Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Two

“You goddamn motherfucker!” Craig spit the words at me as he choked on the smoke from the doobie we were sharing. “I’ve been wanting to have sex with you since we were twelve years old!”

I was stunned. I had just shared my cherry-popping experience with my best friend, hoping he wouldn’t hate me for being a queer, and instead he tells me he wanted to be the one to do it!

“Sorry, Craig. I didn’t know,” was all I could think to say.

“Yeah, well fuck you!”

“Come on, Craig. I felt the same way, but I was afraid to tell you. It’s not something you want the whole goddamn school to know about.”

“No shit, Sherlock! That’s why I thought if I was gonna do it with anybody, it would have to be my best-fuckin-friend Bruce.”

“Well, it really wasn’t very good. I mean, shit, I came almost right away, and when he fucked me, it was ‘slam, bam, thank you man’. He was in a hurry because he didn’t want to be late on his route, or his boss might say something.”

“Yeah? What about Tony? Does he take his time with the lady on the east side?”

“How the fuck would I know? Maybe she likes it fast and rough…”

With those words, we looked right at each other and burst out laughing.

“Oooh, Tony, do me quick!” Craig mimicked in a coquettish voice.

“Faster, deeper, faster deeper, fasterdeeper, FASTERDEEPER!” I joined in.

After we stopped belly-laughing and took a couple more tokes on the shrinking joint, I looked him in the eye and said seriously, “Forgiven?”

Craig looked at me, leaned in and kissed me on the lips. “Just so long as I’m you’re number two.”

“You got it.”

“How about right now?” Craig looked at me with a lustful grin.

“Hell, no!” We were sitting on the ground behind the garden shed, out of sight of the house but still too close for comfort. “Mom’s still home, and she’s not going anywhere this afternoon.”

“What about up in The Hide?” Craig was talking about our little one-room hunting cabin in the woods about a mile up the mountain from the house. We often went there to smoke dope, drink beer, and jack off together.

“Maybe after lunch.”

Craig Baxter was my best friend. We were both eighteen, seniors about to graduate prep school. We were going to different colleges in the fall. We had learned a lot about gay sex together, too, trying different ways to masturbate and talking about fucking and sucking all the time. We had a small collection of magazines stashed in a secret place in The Hide.

We were all but gay. “All but” because we had never actually had sex with anybody. Except that had now changed, for me.

We thoroughly ground the stub of the marijuana joint into the dirt and stood up. Craig was six feet tall, about two inches taller than me. We both weighed around 150 pounds. I was on the swim team, so my arms and chest were more developed than his. Craig ran cross-country, so his calves and thighs were bigger than mine. We both had blond hair. His eyes were green while mine were blue. I had already started shaving, and Craig had a little wispy mustache trying to sprout under his nose. Our school forbade facial hair, so most guys started letting theirs grow out on graduation day.

We had showered together after gym and sports since eighth grade, so we had seen each other naked hundreds of times. We had talked about how our dicks were growing longer and the hair on our cock and balls came in thicker. I trimmed my pubes, along with shaving my arms and legs for swimming, but Craig had a thick bush. We were both circumcised, and we had looked with curiosity at other boys who were not. We wondered what it felt like to have that extra fold of skin around the end of your prick. Was is more fun to jack off when you have that? Was it hard to keep it clean?

These thoughts were starting to give me a hard-on, so I shook them off and raced Craig up to the house for lunch. Mom had made spaghetti with meatballs, a little heavy for mid-day, but I knew that she and Dad were going to a dinner-dance at the country club, and I would be on my own for dinner with Craig, who was going to sleep over that night. Mom always left something in the fridge that we could just microwave, but she apparently wanted to give us at least one hearty meal for the day.

The big lunch made us both sleepy, so we excused ourselves and went up to my room. It was larger than Craig’s room in his house, but then everything in the whole fucking house was bigger than most people’s. There were six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, not counting the one down in the pool house. My bedroom was across the hall from my sister, Natalie’s, who was away at college.

My room had a queen-sized bed, a desk and chair, plus a couch that opened into a bed in case I had more guys for a sleep-over. Sports equipment was neatly stored on shelves, along with just about every book I had ever owned. My room also had a small balcony that looked out over the patio and pool.

My parents’ room — I mean “suite” — was at the other end of the house, overlooking some of the ten wooded acres that made up the property. Our house was on a mountainside, west of Denver, and at night you could see the glow of city lights to the east.

Craig and I kicked off our shoes and flopped on the big bed.

“Man, your mom sure can fucking cook!”

“Yeah, she likes it, even though we could afford a cook.”

Craig was suddenly silent and sulky. He hated it when I thoughtlessly reminded him how wealthy my family was. My father owned several businesses and had investments in a shitload of others. Craig’s family was solid middle class, and they easily afforded the tuition at our school, but they weren’t in the same social circles as my parents. I immediately regretted the remark, but I had learned it was best to let it slide and say no more.

After a while, Craig said, “got any porno mags in here?”

“Hell, no. The mai… I mean… someone might see them when they’re cleaning.”

“Then I guess we just take a nap.” With that, Craig rolled to his side, his back to me. I lay back, looking at the ceiling, and began to relive my first real sex experience from the other day. Soon, I was asleep.

About an hour later, I groggily opened my eyes. To my surprise, I had somehow rolled onto my side and had my arm draped over Craig’s shoulder, the rest of my body pressed tightly against his. I could feel that I had a raging hard-on.

Craig’s masculine, musky scent drove me fucking wild. The heat from his body was like a roaring furnace, tightly nestled into the curve of mine. His slow breathing told me he was still asleep. I thought that I should probably roll over and put some space between us, but it just felt so good being this close to him.

As I was considering what to do, I heard, “Is that your hard cock up against my ass?”

I jolted, quickly rolled onto my back, then on my other side so that Craig couldn’t see my erection, and said, “I guess it got chilly in here.”

Craig rolled toward me and put one hand on my shoulder, gently pulling me onto my back. It felt so good to have him touching me that I just let him do whatever he wanted.

“I know you said your mom is downstairs, but what if we were really quiet?”

“I dunno. She might want to check on us.”

“Would she just walk in?”

“Fuck no. She’d knock on the door and ask if we need anything, or some shit like that.”


“I guess…” I started to say more, but Craig rolled over on top of me and pressed his lips against mine. I felt his erection pressing down on my own hard-on. I raised my arms and hugged him tight, pulling his tongue into my mouth.

“What do you want to do?” I asked, hesitantly.

He thought a moment. “Well, you already got your first blowjob, so how about giving me mine?” He rolled over onto his back and unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down to just below his balls. I rose up on my knees and crouched over him. Hooking my thumbs into the waistband of his briefs, I gingerly slid them down, allowing his hard cock to slap back against his belly. It quivered with his heartbeat.

I brought my face close to his pulsing prick, slid my hand under it, and lifted it toward my mouth. Slowly, I began to slide my thumb up and down the length of his dick. I had seen him hard many times when we jacked off together, but touching it and having my face this close to it was setting my heart racing.

As I stroked him, a big drop of precum appeared from his piss-slit. Without thinking, I stuck out my tongue and licked it off. It tasted sweet, salty, and watery. I then used my tongue to repeat the motions of my thumb, running it up and down his hard cock, stopping at the top to lap up any additional droplets of precum.

Craig moaned softly, and I looked up at his face. He had lifted his head and was watching what I was doing.

“Remember, not a sound!” I whispered harshly. He grinned, nodded, and blew me a kiss.

That reminded me that my first sex with Alan had begun with kissing, so keeping my hand wrapped around Craig’s dick, I slid forward toward his face. He smiled affectionately as I pressed my lips against his and gently forced my tongue inside his mouth. He responded excitedly, meeting my passion with an equal amount of his own.

As we kissed, I continued to jack his cock. After a while, I removed my mouth from Craig’s and moved back down his body. I opened my mouth and took his cock-head into it. Involuntarily, Craig groaned softly. I guessed that, if that was all the noise he was going to make, we would be safe.

I adjusted my position so that I was kneeling next to Craig’s knees and held his hard dick straight up into the air. I lowered my mouth onto it and kept going until I had buried my nose in his thick pubes. With his youthful manhood all the way down my throat, I began to swallow, pressing my tongue tightly against his thick member, and then moving my tongue up and down while keeping it all the way in my mouth.

“Mmm. Fuckin great, Bruce!” Craig said softly.

Encouraged, I began a routine of cock-sucking similar to what Alan had used on me. I moved my head up and down, fast and slow, sometimes wrapping my tongue around his dick and sometimes lowering it so that his cockhead only made contact at the back of my throat.

“Play with my balls,” Craig encouraged in a whisper. I began to gently feel them, lifting and rolling them around. His testicles were bigger than mine, and they hung down at least an inch past his cock when it was soft.

“Suck on them!” he ordered, a little louder.

“Shh, goddammit!” I reminded him, as I removed my mouth from his dick and sucked one ball into it. I didn’t know if it might hurt, so I rolled my tongue around it delicately. Craig responded by arching his back and lifting his ass, so that I could take his nut deeper into my mouth. I continued to jack his cock with my hand as I turned my attention to his other ball.

“Suck them both together!” he whispered hoarsely. I could tell that Craig was in ecstasy. Not sure if it would work, I was surprised to find that I could pull both balls into my mouth at the same time. There wasn’t much I could do with them, because they filled me up completely, but apparently Craig enjoyed the sensation.

“Now suck my fuckin cock till I come!”

I carefully released his spit-soaked nuts and went back to work on his cock. As I increased my pace, he began to thrust his ass upward, fucking my face as he did so. Then I felt him put one hand on the back of my head, gently pushing it down as he drove his cock into my mouth. Craig’s breathing became rougher and more rapid until, suddenly, he pushed hard on my head and rammed his full six inches deep into my throat.

Almost gagging, I felt him fill my mouth with hot jism, and I greedily began to swallow every spurt. I’m not sure how many times he came – probably seven or eight, but I know I savored every salty-sweet drop.

When he was spent, Craig lowered his ass and removed his hand from my head. I spent a little more time, sucking on his cock and swallowing a mixture of my own saliva and his seed. Then I slowly pulled back, feeling his softening member reluctantly slip out of my lips.

I scooted up the bed to lie next to Craig. He turned his head to me and said, “kiss me, Bruce.” I complied, and he stuck his tongue deep into my mouth. I realized that he was getting a taste of his own cum, which I knew he liked, because he always licked it off his hand after we jacked off together.

“Was that as good as your first time?” he asked me.

“Better, I think. Alan was in a big fuckin hurry and didn’t seem to really give a shit if I was enjoying it or not.”

“Hmm. I hope you know I enjoyed it a hell of a lot.”

“I kinda got that impression from the way you fucked my face.”

With that, we both roared with laughter. Then we lay still for a while. I was thinking about how much closer we were as friends, now that we had done this.

After a while, Craig raised up on his elbow and looked at me. “Let’s get our asses up to that Hide of yours. I want you to fuck me, and I’m gonna make a hell of a lot of noise!”