Going Gay / Tim – Chapters 17 – 21


I nodded eagerly and presented my backside. Beau lightly lubed the pink toy and began to tease my hole with it, sliding it up and down my crack, just like I had done before I penetrated him. Then he probed my pucker tenderly, pushing a little deeper with each thrust.

“It feels a lot bigger than the butt-plug,” I said warily.

“That’s because it’s not tapered. It starts out at the size you worked up to, so if it feels like you’re not ready for it, just say so.”

I turned my head to the rear and grinned at Beau, “Come on and fuck me, lover-boy!” as I shoved my ass upward, arched my back as I had seen him do, and wiggled my ass cheeks.

With a hearty laugh, Beau put some pressure on the dildo, and I felt it pass my two sphincters quickly and with little discomfort. My rings of muscle had apparently been properly exercised to accommodate the size and texture of the sex toy.

Once it was inside me, Beau stopped. “Now, I want you to relax.” I made an attempt to do so. “Take some deep breaths, and when you breathe out, try to push the dick out of your ass, like you’re taking a shit.” I did as he said, and the sex toy slipped in deeper, so easily that I hardly felt it. With that, Beau started slowly moving the fake prick in and out. “How does that feel?”

“Well, it’s different. I gotta say that.” Gradually, Beau increased the speed and depth of this thrusting, and I began to master the rhythm of being fucked.

“Still OK?” He asked.

I stopped moving back and forth and turned my head back toward Beau. “You know, it’s just not any fucking fun.”


“Well, I mean, when Jimmy was fucking you, both of you were really into it,” I began, “but this is so goddamn artificial. There’s no pleasure in it, for you or me.”

Beau stopped. “You’re right, Tim. I guess I was so concerned about not hurting you that I kinda forgot that this is supposed to be sex. Here…”

And with that, he carefully slid the pink dick out of my ass, guided me to lie down on my left side, and then moved himself into position where he could “spoon” me. He put his left arm out, and I rested my head on it, close to his chest. He snuggled up, pressing his belly against my back and moved his knees into the crooks of mine. He then pressed his hard (and real!) cock against my back.

When I felt Beau’s hot hardness up against my skin, I asked hopefully, “Does this turn you on, lover?”

“Fuck, yeah.” Then I felt Beau take the dildo and smoothly slide it back into my ass. To my surprise it slipped in easily and I hardly felt it. He held the fake cock in his right hand and put his fist against the base of his cock and began to move his hips back and forth. With the cock held between us and our bodies touching from head to toe, it felt like he was actually fucking me. I felt his hard-on sliding up and down my back as he pleasured me.

Without warning, I felt a jolt of electricity run up my spine. “Unh!” I exclaimed, and I pushed my ass into his crotch.

“Found your G-spot did we, Timmy?”

“Fuckin-A!” I answered, using a phrase I had learned from Jimmy. “Keep doing whatever the fuck it is you’re doing!”

Silently, our bodies rhythmically in sync, Beau fucked me with the teenage-boy-size plastic prick. He was certainly hitting whatever that magical spot was, because I felt myself getting close to shooting. He was also pressing his cock into my back and dry-fucking me harder and harder. As our movements became more urgent and powerful, Beau whispered in my ear, “It won’t be long, Tim, before it will be me inside you, instead of this fucking fake thing!”

With that, I felt my nuts contract up into my body. Trembling I started to shoot. At that moment, I felt the muscles of my love-chute contract tightly around the fake dick, and I realized the intense pleasure that Beau had been experiencing as he came while I fucked him. My juices shot all over the bed.

“Shit!” I exclaimed, “the sheets!” We had taken such care to keep the hotel’s fine satin sheets clean through all our sex play, but I had not realized what was going to happen when we started our little ass-fucking lesson. Suddenly, I felt something hot and wet spurt up my spine, the length of my back, followed by several more shots of steaming semen. Beau pulled me tight, pressing the dildo even deeper inside me, and I groaned in ecstasy as my prostate kept contracting, even though my balls were empty. He held me tight against his body as we both breathed hard and savored the afterglow of ejaculation.

Finally, Beau relaxed and loosened his grip on me. Slowly and lovingly, he extracted the memento of his first teenage sex experience from my no-longer-virgin ass.

“Wow!” I breathed, exhausted. “That was fucking fantastic! I never felt like that before in my life.”

“That’s no surprise, Tim, unless you’ve been leading me on about your virgin asshole!” We chuckled together over that.

He rolled onto his back, and I turned toward him, resting my head on his chest. He put his arm around me and kissed the top of my nearly-bald head. I reached down and lightly grasped his now-soft cock, teasing a few drops of cum out of the opening and carrying them to my lips on one finger.

Then something occurred to me. I raised up on one elbow. “Let me see that fuck-toy.”


“I just want to have a look at it.” Beau picked it up from the sheets at his side and displayed it for me. I took it from him and examined it thoroughly.

“What the fuck?” he asked, amused.

“I just wanted to see if there was any blood or shit on it.”

“And is there?”

“Not that I can tell.”

“Well, that means you have mastered the art of the enema!” We both laughed out loud.

Holding the plastic plaything up to the light, I said, “It doesn’t look that big from here, but I sure knew it was inside me.”

“You can’t imagine how frustrating it was for me to fuck you with that thing, instead of the real one.” We kissed deeply.

“How long do you think it will be before we can get to THAT lesson?”

“At the rate you’re fuckin’ going, Tim, I don’t think it will take too long!” We kissed again.

Over the next week or two, I became better acquainted with both the butt-plug and the teenage toy cock. I even told myself I was ready for the real one, the one I sucked and drained regularly.

One evening after we had played and showered, I poured a drink for myself and opened a beer for Beau. He never touched hard liquor, just beer or wine, but I loved a well-made cocktail, especially after a long round of fucking.

With that, Beau’s cell phone rang, or rather, it sang some popular song that I had no chance of recognizing.

Beau looked at the caller ID, then at me. “Shit! It’s fucking work…” He rose and went into the bedroom to have his conversation.

At that moment, my house of cards came tumbling down upon me. We had been in a lover’s magic land of kissing, cuddling, sex, and complete devotion to each other since the night I had met him in the rooftop bar. Sure, I had to answer an occasional text from Keith about my finances, but the message usually came first thing in the morning, while Beau was down in the hotel gym working out. Now, his ‘other life’ came home and burst into my idyllic dream world.


Beau emerged from the bedroom in less than five minutes, his phone in his hand. He tossed it on the couch and flopped down hard next to me. “That was my director. He needs me up in L.A. for a couple of weeks.”

“To make a new film?”

“Yes, after looping the one that Jimmy and I made, right before I met you.” I recalled that Beau had told me about the process of adding the soundtrack after the video had been edited.

“Is Jimmy in the new one with you?” I asked, feeling a strong pang of jealousy that anyone else was going to have sex with my lover.

“No, not this one. It’s for a different studio, one that I only work for now and then.”

I hesitated a long time before saying quietly, “do you really have to do this?”

Beau sighed, lifting and dropping his shoulders. His normally bright blue eyes were dull and listless. “I am under fucking contract. They could sue my ass if I back out.”

Again, I was at a loss what to say and terrified that I’d say the wrong thing. “Um… I don’t know if it’s possible, but could we just pay them back for the job, instead of your going up there? I mean, if it’s just a matter of money, I could…”

Beau looked at me with a mixture of confusion and disappointment. “Tim, I could never take your money to pay for porn, not even porn that I don’t do! And besides… I don’t mean anything by this, but… I kind of have to think of my career. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for either one of us to kid ourselves that what we’re doing will go on forever. Life just doesn’t work that way…”

I was heartbroken, but I couldn’t deny the truth in his words. I was enjoying living inside the bubble of love and sex that had surrounded us for weeks now, and I was refusing to allow myself to think of it as anything other than “the new normal,” even though I knew full well that it was a fantasy, and that it was crazy to see it any other way.

We sat silently for a while. “When do you have to leave?”

“They start shooting on Monday.”

Today was Wednesday. That meant four days at the most, unless he needed to be up there earlier to make arrangements or whatever.

We sat a while longer. Then I had an idea. “Beau, tell me if this is fucking crazy or wrong, or you just don’t want to do it, but… could I come with you?”

He looked at me in surprise. His eyes filled with tears and he pulled me into a tight hug. I must have said the right thing. Then he pulled back, took a deep breath, and shook his head.

“I don’t see how, Tim. First of all, I work from 5 or 6 AM until late every day. You have no idea how fucking complicated making a movie is, and how exhausting it is for everyone involved. I think the public has some idea that it’s all glitz and glamour, just fuck and go! But it’s really nitty-gritty dirty and sweaty. You wouldn’t enjoy even one minute of it.”

He paused, “and then there’s the whole matter of me fucking with other guys. It would be hard for me to do that knowing you were back in a hotel room waiting for me to come home to you, and I absolutely CANNOT have sex with you while we’re filming! I need every drop I can produce for the constant retakes and different scenes.”

I thought for a moment. “OK. I realize I don’t know shit about your business, but I also know, or at least I believe, that our relationship, as hot as it is, has got to be about more than just sex. I really like you, Beau, and if I can’t find something to occupy myself while you’re working, then I’ve got to admit that I’m wrong about what it is that we have, and I’ll be goddamn if I’m going to admit that!”

He looked up, his eyes a brighter blue again.

I went on, “For most of my life, I went to work every day, and my wife stayed home waiting for me. She met me with a kiss, we had dinner, relaxed, and just enjoyed being together. Of course we had sex, but that wasn’t the sole or even primary basis of our relationship, and if you’re prevented from getting off, maybe we can invent ways to just play around and still preserve your refractory period.”

“I don’t know, Tim…”

“Look, let me ask you this: have there ever been porn stars, of either gender, who were married?”

“Sure. I know a few, but…”

I pursued the thought, “but most of them are not, because it’s really challenging to have a relationship with someone you love after fucking other people all day at work?”

“Something like that.”

“But that means that some of them DO actually make it work?”

“I guess so.”

“So, would you be willing to give it a try? Let me come with you and send you off to work with a kiss in the morning, and when you get home at night, I’ll put on an apron and ask ‘how was your day, sweetie’?” I said, mimicking a wife-ish voice.

Beau laughed out loud. “How could I fucking resist a picture like that? It’ll be like one of those old TV shows where the perfect family is always happy, and nothing bad ever happens!”

“Let’s not get too optimistic,” I cautioned. “I can think of a million ways to Sunday that this could fall apart… but, goddammit, it’s worth it and I’m willing to give it a try. How about you?”

With that, we kissed for along time, then got up and ordered two steak dinners with champagne from room service. When the waiter brought them, he was all smiles. “Celebrating something, gentlemen?”

We must have had the biggest shit-eating grins that waiter had ever seen. I just said, “you bet your sweet ass!” The waiter smiled, winked at us both, and quietly let himself out.

We packed, checked out of the Del Coronado, and boarded a plane to L.A. – West Hollywood, to be specific. Fifty-five minutes later, we landed, and half an hour after that, we had checked into The Charlie, a deluxe hotel where all the rooms looked like little English cottages, arranged around a central courtyard with two pools and plenty of privacy.

The place was full of history. “Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin stayed here – not together, of course!” Beau supplied. Passing through a quaint Olde English wooden cottage door, we found ourselves in what looked like a scene from Disney’s Snow White.

As I unpacked, I looked out across the front garden and saw Speedo-clad young men strolling and holding hands. Sometimes, they paused for a passionate kiss.

Coming up behind me, Beau said softly, “It’s a little much for you?”

“No, not really. I’ve just never seen it so open…”

“Seen what so open?”

“Being gay and loving men.”

“Welcome to WeHo, Timmy!”

“What the fuck is ‘WeHo’?”

“West Hollywood, of course. New York City has Soho, so L.A. invented WeHo.”

Once we were set up in our room, we headed for the poolside bar and found a table with some shade. “So here we are…” I began.

“So here we are,” Beau repeated, then asked, “are you a little uptight?”

“Beau, I am so fucking uptight that I feel like my cock and balls have shrunk to the size of a couple of peas and half a celery stick!” We both laughed uproariously, drawing attention from couples and foursomes sitting at nearby tables. They smiled, and a couple of older men nodded their approval to me.

Changing the subject, I asked, “What’s your schedule, now that we’re here?”

Beau pulled out his phone and opened the calendar app. “Tomorrow is Sunday, so we can just lay back and take it easy. If you want, I can show you around a bit.”

“You’ve spent a lot of time here?”

He grinned, “The best years of my life… until I met you, of course!”

We shared another quite chuckle. “Ditto for me!” I added, squeezing his hand.

Beau continued, “Monday through Wednesday, looping. I need to be at the studio by 9:00 AM…”

“I thought you said your days started at the crack of dawn?”

“Shooting days do, but looping is a whole other department, and they keep more reasonable hours.”

“Looping…” I said thoughtfully, “is adding the sound to the film, correct?”

“Sort of. You see, the raw footage has been edited into more or less the final product, although there’s always a little more editing, once the sound is laid down.”

“So the whole… what do you call it? Film? Picture? Movie?”

“Video!” Beau said with a grin and a shake of his head, “Get with the times, old man!”

“Video.” I repeated, “So the whole video is recorded without sound?”

“It used to be. See, the director is talking to the models the whole time, telling us to move a certain way, or get our hands out of the way, to fuck harder, or whatever. Not too long ago, that all would end up on the video recording and had to be edited out and replaced with whatever sounds were needed.”

“What kind of sounds?”

Beau chuckled again, then he lowered his head so the men at the nearby tables wouldn’t hear, and said quietly, “Ooh, ahh, mmm, unh, fuck me baby, fuck me harder, oh shit I’m gonna cum!”

I couldn’t restrain myself, I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes. Again, the people around us probably wondered how we were having such a good time. When I finally got control of myself, I wiped my eyes with a napkin and said, “And here I thought all that stuff was spontaneous in the heat of the moment.”


“Well, let me finish. Today, a hell of a lot of it is ‘live’ sound. We DO say those things while we’re fucking, but maybe not at the right time or in the place where the director wants it to be in the final edit.” He paused, “And of course, ‘real’ people rarely say much while they’re fucking, as you have surely noticed in our sex life!”

“And the director doesn’t talk any more?”

“Come on, Tim, this is the 21st century! We have earbuds in our ears, and the director speaks softly into a microphone and tells us what to do. The sound man uses a directional mike, so he doesn’t pick up the director’s words – most of the time.”

“And the earbuds are invisible?”

“They’re supposed to be. We wear them on whichever side of our head is away from the camera, but once in a while, if you’re really watching, you might see one. Of course, the idea is that your attention is supposed to be focused on a different part of our anatomy than our ears!”

We sipped our drinks and looked around a while.

“So that’s Monday through Wednesday: you’ll be playing loop-de-loop.”

Beau laughed again, “What the fuck is that?”

“Oh, just a phrase from my childhood. I’m sure it passed out of use a long time ago. I mean, you’ll be looping the video. Is that how to say it?” Beau nodded. “And what’s that like? Do you sit in front a microphone and pretend your fucking?”

“That’s a very good question, Tim.” Beau leaned in a bit. This was also something he didn’t want to broadcast to everyone at the bar. “Actually, whichever guys are in the scene sit together in a sound booth. If it’s just two of us in the scene, then that’s all, but if it’s a threesome or a group scene, everybody crowds in. The director plays a scene or part of one on a big-screen TV and we watch. If there’s already some sound that the director wants to keep, he points that out to us.”

Beau took a sip of his wine. “Then he tells us what else he wants: dialog, whispering, shouting, groaning, moaning, cursing, heavy breathing – you name it. Then the scene is replayed a few times and we rehearse until we get the timing just right. When the director likes it, we do the recording. Afterward, he plays it back, either likes it or asks for some changes, and there’s retakes, sometimes a lot of them.”

“How do you add dialog? Doesn’t your mouth have to move with the words?”

“Of course, but a lot of dialog is talking by the person who isn’t on camera at that moment. But you’re right. The hardest thing to do is to voice-over already recorded dialog. It might be that a word got garbled, or the model looked down or away from the camera and the sound isn’t right. Hell, sometimes, there’s a sound in the room that fucks up the scene. But if the shot is one the director wants to use, then the sound has to be removed and the dialog put back, which can take a hell of a long time.”

“Sounds like a lot of work and not very exciting.”

“To tell you the truth, it’s drudgery. And it’s made worse by having to watch yourself fuck or get fucked, over and over and over!” We both laughed again at that thought.

“And you can do the whole video looping in three days?”

“Well,” Beau chuckled, “that’s what the schedule says, and the director has to live with it or convince the producer to give him more time, which costs more money and rarely happens.”

“So let me ask you this, and I’m serious. In a porno video, what difference does it make what you say? Isn’t it all about the visual part, the sex?”

“Tim, have you ever seen a porn video?”

“Can’t say as I have. You’re always promising to show me some of yours, but…” I let my voice trail off. “Besides, I get to see the whole thing live in my own bed, with the… actor?”

“Model,” Beau corrected.

“With the model hot and naked and hopefully wrapped all around and inside me, why would I watch a video of it?”

“Good question, Tim. The answer is, so that you can appreciate all that goes into the production: makeup, wardrobe, lighting, scenery, sound, shooting and re-shooting… everything.”

“Well, do you have any with you?”

“I think I might have one or two somewhere.” With a sly wink, Beau leaned over, kissed me lightly on the lips, stood up and took my hand. To the envious stares of the other men my age, Beau led me back to our bungalow.

The room was equipped with a giant widescreen TV and a DVD player. Beau rummaged around in his luggage and brought out two plastic cases. He handed them to me. The first was entitled, Barracks Bareback and the second said Beau and Adam’s Excellent Adventure.

“Who is Adam? I thought you made videos with Jimmy.”

“Oh, I do, and we’re viewer favorites, but there has to be variety, or they’ll get tired of us and move onto somebody new and different. It’s a kill-or-be-killed game, Tim.”

“So who the fuck is this Adam guy? Will I want to kill him?” I said with a sly smile.

“Well, you managed to watch Jimmy fuck me, up close and personal, so I don’t see any reason why Adam should make you want to kill him.” He paused. “Adam Eden is a nice twink type…”

“What the fuck is a twink?” I interrupted.

“Tim, you really are out of it!” Beau snickered kindly. “A twink is a guy who looks like he’s still a teenager. The young ones are very popular.”

“And is he a teenager? Wouldn’t that be illegal?”

“Well, eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds are still teenagers, technically, and they’re legal age. But ‘twink’ is really just a look. Some of them are already in their mid-twenties, not much younger than me.”

“And Adam?”

Beau blushed a bit. “Adam is actually just eighteen. I guess he’ll turn nineteen in a couple of months.”

“That’s pretty young.”

“Tim, I was stripping and doing private shows the day after my eighteenth birthday. And I made a lot of money doing it for all those dirty old men who fantasized about fucking the boy next door, or maybe even their son or one of his friends, and that’s what the first scenes I did out here were always about.”

“Kinky, eh?”

“Tim, there’s a shitload of different kinks. There’s probably some I haven’t even heard of yet. People’s taste for pleasure and voyeurism is all over the map.”

With that, I handed the DVD jewel case back to Beau. “OK. I’d like to see you and this Adam go at it.”

As he put the disc into the player, Beau looked over his shoulder at me. “Now, this isn’t going to fuck you up, is it? I mean, watching me do shit we’ve never done together?”

“I’ll be making mental notes which I will expect us to act out afterward!” Beau laughed heartily.

With that, the video started. There were a half dozen trailers for other videos, and I noticed that Beau appeared in about half of them. “You’re a popular guy, aren’t you?”

“I’ve gotta be. The career of a porn star is shorter than an athlete’s.”


“Because the viewers get tired of seeing the same old cock and balls and ass, and the studios don’t want to over-saturate the collection with too many videos of the same guy. Oh, sure, there are a handful of superstars who just keep going for years, and some models become directors and even producers if they’ve made enough money and saved it wisely, but most porn stars, male and female, have maybe ten years at best, before they’re out of work permanently.”

“And do you save your money wisely?”

He gave me a sly smile. “I’ve done pretty well, especially since my expenses for the past couple of months have been very low!”

“As it should be,” I smiled back. “I love having you with me all the time, but I’m going to have to share you for the next few weeks, and I’ll just try to live with it.”

At that point the actual video started. After the title, a series of still photos flashed up, identifying the stars. There were two of Beau, one of him smiling gorgeously at the camera, his cock soft and delightfully posed, and the other with Adam’s dick up his ass and a look of pure ecstasy on his face.

“Do they get you to pose like that, or is it part of an actual scene?”

“Either way. That one is posed. Sometimes, at the end of a scene, they ask us to just hold while they take a bunch of stills. It’s kind of hard to look like you’re having a wild time, when it’s ten minutes after you both came!”

“But I think I’ve seen that expression on your face once or twice!”

“Is it a crime that I enjoy my work and give myself to it totally?” Beau asked mockingly.

“Not at all. Not at all.” I said as the first scene opened.


As the scene opened, the camera panned in on a beautiful mountain cabin. We were shown the outside, then the view of a perfectly-manicured lawn, opening onto a wide, verdant valley with snow-covered peaks in the distance. The camera made its way up an outdoor stairway made of massive wooden beams, then approached a front door.

Silently, the door opened and we moved through a foyer into a large living room. The view of the valley was visible across the room through a wall of floor-to-ceiling glass doors. There was a fire dancing in the hearth, and the camera came to a stop aimed at a large, L-shaped leather couch with a few pillows decoratively arranged on it. Behind the couch, we could see a dining area and a kitchen beyond that.

Beau entered from a door that led into the kitchen, and the camera panned in on him. He was wearing a towel and drying his baby-blond hair with a second one. He tossed the hair towel on the counter, opened the refrigerator, and took out a bottle of water. Drinking deeply, he stretched upward and the towel around his waist fell to the floor, revealing his magnificent physique.

The camera angle closed in again, focusing first on his face as he drank, then slowly moving down his neck, chest, abdomen, navel, and pausing just as the first half-inch of his man-scaped blond pubic bush appeared. Lingering there for a moment, the camera shot continued downward, exposing his beautiful cock in a tantalizingly slow reveal.

Beau finished his drink and lowered his arm with the water bottle, which appeared in the frame at his side. The movement caused his cock to shake slightly and Beau took his other hand and fluffed his balls, then absent-mindedly fingered his cock and stretched it to its full soft length. As he softly stroked, it began to harden and lengthen.

There was a voice from behind him. “You fuckin’ playing with yourself again?” This had to be Beau’s roommate, “Adam Eden.” These noms de porn were really amusing to me.

Beau didn’t turn, but spoke to the young man standing behind him. “Sure am. You wanna watch?”

“I’ll do more than that.” With that, the camera angle changed again to show both men in profile, their right sides toward the viewer, which made me realize that there was a second cameraman. Adam moved to stand closely behind Beau, their bodies touching.

Adam kissed Beau lightly on the back of the neck and reached his left arm around to lightly pinch Beau’s nipples, and then lowered his hand to begin affectionately stroking his dick, which quickly got much harder.

Beau leaned his head back and turned it over his shoulder toward the camera, so that he and Adam could kiss. He raised his left arm, which was away from the camera, and gently pulled Adam’s head toward his own. As they kissed, Beau turned toward Adam and they fell into each other’s arms.

Adam ran his hands up and down Beau’s back, giving extra attention to those lustfully magnificent butt cheeks. Resting both elbows on Adam’s shoulders, Beau reached upward and guided Adam’s head toward him with his hands. Beau broke the kiss and pulled away slightly. He quickly pulled Adam’s T-shirt over his head.

Adam’s chest was completely hairless, either because of his youth or the work of the makeup department. As Adam raised his arms to allow Beau to pull the shirt over his head, Beau began to lick Adam’s armpits.

I turned to Beau, “You’ve never done that to me.”

“Start making a list of the things you’d like me to do.”

Adam definitely looked like a young teenager, although Beau assured me that he was eighteen. “They have to take video of two forms of ID with your real name and birth-date on them: usually a birth certificate and a driver’s license or passport. There’s a law that requires that to be filmed along with the video and made available for examination by law enforcement at the offices of the production company. You might notice a legal statement to that effect at the beginning of each video,” Beau explained.

Like Beau, Adam had soft blond hair, cut very short. He had no visible piercings, but a couple of small tattoos adorned his upper chest and left arm. Whether it was by shaving or naturally, he was practically hairless. The soft blond hairs on his arms and legs were all but invisible. His pubes were a surprisingly dark black, sculpted, as were Beau’s, so that there was enough of them to be sexy without looking overwhelmingly bearish.

Adam’s cock was smaller than Beau’s, maybe an inch or so shorter, and circumcised, as mine is. But his balls hung down twice the length of his penis, and they swayed tantalizingly with every move he made. I was already imagining seeing those balls slap Beau’s ass as Adam fucked him!

The younger man lowered his arms and Beau stuck his thumbs into Adam’s waistband, slowing sliding his board shorts down. As he lowered his roommate’s shorts, Beau gracefully followed them, finally dropping to his knees when Adam’s pants were around his ankles. He helped Adam step out of them and then looked straight ahead, his face only an inch from Adam’s fully hard cock. Beau leaned in and delicately kissed it, which made the cock spring up a couple of inches and then drop back down. Beau caught it between his lips and very slowly took the entire length into his mouth.

“You HAVE done that to me, and it drives me crazy every fucking time!”

“Are we going to watch the fucking movie, or reminisce about every goddamn time we’ve had sex?”

“Both!” I exclaimed. “I want to see what you’ve done with others and then compare it with what I want you to do to me!”

As Beau sucked on Adam’s erection, the camera panned up to show Adam’s face. His head tossed back and his mouth open, he quietly moaned, “Oh, shit. Ohhhh, fuck!”

I turned to Beau once more, “Is that looped in?”

“What do you think? How the fuck could he not groan and cuss with his cock in my expert mouth?” We both laughed at that thought.

Finally, Beau stood up, and taking Adam’s hand, led him to the massive couch in the living room. Adam sat with his ass close to the front edge of the cushion and his legs spread, and Beau climbed onto his knees on the couch.

Kneeling astride Adam’s middle, Beau reached behind himself and expertly guided Adam’s dick up into his ready and welcoming backdoor. Both groaned with pleasure, and I looked at Beau questioningly.

“Again, what the fuck do you think? Of course, we’re into it!”

Beau began a slow and steady rhythm of rising up until Adam’s dick almost fell out of his ass, then firmly sliding down until his cheeks rested on Adam’s thighs. As they fucked, Beau leaned forward and gave Adam a deep kiss. Adam reached up with both arms and pulled Beau toward him and then began massaging Beau’s head, neck, and back. The camera angle had started out aimed at Beau’s back to show the moment of penetration. But now a second camera had caught the action from the side. We could see Adam’s perfect cock arching into Beau’s willing ass as they continued their slow, sensual fucking.

Then Beau rose up, turned his back to Adam and leaned backward, resting his body on Adam’s chest and turning his head to the side so that Adam could kiss him again.

This position, seen again from the front, allowed the viewer to watch Adam’s hard member thrust upward into Beau. Adam’s ample balls bounced up and down, which I had been hoping to see. Beau stayed hard, as I had seen him do with Jimmy, and his cock beat out a tempo like a conductor’s baton.

After a few minutes of this scene, Beau slowly rolled his body forward and lowered himself to the floor, onto his hands and knees. This graceful transition was caught by the camera from the side. Adam knelt behind him and began really ramming Beau in the doggie position. With each powerful thrust, Beau was propelled forward several inches.

I noticed that Adam assumed an odd posture. With his right hand, which was away from the camera and partially hidden by Beau’s back, Adam gripped Beau’s left shoulder tightly and pulled himself forward as he plowed Beau. But his left hand, the one toward the camera, he placed on his left butt cheek, making a right angle to the back with his elbow.

“Why the hell is he doing that?”

“To keep his hand and arm from obstructing the view of his cock.”

“It looks goddamn awkward.”

“Well, Tim, it’s a standard porn pose. It would be a lot easier for him to fuck me using both hands on my hips, but that would get in the way of the camera shot, at least from this angle, but that will change in the next shot.”


With that, the viewpoint changed again, and I saw Adam bring his right hand forward and firmly grasp Beau with both hands on the sides of his hips, driving his prick into Beau faster and deeper. This camera angle looked like it was shot right over Beau’s head, looking down his back. We got a very good view of Adam’s dick thrusting and withdrawing. Through it all, the men were making sounds like, “Ooh, ahh, unh, oh fuck, oh shit,” plus a lot of heavy breathing by Adam and groaning on Beau’s part.

“You never make sounds like that when we’re doing it.”

“They’re completely fucking unnecessary, but the goddamn audience wants them. I guess it proves we’re not just going through the motions, but really getting into it.”

“And ARE you just going through the motions?”

“Sometimes. It depends on the other guy. With Adam, it’s real-live fucking. He is a stud!” As we watched for a minute more, Beau said eagerly, “now watch this!”

Adam pulled his dick out of Beau’s ass, and they both got back onto the couch, sitting up facing each other. They kissed a few times while jacking each other’s dicks. Then Beau straightened his legs toward Adam and leaned back, lying flat. Adam slid his legs under Beau’s and inched his hips forward, still sitting up. He maneuvered his cock back into Beau’s love-tunnel, and after it was fully inside, he also lay flat on his back and began moving his hips back and forth. He was fucking Beau with both of them lying down with their legs intertwined!

“Fuck!” I almost shouted. “I’ve never seen anything like that!”

“It’s a very popular position with the viewers, but not everybody can pull it off. It takes a lot agility and strength, and it helps if you have a gymnastics background.”

“Which I assume you do?”

“You bet your sweet ass, lover. I can fuck and get fucked in just about any position that’s humanly possible!”

“I’d like to try a few of them, but NOT that one!”

While the two were in this position, several additional camera angles were employed: looking over Beau toward Adam, then the reverse, then down at Adam’s cock and Beau’s ass from overhead, then straight-on from the side. I guess the director wanted to really emphasize how difficult this position was. “Do not try this at home!” Beau said, laughing.

Finally, they broke the pose. Adam knelt next to the couch and Beau lay on it with his ass sticking over the edge of the cushion, and holding his knees raised with both arms. It was clear that this was the climax of the story, because Adam began plowing Beau’s rectum with all he could give.

At the same time, Beau, who had stayed rock-hard through every position and scene, began masturbating himself. In less than a minute, Beau groaned, “Fuck! I’m gonna shoot! Oh shit! Oh shit!” which he then proceeded to do, all the way up to his chin, and then down his chest in six or seven spurts.

“Nice ropes,” I observed.

Beau lightly punched me in the arm. “And where the hell did you learn a phrase like that?”

“Oh, I’ve been paying attention.”

As soon as Beau finished cumming, Adam withdrew his hard member, jacked it two or three times and then added his own considerable explosion of semen to the amount already pooled on Beau’s belly. He did this with several loud profane expressions similar to Beau’s. I noticed that the camera was on his cock through all this, and so I asked, “Was that looping?”

“Probably. It’s been a while, so I don’t remember exactly, but a lot of guys can’t actually say much when they’re cumming, so it gets added later. It doesn’t matter, ‘cause the camera isn’t on their faces then.”

“But I saw, just before you came, the camera was on your face and you made a horrible grimace, and then when Adam came, he threw his head back and shut his eyes.”

“Shot after the fact.”

“You mean faked?”

“Well, it’s not really faking. We both really just shot our loads, and we certainly don’t have to act in order to show what our faces look like when we’re cumming.”

With that, the scene wound down. Beau took two fingers and scooped up some of the semen mixture. First, he tasted it, smiled, and then put it into Adam’s mouth.

“What if you don’t like the taste of cum?”

“Then you do it anyway, because the director says to! Remember, we’re hired to perform, so there’s no saying ‘no’.” He thought for a second, “and besides, there’s no gay guy that I’ve ever met who didn’t start out blowing guys and swallowing their cum, so what’s not to like?”

Beau stopped the video. “There are three more scenes, one with Adam and another guy, then one of me with still another guy, and the grand finale with us both together again. But I can tell that you’re hot and bothered.” He grasped my crotch and felt my hardness. “So what do you say, I help relieve some of that tension?”

With that, we stripped frantically and began re-creating the scenes of the porno we had just watched together… all except for the acrobatic position!

Later, exhausted, we cuddled naked on the thick carpet.

“Just one question.” I said as I held Beau protectively, looking into those deep blue eyes, “well, maybe two…”

Beau looked at me with one eyebrow raised, a sign to continue. “First, how in the hell did you stay hard all that time? What was it, 20 or 30 minutes?”

My lover burst out laughing. “Tim! You have no idea! That 20-minute scene took six hours to film.”

“What? How in the fuck…?”

“Did you count the camera changes?”

“No, but I noticed there were quite a few of them.”

“Well, every one of them represents the director calling ‘Cut!’ and a repositioning of the cameras and models, and making lighting adjustments, and so on.

“So what do you…?”

“We break, rest, get cleaned up a bit, take a piss, have our makeup fixed, horse around, and usually just sit and bullshit a while. It can be 20 or 30 minutes between takes.”

“So how the fuck do you stay hard? Viagra?”

Beau laughed. “That’s so last-century! No, Tim, we use something called ‘TriMix’. It’s three different stay-hard drugs in one, and it’s administered by sticking a needle into the side of your dick.”

“Ouch! That’s gotta fucking hurt!”

“For about two seconds. After that, you kinda forget about it. You can get hard, fuck a while, sometimes 15 minutes or more, take a break and get soft, get hard again, and keep doing the same shit all day long.”

I thought for a long time, gently playing with my lover’s soft blond hair. “Beau, I have to say, this has been an education for me. It’s a lot more, even, than the sex-ed lessons you’ve been giving me. It really is hard fucking work. I never imagined…”

Beau grinned and kissed me. “Thank you for saying that, Tim. I’m glad you are aware of my reality. It IS hard work, in both meanings of ‘hard’, and it takes a lot out of me, but it brings in a paycheck, and I am kind of a sex-fiend, so it isn’t exactly torture.”

Beau and I watched the other scenes in the Beau and Adam’s Excellent Adventure video, and then we watched Barracks Bareback. It was a very different side of Beau that I saw this time. He participated in no scenes with only one other man. Instead, there were three, four, and even seven guys all sucking and fucking each other for almost two hours, in scenes that all appeared to take place on a military base.

At that point, I was exhausted from watching men have sex. I took a deep breath and sighed.

“You losing your taste for porn yet, Tim?”

“I would say so. Do people actually sit and watch this shit all day long?”

“Well, some people do, but most only watch one or two scenes at most, and they are busy using the fast-forward button all the time.”

“And masturbating?”

“Well, Tim, why do you think people watch porn at all? Of course, it’s so they can jack off to it.”

“I’ve never done that!”

“And that’s part of what makes you special to me, Tim. Being the object of so much semen-pumping sometimes gets to me, so I’m glad you only relate to me as a real person, in real time!”

I kissed Beau deeply and we rested in each other’s arms for a while. “You hungry?” I asked at length.

“I could eat a horse!”

“Well, I doubt that’s on the menu in a nice place like this, but what say we go see what they do offer?”