean. You left with them last night.”

“They’re probably all in their rooms, sleeping it off. We gave them quite a work-out, you know.” Allie said with his archest grin.

“What about YOUR lover-boy?” Martin asked.

“Well, if you’re talking about Beau, I believe you’ll find him in the hotel gym, doing some kind of exercises.”

“Will he be joining you later for another kind of exercise?” Allie asked, making a shaking gesture with his fist partly closed, indicating sex.

“That’s up to him, I’m sure,” I equivocated. “But I should hope so!”

“Good for you, old bean!” Windermere said enthusiastically, as they all disappeared into the building.

I sipped my coffee and juice and turned down two more offers to bring me something to eat. It finally occurred to me that the waiter might have been talking about food, or perhaps he was offering a more succulent morsel that I could clearly see outlined under his white apron. Fuck! Was every young man in San Diego a sex-crazed stud? Or was I the one now so obsessed with man-sex that everything had become suggestive?

After about an hour and a half, my cell phone rang. I had left the number at the bottom of the note I wrote for Beau.

“I’m back in the room, although the maid gave me a disapproving look when I used the key to get in. Anyway, I’m up here, hot and sweaty, and in dire need of a long, hot shower. Care to join me?”

“I’ll be right up!” I said eagerly.

When I entered the luxury suite I could hear the shower running. I hurried into the bedroom, pulled off my clothes and dashed into the bathroom. Then I came to a dead stop.

Beau was in the shower, letting the torrent of steaming water splash from his head to his toes. His cock was erect, and kneeling before him, Jimmy Coxx was sucking away on it.

“What the hell?” I demanded.

“We ran into each other in the gym, and I invited Jimmy up to have a little fun with us.”


“Sure. Step right in.”

Hesitantly, I moved across the bathroom, stripped off, and stepped into the shower. It was actually big enough for five or six people to be in it together, and it occurred to me that the hotel had probably designed it that way.

Beau twisted around toward me, leaving his hard-on deep in Jimmy’s busy mouth. He pulled me into a hug and began ravishing my mouth with his kisses. I was powerless to resist, even though I had no idea what to do next.

My uncertainty was eliminated by Jimmy, who smoothly transferred his oral skills from Beau’s prick to mine, which to my amazement was already fully erect. I had somehow regained my ability to spring into readiness, after so many years of praying that it would just get hard!

We stood there, the three of us, Beau and me kissing and caressing each other under the cascade of warm water, as Jimmy alternated between our erections, keeping both of us hard and very pleased with his services.

After a few minutes, Jimmy stood up and the three of us exchanged deep tonguing kisses, while playfully using soap and shampoo on each other. I can honestly say I have never touched any man in all the places that I was invited to wash these two handsome youths.

I hadn’t gotten a very good look at Jimmy the night before, so as I washed his back, I examined him more closely.

Jimmy was about six feet tall, a couple of inches shorter than Beau. His body was just as lithe, though, and I guessed he weighed about 150 pounds. Unlike Beau, Jimmy was covered with tats and piercings. Both ears sported large black circles that stretched his earlobes to four times their normal size. One ear also had a silvery bar across the top, and the other had three shiny diamonds in an arc. He also had a tiny diamond in one nostril and a thin gold ring on the left side of his lower lip and another on his eyebrow. Across his chest, right below his neck, I read Semper Fi in Olde English script.

“Were you a marine?” I inquired.

“I AM a marine!” Jimmy replied. “When you’re a marine, it’s for your whole fuckin’ life.” He made a face and we all laughed.

“Were you stationed here in San Diego?”

“Sure was. And that’s how I got into porn. There was a guy cruising the bars, handing out business cards that said if you wanted to make some easy money, give him a call. I jacked off on a video for him, and the rest is history!”

I nodded and continued my wondering observation of his lissome young body. He had an elaborate tattoo that began at his right wrist and wound all the way up his shoulder to the base of his neck. It was all red, blue, and green – some kind of flowery pattern or maybe paisley. His left wrist had what looked like Roman numerals: XII–V–XCV, which I translated to December 5th, 1995 – possibly his birthday, which would make him about 23 years old. There was a gigantic pair of wings inked on his back. I thought perhaps it could be a vain attempt to convince viewers that he was just an innocent little angel as they watched him pound another man’s ass!

He had various flowers and animals drawn on his abs, but the most striking tat was right below his navel: 10½ in enormous numerals and a wide arrow pointing straight down at his dick. I guess the free advertising must be a draw to his many admirers.

But of course it was his perfect penis that grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. First of all, his pubes were completely shaved off, leaving smooth, baby-bare skin. Even his balls were shaved, which I imagined must be tricky for such a tender area. His phallus certainly lived up to the boast of more than ten inches. It was cut like mine, amazingly big around, and it seemed to stay solid no matter what he did.

As I was staring at it, Beau reached from behind Jimmy and began to stroke that legendary appendage as if to rinse off the soap, but when I looked up at him, he winked at me and licked his lips. I blushed and proceeded to lather my hair under the showerhead.

Finally, we all rinsed off, and Beau reached over and turned off the water. But neither he nor Jimmy made any move to leave the titanic shower stall.

“I thought you might like to have your next lesson,” Beau began.

“Does it involve all three of us?”

“Oh, yes, but it starts out with just Jimmy and me.”

“I am your humble student, O master of all things sexual.”

“Then behold, O unworthy pupil.” Beau gestured toward Jimmy’s cock, which was pointing out perpendicular to the floor and pulsing slightly with his heartbeat. It truly was the biggest penis I have ever seen, then or since. In all our playing and kissing in the shower, I had studiously tried not to fixate on Jimmy’s equipment, partly out of modesty, and partly out of loyalty to Beau, whose eight-inch prick was now my favorite love-toy.

Once again, I thought of the noms de porn that Windermere had used when he introduced the men last night, and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that “Coxx” was more than appropriate for Jimmy.

With that, Beau dropped to his knees and began to fill his mouth with Jimmy’s hardness. I couldn’t believe how easily he took in a thing of such gargantuan proportions.

“Is that really ten and a half inches?” my voice trailed off. I didn’t quite know how to ask, or even if it was polite to do so.

With a proud grin, Jimmy, quickly replied, “Ten and half inches long and seven around!”

Taking Jimmy’s hard-on out of his mouth for a moment, Beau chimed in, “That’s why they pay Jimmy the big bucks!”

Suppressing a laugh, Jimmy joked, “wanna hear a story about my dick? Never mind – it’s too long!”

We all laughed uproariously at that, and Beau resumed his slurping as Jimmy began to thrust into his friend’s mouth. Beau gagged several times but managed to accept all that Jimmy gave him.

After another couple of minutes, Beau looked up at me. “Want some of this action, Tim?”

I had no idea if I could even get my lips around Jimmy’s monster member, but I eagerly knelt beside Beau, and Jimmy turned to point it at me. The piss-slit at the end of his prodigious prong looked like a grotesque Cyclops’ eye, staring right at me and daring me to open my meager, tiny mouth to receive its punishment.

Throwing caution to the wind, I opened wide and slowly tasted the Coxx-cock. Surprisingly, my mouth accommodated his great girth without difficulty. It was a little like putting a small apple in my mouth, all in one bite, reminding me of a roast pig served up on a silver platter, but it wasn’t really difficult to do. I was most worried about my teeth causing him some discomfort, but if they did, he never let on.

But a blowjob was apparently not the principal topic of today’s lesson. After a short while, Jimmy pulled back and the two of them helped me to my feet.

“Let’s hit that fuckin’ bed!” Jimmy said hoarsely. I could tell he was more than eager for whatever was going to transpire next.