Going Gay / Tim – Chapters 22 – 27


We cleaned up a bit, changed into long-sleeve shirts (the evenings were a bit cool), and headed for the dining room, which was quite elegant in an Olde English sort of way. Fresh-caught fish was the specialty, and we both savored it with a nice bottle of Chardonnay.

Back in our room after eating, Beau introduced me to one toy we had not used yet: the vibrating dildo. It was sleek and slim, and Beau didn’t turn on the vibrations until it was inside me. I jumped and then laughed when it started buzzing!

“What the fuck is that all about?” I exclaimed.

“I guess it’s not for everyone, but some guys find it really titillating. It’s meant to stimulate your prostate without stretching your asshole or plunging too deep inside you. For some guys, that’s about as much as they can take.”

I let Beau operate it expertly for a few minutes and then pulled myself forward, sliding it out of my ass. “That’s about all I want of that fucking thing. It’s a different feeling, all right, but I am dying to feel YOUR cock inside me, and since I know that’s not going to happen for quite a while because of the filming, I’d rather just imagine what that feels like and skip any ersatz pleasures.”

Beau smiled broadly. “Well, actually, Tim, I’m not on the clock with this producer until tomorrow morning, and then it’s three days of looping, so I don’t have to be celibate just yet…”

I grabbed him by both shoulders and shook the shit out of him, almost shouting, “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me that? Let’s get going!”

That Sunday night was special, for both of us. After some foreplay sucking and rimming, we assumed what had become our go-to position: me on my side with Beau behind me, inserting the plastic penis into my ass while he frotted my back with his cock.

After a minute or two, Beau pulled the dildo dick out of my hole and made some kind of adjustment. I felt him slide it back in, but immediately noticed that something was different. It felt softer and much warmer. As he gently reinserted the sex-toy into me, it somehow went in a hell of a lot deeper than it had ever gone before. Without moving, I said, “What the fuck?”

I then felt Beau’s belly, tight against my butt cheeks. “Are you doing what I think you’re doing?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes, Tim, I am. Does it feel all right?”

“Fuckin-A, Beau!” I almost shouted. “I have been waiting to feel you inside me for… it seems like forever! And it feels so fucking good I can’t believe you made me wait all this time.”

“Well, Tim, as I said, I didn’t want to rush things… and Little Beau is a lot bigger than anything you’ve ever had up there before.”

“Listen, lover-boy, I was ready, willing, and able a whole fucking long time before this, but I trusted you to know when to do it.”

With that, Beau slowly began fucking my willing ass. He established a smooth rhythm: faster and deeper, then slower and pulling almost all the way out. I started to match his thrusts by pushing my butt back toward him, eagerly drawing his manhood into my newly-expanded love chamber. Beau gripped me from behind with both arms and massaged my head, nipples, chest, and cock as he fucked me. I was in seventh heaven. Finally, my lover was making love to me!

I guess we continued like that for five minutes or more, but it seemed to me like both an eternity and also only a split-second. Increasing the force and speed of his thrusts, Beau hugged me in a death-grip and pushed his body so tightly against me that for a moment I couldn’t breathe. I felt something really hot become part of me, deep inside, and I knew at once that he was cumming in my ass. Beau wasn’t breathing, either, but after a while, he relaxed. I did the same, and we lay like that, our bodies in closer connection than ever before, until I felt him gently slide his soft penis out of my butt-hole. Breathing a long sigh, Beau said, “I hope that was worth the wait for you, because I have been dying to do this ever since I met you.”

With that, I rolled over to face Beau and we kissed deeply and passionately for a long time. Finally, exhausted, we lay side-by-side. This time, it was Beau who laid his head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. “I’ve been with a lot of men, as you know, Tim, but this is something really special. I can’t exactly say how or why, but I fucking want you to know that it is.”

I’m ashamed to admit it, but for no more than a moment after Beau said that, I thought to myself that he was just playing me, using sex to get something out of me. But then I remembered all the tenderness with which he had arranged my initiation and education into man-sex, and I banished those thoughts. “If this isn’t real love,” I thought to myself, “then I don’t know, or want to know, what is.”

I was amazed that, through all the loving, I didn’t cum myself, so after a few minutes I was able to reciprocate by tenderly fucking him. Then we lay together, naked, looking out the open windows at the night sky. The Charlie was on a busy street, but each bungalow’s bedroom had been oriented so that there was no way anyone could see in, making it possible to leave the curtains open and take in the starry heavens.

For our second round, Beau showed me that we could alternate, each fucking the other for a while, and that we could do it in several different positions, always stopping just short of ejaculating. Finally, he guided me to lie on my back next to him, and we jacked each other off, our arms forming an X across our bodies. Once again, we somehow managed to cum at exactly the same time, and I was amazed that my second ejaculation was just a big and strong as the first. “I must be getting younger,” I observed to Beau, “I haven’t cum like this in I don’t know how long!” He just smiled and kissed me deeply.

The next morning, we ordered breakfast in our bungalow. Beau showered and shaved, and then dressed with care in a nice shirt and slacks. “I gotta make a good impression on my first day at this job,” he explained.

“Well, for a job where everybody has seen you totally naked in every possible position and almost shoved the camera up your ass, you’re going to a lot of trouble with your clothing!”

We both laughed, and then I said, “how are you getting to the studio?”

“I’ve called an Uber to pick me up.”

“I could drive you, you know…”

“I know that, but I think it’ll be easier on me if I just kiss you goodbye at the door and then make the transition into the stark world of gay porn.” We laughed, and he went on, “And how will you spend your day, my darling?”

“Oh, I think I’ll explore around this hotel a while, and maybe the nearby blocks. I hear this part of Hollywood is full of sexy young men who are desperate for a shot at stardom. Maybe I’ll portray myself as a horny producer and try the casting-couch routine on a few of them!”

Laughing, Beau said, “Well, Tim, if that’s what you’re really into, I am positive you can find several willing victims! It’s amazing, and sad, how many gullible and vulnerable young men would fall for that.”

“Shit! You just took all the fucking fun out of it!” I exclaimed in jest. Then I paused thoughtfully, “you don’t happen to have been one of those gullible, vulnerable young me, do you?”

“You forget: I came out here to L.A. with a pal who already knew the ropes. I went straight to a studio who already wanted to hire me. I had sent some photos and videos ahead, and my only audition was actually the first scene I shot with them. They liked to make videos of a guy’s ‘first time sucked and fucked’, and I was ready for that the moment I arrived here! Of course, as you know, it was far from my first time, which I think is most likely the case with all of them.”

We talked a little longer, and then Beau said, “Uber has a reputation for being exactly on time, so I’d better be in front of the hotel in the next minute or two.” We kissed deeply, and I hugged him a little too possessively. I know that Beau sensed it, because he squeezed me hard and said, “don’t worry, Tim. It’s just a job, and I have never fallen in love with a fellow model. I promise!”

The day seemed to drag on at a goddamn snail’s pace. I wandered around the hotel property, which now seemed kitschy, tiny, and claustrophobic. After killing the morning doing virtually nothing, I went to lunch on the patio. There, I was invited to dine with two older men whom I had seen together several times. They introduced themselves as Alberto and Charles, a married couple on an extended holiday.

“And who is that delightful young Adonis that you are always seen with?” Alberto asked with a warm smile.

“And where is he today?” Charles added.


I explained that Beau was an actor and had to report for duty at the studio. I added that we would be staying here for a month or more, depending on the shooting schedule. I left out the part about it being gay porn.

“Really! What studio does he work for? I have quite a few friends in the business,” Alberto stated.

Seeing that I was trapped, I shrugged my shoulders and confessed, “I don’t know the studio’s name (as I made a mental note to find out), but I have to admit it’s a porn production company.”

“Straight or gay?” Charles queried, then thought again, “Of course, that’s none of our business, but I have a suspicion what your answer would be.”

“Never mind,” Alberto told me. “Your private business is entirely off-limits. So… that’s what brings Beau here, but what about you? Do you have any interests in the industry? After all, that’s the reason Hollywood exists.”

I explained that I was a neophyte, having little-to-no experience of any kind of porn, gay or straight, but that I had met Beau in San Diego and that we were living together, so I was quickly learning a lot about a life that I never new existed.

Alberto and Charles regaled me with insider details of the whole Hollywood movie scene – the porn and ‘legitimate’ companies. They added that most producers were always looking for investors, as long as they were willing to be silent partners and stay the fuck off the set! That got me to thinking.

“So, assuming I can find out what company is making Beau’s latest video, how would I go about learning if they would be interested in an investor? … And how much would it cost?”

Alberto and Charles looked at each other, then smiled at me. “We’re not the best ones to ask, but we know some people who are trustworthy and reliable, and they should be able to make the proper introductions for you.”

Charles suddenly looked very serious. “But of course, you should first make sure that what you’re contemplating is hunky-dory with your hunky boyfriend!”

“That’s right,” Alberto chimed in. “It’s entirely possible that, (A) Beau would prefer to keep home life and work life in two entirely separate partitions, and (B) that his employer might not want the complication of someone being involved who’s more interested in Beau than in the success of the project.”

“I understand, and I appreciate your advice and your candor.” I told them. “I wouldn’t want to fuck up his relationship with his employer, but, goddammit! I don’t see how I can sit around this fucking hotel for weeks while he’s off pursuing his career. I want to help him!”

“Ah, but how can you help him best?” Alberto asked as Charles nodded wisely. “Should you not just ask him?”

Defeated, I agreed that it was the only thing that made sense. We were silent for a while. Then Charles brightened, “Damn it, Tim, the answer is so obvious that it’s staring us in the face! All you have to do is invest in some other production company. That way, you’ll have plenty to do, and if you have no personal connection with the models or anyone else on the set, then they shouldn’t object to your helping out from time to time.”

“Fine, but where do I meet someone from one of these other companies? I can’t just open the Yellow Pages!”

“Well, that’s where I think perhaps we can help you, Tim.” Charles smiled. “We do have a few contacts in the business, and they’re always looking for new investors.”

After fifty years in the business world, 45 of them running my own corporation, my bullshit alarm was going off like a son of a bitch. Did these two old coots think I could be so easily duped into handing over wads of cash to a fly-by-night shell company that was going to take my money and head for Mexico? I looked them both in the eye sternly. “That’s not a bad idea. Of course, I’d have to run anything like this past my financial advisor, who I’m sure would do due diligence before OK-ing any kind of investment on my part. We’ve worked together since college, so I never make a move without him.”

But, to my surprise, both of them beamed at me. “Absolutely spot-on, Tim, and we wouldn’t want you to do anything without that kind of advisement!” They then began a rundown of gay porn production companies, listing the history, strengths and weaknesses, and financial successes (or failures) of all of them.

“How do you guys know all this?”

Charles smiled, “we are major investors in some of the better ones ourselves, Tim. And now that we know you, I’m confident that you would be discreet enough for us to entrust you to some of our dearest friends in the industry.”

With that, we talked a while longer, and the upshot was that Beau and I were invited to a cocktail party that evening at the Malibu beach house owned by one of the biggest names in porn in Hollywood. There, my two new friends intended to introduce me to only the crème de la crème of the gay video industry.

When Beau came home from work, around 6:00 PM, I greeted him with a warm kiss and a tender hug. “How did it go today?”

“Not too bad. There wasn’t really that much to do, so I sat on my ass and looked pretty for several hours.”

“And what a pretty ass it is, too!” I said, laughing.

Beau continued, “There was a fair bit of looping to do, but to my surprise, most of it was done in only one or two takes. That’s really unusual, but the director is topflight, and he really knows his shit!”

I paused and took a deep breath, “So, Beau, how about we put on our glad rags and go to a party?”

“A party? How the hell did you get invited to a party on your first day in WeHo?”

I proceeded to tell him about Alberto and Charles. When I mentioned their names, Beau’s eyes widened. “You know the Dynamic Duo? They’re staying here at The Charles?”

Confused, I said, “what did you call them? And, yes, they are staying here… at least if we’re talking about the same two gentlemen.”

“And gentlemen they are, Tim. They’re porn millionaires, if the rumors are true. They have a finger or two in every major pie in the whole business around here. And you just fucking ran into them at lunch?” I nodded. “Well, shit, I hope they don’t think I put you up to this, or that you’re just some country bumpkin with money to burn!”

“Whoa! Slow down, lover! I spent a lot of time talking to them about details – things only a boring old number-cruncher like myself would be interested in. They’re the real thing, and I think we were actually interviewing each other, making sure it was not a scam or some other bullshit.”

I went on, “and as for you putting me up to it, I do think they get a hard-on every time you walk by, and I’m sure they’re green with envy when they see us together, so prepare yourself to be tempted to dump me for them!”

“No fucking way!” Beau almost shouted.

“Good. That’s exactly what I told them.”

“So when and where is this shindig, boss?”

We dressed, with Beau guiding me as to the appropriate wardrobe to wear when meeting mega-successful Hollywood porn producers, and I got the car keys.

“Hold it right there, Tim. Nobody in Hollywood drives themselves to a party in Malibu. First of all, there’s abso-fucking-lutely zero parking, and second, everybody who’s anybody has a limo driver. Let me get somebody on the phone.”

Long story short, we went to the fête in a white stretch limousine, and I did indeed meet real, bona-fide porn millionaires, some of whom brushed me off like a fucking stinkbug, and others, especially those who were close friends with Alberto and Charles, welcomed me and treated me with honesty and interest. I left with three business cards and invitations to lunch, to talk about projects that they had in the works.

On the ride home, Beau said to me, “Tim, are you sure you’re into this? I mean, no matter how nice these guys are, and how glamorous their lifestyles are, they are still just pornographers. Polite society won’t let them get anywhere near them. They can’t even buy a ticket to the Oscars or any other so-called ‘legitimate’ Hollywood events.”

He paused to let that sink in, then continued, “and what would Keith say? You’ve always let him make your investment decisions for you, and I get the sense that he’s been very good at keeping you out of anything controversial or off-color. You don’t even own tobacco or liquor stocks, for fuck’s sake! What do you think he’s going to say about gay porn?”

I thought about this for a long time as we rode in silence. Then I spoke. “First of all, Beau it is MY fucking money, and I can goddamn-well do whatever I want to with it… But you’re right. Keith and I go way back, and I have always trusted his wisdom. I am trying to think of a way to keep him out of this, but not to trick him or ignore his counsel.” I paused. “I’ll have to think long and hard about this before I make any decisions.”

“And what about the lunches? Are you going to meet with those guys?”

“That, too, will have to be something I ponder deeply.” And with that, I pulled Beau to me and kissed him while rubbing his cock through his pants. After a couple of minutes, Beau, breathing heavily, stopped me. “Tim, you know I can’t do that now! I’m shooting in two days!” We both broke into laughter at the pun.


We cuddled and wrestled for a while, kissing and pawing each other until the limo returned us to The Charles.

“If you want to get off, I’m glad to help,” Beau said, once we were in bed.

“No, thanks. I know you’re tired and have to get up early tomorrow. And don’t forget, I was married for 50 years, through two babies, so I am familiar with the notion that there are times when you just can’t have sex. I have found that those interludes just make it all the better when you finally get to do it again, so I’m not worried about us taking a break.”

Beau kissed me, and I held him in my arms until the exhausted young man was breathing the deep sighs of sleep.

The next day, I saw Beau off to work. It was to be another day of looping, so it wasn’t too early. “What are you going to do today?” he asked me.

“I’m going to have lunch with…” I picked up one of the business cards I had been given at the Malibu party, “a Mr. Frank Dollworthy, porn producer extraordinaire!” I said with a grin.

“What about Keith?”

“I’ll wait until I have made up my mind to do something. For now, it’s just exploration… and a bit of titillation, I hope!”

Beau left, and I puttered around for an hour or two, then got my car and drove to the restaurant where Frank Dollworthy had suggested we meet. It was an ordinary-enough place, a large, open-air patio attached to a luxury hotel. Dollworthy had reserved a table off to the side, away from prying ears, which earned him points in my book. He was already seated when I arrived, and there was another man with him.

“Tim, good of you to come. This is my CFO, Hank Limmer. He is also my husband.” The three of us shook hands all around. I noted the strong grips of the two gay-porn producers. I’m not sure what I expected, but I wasn’t going to give the slightest hint that I was surprised.

We ordered drinks: iced tea for the two of them and a mineral water for me. This was definitely not going to become a three-martini lunch! We made small talk until the waiter had taken our orders. Both men requested the vegetarian special of the day, and I went for a fish salad.

“Now, Tim, I know we talked a bit last night, but with all the people and champagne, I’d like to start fresh today, so please tell us all about yourself.”

I quickly summarized my life story: college, business, marriage, two kids, Julie’s death from breast cancer, my recent expedition into discovering myself, how I met Beau, and how inexperienced I am in the world of gay porn.

When I stopped for a breath, Hank said, “Not your typical Hollywood type, eh, Tim?”

“I’m about as far from it as you can get!” I had noticed that when I was describing my marriage and Julie’s death, Hank had gently reached over and held Frank’s hand.

“Actually, there’s a lot of our story in what you just told us, Tim,” Frank said. “We’ve both had a previous life and only found each other five years ago.”

“And he’s not talking about reincarnation!” Hank added, winking as we all laughed.

“So, let me see if can summarize,” Frank began. “You never considered yourself gay, and your business dealings were all what we would call ‘legitimate’…”

“One hundred per cent legitimate!” I asserted. “I’m what my accountant calls ‘squeaky–clean’!”

Frank nodded in approval and went on, “and your coming to Cali was more or less a journey of self-discovery, although you had no idea where it would take you.”

I nodded my head and looked intently at Hank, who said, “But you met this fine young man, realized you had feelings for him, and have been living, dare I name it, a ‘gay old time’ with him?” Again, I nodded silently.

After a long pause, Frank said in a quiet voice, “So how much have you paid him so far?”

I sat stunned. I felt my face turn beet-red and my breathing quicken.

Intentionally keeping both hands open flat on the table, I spoke in what I hope were measured tones, “First of all, my fucking sex life is none of anybody’s goddamn business.”

I took a breath, “and my relationship with Beau is not based on money or anything of the sort. We are friends – ‘friends with benefits’, I think the kids say today, and we enjoy each other’s company in every way: social, intellectual, emotional, and physical. I wonder all the time what Beau sees in me, but I know for damn sure what I see in him, and it’s not a gold-digger or con artist of any kind.”

By these words, my voice was hard and aggressive. “So, if that’s all you have to say, we don’t need to wait for lunch to arrive.” I pushed my chair back and began to rise.

“Oh, hell no, please wait!” Hank said, also rising partway. “We believe you 100%. We just needed to know the whole picture. Actually, if you were paying Beau for his… um, services, it wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary.”

Frank chimed in, “many older men, and women, hire young men to keep them company and perform ‘other’ services. It’s been happening for thousands of years, I’m sure.” He paused. “Please sit and hear me out.”

Slowly, I complied. He continued, “Hank and I happen to view ourselves as ordinary, legitimate businessmen. We own several businesses, we invest wisely in them, we shepherd them to success, and we enjoy the fruits of our labors, both financially and visually.” He winked as he said that.

I relaxed in my chair. “I’m sorry I flew off the handle. I have a pretty good idea what people must think about Beau and me: that I’m a rich old fool, and that he’s taking me for everything I’ve got, or until I get tired of him, after which he’ll move on to the next sucker.” Their faces were studiously blank. I could see that I had to convince them, more for my own comfort than theirs.

“I am in the first months of an entirely new life. I loved my wife and enjoyed every moment of our life together, at least until her final illness. I love my two children and have a wide circle of straight friends that I cherish and respect.”

I paused to take a deep breath, realizing that I was now articulating something that had only been a tiny thought in the back of my mind. “So, what am I doing? Fuck if I know for sure! I can only say that I am happy again. Not happier than I was with Julia, but probably equally happy. I am drawn to Beau as I’ve never been to another man, and I have come to see that the difference in our ages means nothing to him.”

“Are we lovers?” I said thoughtfully, as if asking myself. “Absolutely! Are we in love with each other? I would say we are, although we’ve never said so openly to each other. Is the sex great? It’s fucking fantastic! But is our quiet time together intimate and fulfilling, too? You bet your sweet asses, it is!”

By now, Frank and Hank were both smiling widely. Frank reached over and pressed my hand, which I hadn’t realized was still pressing down on the table hard enough to still an earthquake.

“Tim, that’s all we needed to hear. And by the way, you have articulated the story of most of us gay men ‘of a certain age’. Both of us,” he nodded to Hank, “were happily married and have children. Like you, I am a widower. Hank is amicably divorced. We still love our wives and children, but our lives have taken us in a new direction.”

He paused and looked at me with sincerity. “Unfortunately, your story, and ours, is the exception to the rule. There are too many situations where young lovers do take advantage of older, wealthy men and women. When that happens, the best you can say is that the sex was good, at least for the older person. And of course, WeHo is just the spot where much of that takes place.”

The waiter brought our lunches, and we ate in silence for a minute or two.

“So, I’ve passed some sort of test, then?” I asked sarcastically.

“Tim, it’s nothing like that,” Frank said. “We like you. Hell, we liked you last night when we met you. But you have expressed an interest in our business, and that’s an entirely different kind of relationship.”

Hank joined in, “Could you tell us a little bit about why you would want to invest in making gay porn? It doesn’t sound like you need the money.”

I thought a while. “I have to admit that I haven’t really gone into any depth with this line of thinking. I guess it’s because it’s the business that Beau is in, and I had hoped it would bring us closer if I were in it, too.”

They stared at me with blank expressions. Frank frowned slightly, and then said, “what do you mean by ‘bring us closer’?”

I fumbled for an answer and then just looked up at them in silence.

Hank added quietly, “Tim, I think you’re probably already as close to Beau as you will ever get, but I don’t think that’s exactly what you mean. Are you afraid he’s going to leave you?”

Shocked at the deeply personal question, as well as at my spine-chilling reaction to the possible truth of his words, I choked up.

“I… I don’t know what to say,” I said shakily. “I’ve never thought about it that way.” There was a tear in the corner of one eye.

Now, both men extended their hands and placed them on top of mine. We looked at one another in silence for a time.

I cleared my throat. “I’m just beginning to get used to how personal gay men get, and how quickly…”

“It’s because we share so much in common, most especially the fact that we live in a world where very few people understand us, or even try to,” Frank said, patting my hand and withdrawing his.

“I don’t even know if I would call myself ‘gay’,” I ventured. “It’s just all so new to me…” I took a breath, “Shit, of course I’m gay, or at least maybe I’m ‘going gay’. Hell, I fuck a man and he fucks me, and it’s more sex than I’ve had in years, maybe ever. So, if I had to give it a name, then, yes, I guess I AM gay, but I just don’t really feel right, saying it that way.”

Hank jumped in, “Tim, what you are saying and feeling is absolutely normal. I have known I was gay since I was eight years old, but Frank, here, is more like you. He lived a straight life very happily until years after his wife died. Everybody comes to their own comfort level, and putting labels on things is the biggest mistake you can make. You are whatever you decide you are – straight, gay, bi, questioning, uncertain, whatever! You do NOT need to burden yourself with words, just be yourself and enjoy life.”

“Thank you, ‘O Enlightened One’!” Frank burst in, and we all laughed. The laughter relaxed me.

After a moment I turned to the two of them, “So what the fuck does all this have to do with whether or not I want to put some of my money into gay porn?”

Frank answered, “First, of all, it’s not ‘some of my money’. It’s a shitload of money. The entrance fee is 100K, and if you want to diversify, it’s going to be 100K in every company that you invest in. That can add up quickly. I don’t know how much you were thinking about, but I just want you to know that it’s not a trivial amount.”

“Thanks, Frank,” I said. “That’s pretty much the figure I had in mind, and I really didn’t imagine that I would invest in more than one company at a time, at least not at first. And you can stop worrying about whether or not I could afford that kind of nut. I have plenty, and my investments are well-managed, so I wouldn’t miss the ‘entrance fee’ if things tanked.”

They looked at each other for a moment, then Hank said, “Well, in that case, we can suggest a new project that we’ll be starting on in a couple of months…”

Frank picked up the story, “We have four ‘brands’, if you want to call them that: twinks, college guys, musclemen, and kink. We’re planning to break into ‘daddy’ vids with an initial run of four or five, depending on the directors and models that we can sign.”

“I’m not even going to ask what ‘kink’ you’re talking about, but do tell me what a ‘daddy’ vid is.”

They looked at each other with almost a guilty expression. Frank took a deep breath and said, “Don’t take this wrong, Tim. A ‘daddy’ relationship is an older man with a much younger one.” He hesitated to go on.

“Oh, I get it. Like Beau and me?”

“On one level, yes,” Hank explained, “but it’s rarely a loving relationship, unless they’re father and son, and we tend to steer away from incest as a plot line. It’s most often the father of a young man…”

“Or woman,” Frank interjected.

“Or woman,” Hank continued, “who finds himself in a position to have sex with the best friend of his son or daughter. Sometimes, it’s two fathers who have sex with each other’s sons, and occasionally, it’s an authority figure like a teacher or employer with a young, naive guy.”

“It’s a very popular storyline,” Frank observed. “We’ve just never gone into it, and we think our brand is ready to take the plunge.”

“So, what would my hundred-thou buy me in this new story of yours?”

Frank didn’t take a second to calculate, “That would be around a 20% interest.”

“So you can launch these four or five ‘vids’ (I guess I’d better start using the lingo) for half a million or thereabouts?”

They both nodded.

“And how much are you two putting up?”

“Right now, all the rest, but we are in conversations with a couple of other investors,” Hank offered.

“Does that include Alberto and Charles?”

Frank looked me in the eye. “We never disclose who our investors are, for a whole lot of reasons, privacy and confidentiality being at the top of the list.”

“I guess I would appreciate that, too,” I admitted. They both looked pleased.

“So, assuming I’m interested, how do we nail this down?” I had always been a bottom-line kind of businessman.

“Well, as they say in Hollywood, ‘we’ll have our people talk to your people’.” Frank grinned.

“Hmm. That may be a problem. Right now, I don’t have any ‘people’.”

Hank looked puzzled, “I thought you said you had a friend who was your financial advisor and accountant?”

“Yes, I do, but I’m shy about letting him know the details of what I’m contemplating. I’m looking for some way to slip the money by him without telling him what it’s for. I almost feel like a goddamn teenager sneaking out to buy beer on the sly!”

They both laughed at that, then grew serious. “Tim, if you can’t openly do this, then perhaps that is a sign that it’s not the right thing for you to do…” Hank suggested.

I pondered that idea for a while. “No, I’m pretty sure I want to do this, but… I don’t know… I’m not sure I want my childhood friend to know all the details. I admit I’m conflicted and not sure what to do.”

Frank looked at me with sincerity. “Tim, we wouldn’t feel right taking your money if you were having these kinds of issues over the whole idea. You would be more than welcome to invest with us, but I think you need to really work this out in your own mind before you commit to anything.”

He paused, “And you’d better get yourself a good local lawyer to handle all the contract details if you decide you’re going to.”

With that, the conversation returned to inane subjects. We finished our lunches, shook hands, and I drove back to The Charles with a million thoughts running through my mind.
I decided that the first person I had to convince was Beau, and I had no idea how to proceed down that path


When I entered the bungalow, I saw Beau, seated on the sofa with a beer in his hand. There was another young man seated opposite him, also holding a beer.

Beau’s eyes lighted up when he saw me. “Tim! We wrapped early today, and there’s somebody I want you to meet.” With that, he indicated the hunky youth across from him. “This is Brett Dangler.”

The young man rose to his feet and politely extended his hand, which I shook. It was warm and a little damp. I sensed that he was very nervous. I immediately thought of a guy meeting his girlfriend’s father, which made me sick to the stomach.

Beau stood up, quickly went to the kitchen, and returned with a glass of wine for me. Handing it over, he said, “Brett and I are going to do a scene starting tomorrow, but we’ve never met before, so I invited him over to chill with us. I hope that’s OK with you?”

Nonplussed, I mumbled that it was fine with me. I really didn’t know what to make of the whole scene. Immediately, I was jealous that the young stud was going to have sex with Beau.

A split-second later, I envied Beau for the fact that he was going to get to fuck Brett for what would probably be a day or two, as I had come to understand how pornos are filmed.

I probably looked bewildered, which led Brett to give me his most reassuring smile and say, “Beau has told me a lot about you, and you sure seem like you’re a great guy!”

We all three chuckled at that. Brett was really trying hard to put me at ease. So, trying to break the ice a little better, I asked Brett, “have you been in the business for long?”

He took that as a compliment, “This is only my third video. I know I look older, but I’m really just eighteen.”

I tried hard not to look shocked. “That sounds like Beau’s story, too.”

Beau joined in, “It’s not unusual for a guy to get an early start in this business. The fresher-looking you are, and the longer you can keep that look, the more work you’ll get, and the more money you’ll make.” It seemed to me that Beau was actually telling this to Brett.

“I’m really glad to be working with you, Beau,” Brett replied, looking into those deep blue eyes with interest. “I was kinda nervous about who it would be, but I’ve seen a lot of your vids, and I sorta feel like you won’t let me fuck up too badly!”

We all laughed and nursed our drinks for a while in silence. Suddenly, Beau looked up at me. I turned to him as he said, “So, Tim, that’s kind of why I invited Brett to come over tonight.”

He stopped to consider his next words. “He’s new to the business and the studio, and he’s worried about how it will all go. I thought it might help him relax a bit if we ‘rehearsed’ tonight, and I thought you might enjoy playing director for us.”

I was stunned. If I understood what Beau was saying, he was proposing that he and Brett have sex right in front of me, and that I could even participate by telling them how to go about it.

“Beau, I don’t know shit about directing.”

“Oh, you know a lot more than you admit. Your commentaries on some of the vids we’ve watched together are spot-on. You would actually make a pretty good director, at least from the storyline aspect. You don’t know fuck-all about camera angles and lighting, but you have a real talent for the story itself, and the way two models relate to each other.”

He gave me a wide smile, “So, what do you say? You game for it?”

“What happened to your ‘vow of celibacy’ the night before you fuck on the set? “

“Well, Tim, I’m only going to bottom tonight, and probably tomorrow, too. And Brett is so young and horny that he could probably shoot three or four times without even slowing down. I think we’re safe in rehearsing and getting to know each other, so that we will be more natural and sexy on the set tomorrow.”

Beau paused, “and I am sure we could find a way for you to join in with us, if you want to. “

“Just fucking show me how!” I responded eagerly.

With that, the three of us smiled broadly, as we moved into position for some hot fun together.

I probably should have given it a hell of a lot more thought, but something inside me was saying, “Frank and Hank are right: either you’re part of this new world, or you’re just fucking kidding yourself. You can embrace it whole-heartedly or run away like a goddamn coward. What’s it going to be?”

To Beau and Brett, I said eagerly, “Let’s get started!”


I had Brett join Beau on the sofa and told them to keep drinking their beers. I pretended to interview them: “Today we have with us a real favorite of our audience, Beau Botham. How’s it hangin’, Beau?”

Beau’s blue eyes twinkled and a big smile filled his face. “Just great, Tim. I’m excited to be here!”

I turned my attention to the other young model. “And who do we have with us?” I indicated that he should introduce himself.

“Hi. I’m Brett Dangler.”

“Where are you from, Brett?”

“Ohio… Cleveland, actually.”

“And how long have you been out here in Cali?” I thought I might as well adopt a directorial familiarity.

“Um, about two months I guess.”

“How do you like it so far?”

“It’s great. Everybody’s been so nice to me, I’m really glad I came out here.”

“‘Came out here’? You mean you hadn’t come out to anybody until you got here?” I said, teasing.

Brett gave an embarrassed laugh. “Oh, hell no. I came out as gay a long time ago. I just meant I’m glad I’m here in L.A. now.”

Beau jumped in to save his friend’s discomfort. “Brett and I met a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been showing him around.”

I turned my invisible camera on Beau. “Does showing him around include sex?”

Beau laughed with a big grin. “You betcha. But Brett didn’t need any coaching in that department!” He winked at me over the lie he had just told.

Turning back to Brett, I asked, “So, Brett, are you excited to be here with Beau today?”

Brett’s eyes widened with enthusiasm, “I sure am!” He said nothing more, clearly at a loss for words.

I quickly filled the gap, “So, who’s going to do what today?”

Brett hesitated, again unsure of what to say.

“Are you going to fuck him?” I prompted.

“Yes. I mean, hell yes, I’m gonna fuck his ass hard!” He was finally getting into it as his shyness melted away.

Beau laughed, leaned over, and gave Brett a kiss on the mouth.

I tried to wrap up the intro stuff, “In that case, guys, why don’t you just get started?”

Both of them put down their beers, rose up onto their knees on the sofa, and faced each other. Beau slid across the cushion, getting as close as he could to Brett. He took Brett’s face in both hands and repeated the kiss, this time with deep tongue action. Brett quickly responded, as though he now knew exactly what was expected of him.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing and groping each other, Beau reached down and pulled Brett’s shirt over his head. I almost gasped. The young man had the most beautiful boyish (or “twink,” I guess) body I had ever seen. His cheeks were rosy, and his eyes were a deep green.

Like Beau, he had fine blond hair, styled into a kind of All-American-Boy look. His neck and shoulders, which Beau was now devouring with kisses, were perfectly proportioned. His biceps were developed but not too muscular. Beau had moved down to Brett’s pecs and was gently biting one nipple while pinching the other with his fingers.

I noticed that Beau’s position was all wrong. His face was toward the imaginary camera, so we couldn’t see him working on the other nipple. “Beau, switch nipples!” I commanded.

Beau, startled, looked up at me. “You’re really taking this director shit seriously, Tim!” he said with a grin, as he complied with my direction.

When Beau repositioned himself and began to work on Brett’s nipples again, I saw Brett throw his head back and moan softly. “Make more noise, Brett,” I directed.

He immediately began to say softly to Beau, “Oh, shit yeah, that’s so fuckin’ good, man. Mmm, come here and fucking kiss me.” With that, Beau straightened up and returned his mouth to Brett’s.

The two kissed a while longer. “Show me more tongue!” I ordered. At that point, both young men burst out laughing.

“Cut! Goddammit!” I shouted, relishing my début directorial role.

“Tim, you’re a little too good at this,” Beau said, looking at me with amazement. “We are used to this kind of direction, but, fuck, I’m SO surprised to hear it coming from you. Have you been doing something behind my back?”

“The only thing I’ve ever done behind your back is stick my dick up your beautiful ass, Beau!” I said with a smile. Both models roared with laughter again.

Pulling away from Brett, Beau looked right at me. “Actually, this kind of shit happens all the time when we’re filming. Somebody will say something or find something funny, and we just fucking fall apart laughing. That’s one reason why it takes a couple of days to wrap a scene.”

“Scene one, take two!” I barked. “Back to the kissing!”

Brett and Beau composed themselves, paused to look each other in the eyes, and then resumed the vigorous kissing, this time keeping their mouths far enough apart to make it easy to see their tongue action.

As they kissed, Beau began to rub Brett’s cock through his shorts. Soon, Brett returned the favor. Their hands then began to explore each other’s bodies, rubbing and caressing everywhere, but with a lot of attention to each other’s butts.

Finally, Beau took the initiative and reached down to undo Brett’s belt and unbutton and unzip his pants. Sliding them down, Beau revealed a very cute pair of Calvin Klein briefs in a lovely shade of aqua.

With Brett’s pants now down around his knees, Beau began to rub his pal’s cock in earnest, and I could see a very hard penis inside the filmy fabric of the CK briefs. With all this attention on his nether parts, Brett began to kiss Beau more eagerly, and also to fiddle with Beau’s own shorts.

Soon those, too, were down at Beau’s knees, and my own cock swelled as I saw that Beau was going commando, as he often does. His hard member sprang free as soon as Brett lowered the shorts that were confining them. Brett immediately took hold of Beau’s eight inches and began to stroke it like he knew what he was doing. Beau pulled his lips away from Brett and loudly said, “Oh, fuck, baby. Do it!”

This was one of many spontaneous outbursts that the two of them were providing, even though I knew full well that sex was usually free of such ejaculations, although the other kind of ejaculations were far more to be expected!

With that, they changed position again. Both stood up momentarily, as Brett stripped off Beau’s T-shirt, then they both kicked off their shorts and Brett his briefs. Naked and hard, they began kissing again and caressing each other’s backs and asses.

Beau dropped to his knees and took Brett’s six inches into his mouth. Although it was smaller than Beau’s monstrous cock, I remembered an old adage I had once heard: “It’s not the size of the wand that matters, but the magic in the stick!” I was pretty sure that Brett had a goodly lot of magic in that wand of his.

Brett’s pubes were thicker than Beau’s but still clearly man-scaped. His balls were completely hairless, and after a minute of sucking Brett’s circumcised cock, Beau pushed it upward with his hand and began licking each testicle, sliding it in and out of his wet mouth. Brett groaned in pleasure.

To my surprise, Beau spun Brett around and bent him forward toward the sofa. He spread Brett’s cheeks and began rimming him, thrusting his tongue deep into Brett’s hole.

This caused Brett to make even more noise, “Eat me, Beau! Fuck my hot ass with your tongue!” At this point, I forgot all about my pretend role as director and moved to the side, the better to observe the ass-eating. In the back of my mind, I wondered who was going to fuck whose ass, but then it occurred to me that the director would probably want the audience to wonder that, too.


Their next move was to lie head-to-feet on the sofa and 69 each other. I was getting really worked up. I could feel my erection straining inside my pants and briefs. “Come on, Tim, join us!” Beau offered.

I didn’t hesitate. In seconds I was naked, my now-hard cock freed from its confinement. As Beau continued his tongue action inside Brett’s anus, he reached one hand over and began to jack me.

“Come here, Tim,” Brett commanded, indicating that I should get up on the sofa and sit on the high back with his face between my legs. He softly kissed the head of my dick, then ran his tongue all the way around it.

Brett lifted my hardness and kissed and licked my balls, then returned to the cock and slowly took it all the way into his mouth and throat. This time, it was my turn to moan in ecstasy.

“Come on, Tim, make more noise!” Beau teased, and I did my best to obey his direction.

The three of us maintained that position for a few minutes. I could just imagine cameras gliding around us to capture the hot tableau from every angle.

Then Beau said, “Fuck, Brett, let me at that cock!” With that, the two young men exchanged positions. Beau took my glistening cock into his mouth, and Brett began to rim Beau with expertise. With my dick half-way down his throat, Beau groaned, “Oh, baby, eat that ass!” Brett knew just how to do that.

Again, we spent a few minutes in that position. I was beginning to be a little uncomfortable, perched on the back of the sofa, and Beau picked up on it. “Here, Tim, stretch out on the couch.” I did so, and Beau positioned himself between my open legs and began to give my cock the best sucking I had had in a long time.

“You’ve been holding back on me!” I told Beau.

“Just saving my best for a moment like this,” he replied.

As Beau lavished his cock-sucking skills on my member, Brett moved into position behind him. Without so much as a drop of lube, Brett aimed his hard pecker into Beau’s eager hole and popped it past the two sphincters.

Beau jumped and nearly choked himself on my cock, but he quickly recovered. Removing my hard-on from his mouth for a moment, he told Brett, “Go for it, baby, fuck me hard!”

That began a rhythm that reminded me of the three-way that Beau and I had enjoyed a couple of weeks ago with Jimmy Coxx. Brett was as adept at fucking as Jimmy, although not as well-endowed. He varied the speed and depth of his penetrations, while Beau mirrored his motions up and down my hard cock.

The two porn stars seemed to have some kind of internal sense of time, because after around five minutes in each position, they spontaneously sought another. This time, Brett sat on the sofa, as Beau, with his back to his young sex-partner, impaled himself on Brett’s shaft.

As he began his up-and-down pistoning, Beau tugged me into position on my knees in front of him, and set me to sucking his bouncing cock. At first, it was hard to keep the dancing dong in my mouth, but I quickly figured out the logistics and matched Beau’s pumping with deep-throating his magnificent eight inches.

Right on cue, that five-minute scene ended, and Beau twisted around, keeping Brett deep inside him, and faced the eighteen-year-old stud. Deprived of the cock I was sucking, I wondered what to do next, but Beau already had that figured out. “Tim, get down there and rim me while Brett fucks me!”

It didn’t sound like a possible position, but as I made the attempt, I found that when Beau rose up, I could get my tongue in his ass along with Brett’s dick, and as he slid back down, I found myself licking the shaft of the young man’s hot penis. I was pleasuring both of them at once!

Having practiced that new position, for that was what I realized they had been doing, Brett said to me, “I want to suck you, Tim.” Beau obliged by moving off Brett’s dick, and I got on my knees on the sofa, aiming my still-hard prick into Brett’s mouth.

He proved to be every bit the consummate cock-sucker that Beau was. I wondered to myself if blowjobs were the first thing an apprentice porn star needed to master.

As Brett was drawing my manhood in and out across his tongue, I felt another kind of wetness. Beau had started rimming me from behind. Turning to look over my shoulder, I saw that he was alternating sucking on Brett’s dick and eating my ass. “You’re one versatile motherfucker!” I told him, laughing.

I soon figured out Beau’s ulterior motive. Having fully wet both Brett’s cock and my ass, Beau deftly glided me backward until I felt the young man’s cock knocking at my back door.

Startled, I looked at Brett quizzically, “Are you OK with this?” Brett’s answer was a big smile and a kiss blown in my direction. With that, I sat back and eased his twink cock inside me.

“This is only the second dick I’ve ever had up my ass,” I told Brett.

“It fits pretty good!” he replied, as he began lifting his hips and slowly fucking me.

With that, Beau replicated the trick he had just taught me, licking my ass as Brett’s cock filled it, and doing the same to Brett’s cock as it came out of me.

I was really enjoying the feeling, plus the sexiness of what the three of us were doing. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had never had sex with two people at the same time in my whole life, and here I was for the second time with two gorgeous gay porn stars lavishing their considerable skills upon me. But there was more to come!

Beau helped me rise up and slip Brett’s hardness out of my ass. Helping both of us stand, Beau next assumed the doggie position in front of me on the sofa. He reached back and guided my pecker into his love-hole. Needless to say, it was already well-lubed after the tongue-bath he had given it.

As I began to stroke into him, Beau looked around and winked at Brett, who then moved into position behind me and pressed his own cock deep inside me. I almost came right then, over the sheer ecstasy of being in the middle, fucking one young man and getting fucked by the other, but I had been making progress in containing my urge to ejaculate and had almost complete control over it.

Brett increased the speed and depth of his plunges inside me, and I mirrored his motions inside Beau. It was as if the three of us had become a single unit: a sex-machine with three components, all performing in perfect harmony with each other.

Beau began pushing his ass backward hard into my cock as I thrust forward. Brett put both arms around my chest, playing with my nipples and kissing the back of my neck. I wondered how long the three of us could keep this up, and I soon had my answer.

The first thing that I felt was the flood of hot semen in my rectum as Brett thrust with all his might, emptying his balls inside me. That set me off, and I blew my load into Beau’s ass. As I did that, I felt his sphincter contract, indicating that he was cumming at the same time as me. I quickly checked, and Beau had strategically placed a hand-towel on the sofa cushion, and it was soaking up his plenteous love-juice.

Of course, given my age and the condition of my prostate, I finished first, but I didn’t move. Brett was still stabbing my hole and shooting load after load of teenage splooge into me, and Beau’s sphincter was still massaging my prick with its continuous contractions.

Finally, they both seemed satisfied. Brett leaned forward, his whole weight upon me, and I collapsed on top of Beau. Two dicks remained firmly encompassed inside two asses, as we all breathed heavily and the room filled with the powerful scent of man-musk.

At last, I asked Beau, “you all right down there?” Between deep, satisfied breaths, he said softly, “Seventh heaven, Tim, seventh fucking heaven!”

Brett somehow sensed when we had all had enough. He gingerly extracted his now-flaccid penis from my dripping backside and stood up. Freed from Brett’s weight on my back, I made the same move, my cock slurping loudly as it exited Beau’s body.

I could see my cum dripping out and down over Beau’s nuts. Beau also stood up and turned to face the two of us. Pulling us into a group hug, Beau passionately kissed Brett, then me, and I kissed both of them, Brett doing the same.

With a very pleased smile, Beau looked at me and said, “well, what do you think, Tim? Will Brett and I make a good scene tomorrow?”

All I could say was “Fuckin-A!” with a shit-eating grin.