Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Three

We got out of bed, dressed and straightened our hair, and went down the back stairs into the kitchen. My mother was seated at her computer desk, a glass of white wine within easy reach. When we entered, she looked up and smiled.

“Are you boys rested now?”

“Sure, Mom. We thought we’d go for a walk – probably up to The Hide and back.”

“Fine. Just be sure to be back by five o’clock. Your father and I are leaving for the country club then, and I want to make sure you’re home and settled in for the night.”

“Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll be back long before that,” I promised. Craig nodded but didn’t say anything.

“And there’s plenty to eat in the fridge,” Mom added, “including some of that spaghetti you had for lunch.” Craig and I looked at each other, eyes wide. The last thing we wanted to eat was more of that sleep-inducing pasta.

“OK. We’ll see you later!” I said breezily as we scurried out the kitchen door onto the patio, past the pool house, and up the well-worn trail into the woods that led ultimately to the log cabin that the family called “The Hide.”

Craig and I hauled ass up the steep hill, in a hurry to put ourselves out of sight of the house. We raced, grabbed at each other to get ahead, and generally made jackasses of ourselves until we reached the top of the grade, about a quarter of a mile from my home.

Breathless, we stopped, bent double, and took in big gulps of the chilly spring air. Then we stood up, joined hands, and walked up the trail at a more reasonable pace. A few hundred more yards, and we stopped and kissed. I really loved the feeling of Craig’s tongue in my mouth and the way he ran his fingers through my hair. I caressed his back and reached down and squeezed his ass cheeks.

“Are these bad boys ready for me?” I asked seductively.

“Those fuckers have been ready for years!” With that, I slapped him on the tail and we walked on, quickening our pace. Craig put his arm around my shoulder, and I stuck my hand in his back pocket, giving his butt a gentle pinch every now and then.

In no time, we entered the clearing where The Hide was located. It was a small log house that looked like something out of a TV show about pioneers. A covered porch sheltered the length of the front, where a central door and two windows gave into the building. There was an old rocking chair at one end of the porch, and a wooden swing hung from chains at the other end. I opened the door, which was never locked, and Craig and I entered eagerly.

The interior was dark and chilly, but I went immediately to a large propane stove in the center of the room and got it going. Soon, its warm glow began to make the room cozy.

The cabin consisted of just one large room, with wide rafters above and a wood floor, plus a small lavatory to one side (if you wanted a shower, you went outside and stood under the garden hose). On the right was the little kitchen area and a dining table with four chairs. To the left, a sitting area near the window consisted of a small sofa and an easy chair.

Opposite the sitting area were two bunk beds with a small table between them. Craig and I had spent many nights at The Hide on hunting trips, sleeping in one of the bunks with my dad and uncle Will in the other. We always argued over who would get the top bunk, but this time we sprinted for the bottom one.

Reaching it first, Craig stretched out on his back and held his arms out to invite me in. I lay on top of him and we began making out. I kissed his mouth, then his forehead, nose, both cheeks, and sucked on his ear lobe. As I did this, Craig pulled up on my shirt, untucking it from my pants.

That inspired us both to jump up and quickly strip naked. It came as no surprise to me that we were both already hard. Craig pulled me into a tight embrace and we rested our chins on each other’s shoulders.

“Are you sure you’re up for this?” I asked with what I hoped was neutrality in my voice. I didn’t want Craig to do it if he was having second thoughts.

“Fuck, yeah! I want your hard cock so far up my ass that it tickles my tonsils!” We both roared with laughter, and Craig suddenly pushed me onto my back in the bed.

He got into the bunk, straddling my hips and rested his ass on my thighs. Craig, who was over six feet tall, had to bend his neck so as not to bang his head on the wood slats that supported the top bunk’s mattress.

Holding my gaze with his green eyes, Craig slowly leaned forward until he was stretched out full-length, lying right on top of me. I felt our hard-ons meet, and Craig began to slowly slide his cock up and down mine.

“What the fuck’re you doing?” I asked, fascinated by the new sensation.

“It’s called ‘frotting.’ You rub your cocks together, like they’re fucking each other. Some guys do it until they cum.”


“Oh, I guess it’s for when you can’t actually fuck or maybe don’t want to for some reason. I guess it’s just another kink…”

“Well, it feels fuckin great,” I began, but Craig sat up straight and inched forward, sliding his dick up my belly until his ass was even with my cock. He reached behind and under his ass, and took hold of my hard-on, lowering his body onto me.

I felt my cock-head make contact with his asshole. Craig guided it right to the pucker and then gingerly slipped it inside him, past the two rings of muscles that I had discovered when Alan fucked me.

“Unh…” he groaned. I, on the other hand, went “Ahh!” as his butt came to rest on my pubes.

With my hard dick deep inside Craig, I looked up at his face. He was smiling broadly. “Now, that was worth waiting for!”

“I’m glad,” I said, smiling back at him. “It feels right at home in there.”

“Oh, it’s gonna feel a whole fuckin lot better, real soon.” With that, Craig began riding me, lifting his ass until my dick almost came out, and then sliding quickly down until he was sitting in my lap again.

We kept that position for a while, but I felt like I wanted to take control. “Let’s change places, so I can fuck you.”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Craig asked slyly.

“Well, it feels like you’re fucking yourself, using my dick.” With that Craig chuckled and carefully rose up, freeing my erection. I got up as he moved forward on his elbows and knees, arched his back, and wiggled his ass at me. “Ready and waiting, Sir Studly!”

I got into the bunk, also careful not to knock my head on the hard wooden slats. I crept forward, aiming my cock at Craig’s waiting receptacle, but it was too awkward for me to get close enough to penetrate him.

“Fuck! This goddamn bed is too small!” I complained.

Without a word, Craig got up, helped me out and back into a standing position, and then turned his back to me. He got back onto the mattress on his elbows and knees, cross-wise to the bed so that his ass stuck out into the room. Seeing what he intended, I stepped forward and slid my dick back into him.

I began to thrust, all the way deep inside Craig, and then to pull back slowly. I picked up the pace and soon the old wooden bunk bed, where we had slept since we were little kids, began to creak and shake.

“You’d better take it easy, or you’ll break the fucking bed!” Craig warned. I slowed down and began a steady in-and-out motion.

“Fuck! That feels good!” Craig moaned.

Teasing, I said, “What’s that? I can’t hear you.”

“FUCK! THAT FEELS GOOD!” Craig shouted.

“I told you we could make all the noise we want to, up here!” I said gleefully. Then I also shouted, “SHIT, MAN, YOUR FUCKIN ASS IS SO HOT!” We laughed so hard my dick popped out of Craig’s ass.

Putting both my hands on Craig’s hips, I began using short strokes to really stimulate my cock. I felt myself getting close to shooting my load.

“I’m gonna cum! Where do you want it?”

“Cum inside me! I WANT YOUR JUICE IN MY CABOOSE!” Craig said loudly. I almost lost it again at that point.

“If you don’t quit that shit, I won’t even be able to cum!” I exclaimed, laughing, but my warning was meaningless, because at that moment I felt my balls contract and I began pumping load after load deep into Craig’s rectum.

As soon as I started cumming, I felt Craig’s ass begin to squeeze my dick, and I remembered how that felt when I came while Alan was fucking me. Craig cried out, “Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Man!” as he emptied his balls onto the blanket in front of him.

When my balls stopped pumping semen, I leaned forward and rested my chest on Craig’s back, my cock still deep inside him. We were both breathing hard, and our bodies were shimmering with sweat. I reached down, put both arms around Craig’s chest, and rested my head on the back of his neck — holding my new lover like I would never let him get away.

We lay like that for a long time, and then I felt puckish. “Pop! Goes Craig’s cherry!” I said in a sing-song voice to the tune of the nursery rhyme.

With that, we both lost it. Roaring with laughter, Craig turned around to me. As my now-soft cock slipped out of his asshole, it made a slurping sound, which got us laughing even harder. We fell together into the bunk, flat on our backs, looking up at the underside of the top bunk.

As our laughter ran its course, I turned my head and looked at Craig, who turned to look back at me.

“And to think we could have been doing this for years!” I said in awe.

“Well, that just means we’ve got all summer to make up for lost time.” Craig was headed east to college, and I was bound for California.

With that, we kissed slowly and lovingly for several minutes, running our hands softly all over each other’s bodies. I had never in my life felt so close to another human being, and the fact that Craig and I were best friends, and had been for years, only made it more achingly beautiful.

I think we fell asleep for a while, or maybe just into a post-coital trance. All I know is I opened my eyes and the daylight was fading. Shaking Craig, I asked, “what time is it?”

He reached over to the bedside table and picked up his watch. “Four thirty.”

“Shit!” I sprang up. “We’ve gotta be back at the fuckin house by five!”

We both jumped out of the bed, threw on our clothes, straightened the bedcovers, turned off the propane stove, and sprinted out the door and down the trail. I made a mental note to come back to The Hide the next day and bring the blanket home to wash it out. Wouldn’t want the next visitors to find it cum-stained!

We made it home in twenty minutes, out of breath and with guilt all over both our faces. We approached the kitchen door cautiously, hoping that my parents were somewhere else in the house and we could make it to my bedroom to do a better job of cleaning up.

“What have you two been up to? You’re a mess!” my father’s voice greeted us from his chair on the patio, where he was nursing a Scotch and soda and looking up at the darkening sky.

“Nothing much.” I lied unconvincingly.

“Looks like you’ve been wrestling all through the woods or something. Better get up to your room and get presentable before your mother sees you.”

With that, we dashed into the house and soon had ourselves looking halfway decent. We came down the front stairs as my parents were putting on their coats at the door.

“We’ll be late, but don’t stay up too long, boys,” my mother warned.

“We just want to watch Johnny Carson,” I lied again, much better this time because it sounded mostly true.

“Well, see to it that it’s ‘lights out’ after that,” Dad instructed.

“Yes, sir,” I said obediently, as Craig nodded in assent.

With that, my parents were out the front door. Craig and I watched through the sidelight windows as they got into the car and quickly drove away. As soon as we could no longer see the headlights, we turned toward each other and grinned wickedly.

“Let’s get naked!” Craig all but shouted.

“Fuckin-A!” I agreed, as we raced up the stairs to my bedroom.

Over the next several hours, Craig and I made up for lost time. We sixty-nined as we sucked each other off. Then Craig fucked me, and I fucked him. Then we tried switching off, fucking each other for only a minute or two and then trading places. In between, we smoked joints and drank Mom’s white wine.

Around 10 PM, we went down to the kitchen, naked, our half-hard cocks swaying as we walked. We raided the refrigerator, drank two of Dad’s beers, and went out on the patio in the darkness.

“Wanna skinny-dip?” Craig suggested. I raced him to the pool house.

In the heated water, we kissed and hugged, pressing our hard cocks together. Then we horsed around and splashed water all over the deck. Finally, we sixty-nined again in one of the beach chairs.

When we both came yet again (I lost count of how many times), we lay on our backs on a warm towel. As we gazed upward through the glass panels of the roof, a canopy of stars overhead and a soft glow from the house were our only light.

Sighing deeply, Craig said to the sky, “Well, Bruce, I don’t think there’s any kind of sex we haven’t tried tonight.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I think we’re just too inexperienced to realize that there’s a shitload of other positions and ways to fuck. We need to do some research…”

Craig turned his head and looked at me. Then we both burst out laughing.

We actually did watch Johnny Carson that night, in bed together, naked. Then we jacked off side-by-side, just for old times sake, and put on our boxers and went to sleep in my spacious bed.