Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Seven

Thanking my lucky stars, I quickly stuffed all my things into an extra-large machine, added the detergent, inserted the quarters, and took a seat in a chair across from the handsome, totally fuckable dude. He leaned over toward me, extending his hand.

“Hi. I’m Pete Waters.” He gave me a big smile, revealing perfect teeth and a very kissable mouth.

“Bruce Hobson,” I shook his hand, smiling back. “What are you studying?”

“Computer science.”

I grimaced involuntarily. “Oh, then you probably know my roommate, Carl Baker.”

Pete looked at me blankly, not sure how to respond. I quickly added, “or, as I like to refer to him, ‘the fucking asshole’.”

Pete laughed and relaxed. “I don’t envy you. He’s really a jerk and a slob.”

“That he is. That he is.” I nodded sagely.

We sat in silence for a while, and then I took the first step in the pas-de-deux that I hoped was about to unfold, “So, Pete, what the fuck are you doing down here on a goddamn Saturday night? No date or kegger to go to?”

“I’m kind of shy, so I don’t get invited to a lot of things…” he paused, his face turning bright red. “And I’m not really into dating, so to speak.” He looked up at me with sincere eyes, clearly hoping that I got his drift.

I did. “Me neither. My courses are so fuckin hard that the best I can do is jack off a couple of times a week.”

We both laughed at that. Pete inched forward a bit in his chair. “How do you get away with that, with a roommate like Carl around?”

I inched closer to him, too. “Oh, that fuckwad’s rarely around. He sleeps till noon or later, then disappears until one or two in the morning. I know he’s a stoner, and probably into all kinds of drugs and shit, but at least he doesn’t do it in the room. Or at least, not when I’m there.” Cocking my head to the side, I inquired, “What about you? Got a nosy roommate?”

He thought a while, “Well, not exactly nosy, but he makes it clear that he doesn’t like me, or even want me in the room with him.”

Shocked that such a hunky guy would be treated so badly, I said, “You’re shitting me! What’s the matter with the asshole?”

Pete hesitated, then cleared his throat, “Um, well… The day we moved in, I told him I’m gay, and that was pretty much the end of the relationship.”

“You’re gay?” I asked, not believing my luck.

Pete looked down and replied shyly, “Yes, I am… Is that a problem for you?”

“Fuck no! I am, too!” I gave him the biggest, sexiest smile I could muster.

We sat and stared at each other for what seemed like minutes. Then I broke the ice by standing up, walking the two steps that separated us, taking his hand and lifting him to his feet. Man, the dude was super shy!

I pulled him close, put both arms around his shoulders and leaned in to kiss him. He pulled his head back.

Nonplussed, I asked, “What’s wrong? Do I have bad breath?”

He shook his head and managed a chuckle. “No. You just… surprised me.”

He gathered his thoughts, “I mean, my roommate was the first person I ever told I was gay… I think – I mean I know – I’m gay, but I’ve never had sex with anybody, male or female.”

“Oh, shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pressure you or anything.” We both sat back down.

I continued, tentatively, “So, how do you know you’re gay if you haven’t ever had sex with a guy?”

“It’s just a feeling. I don’t ever get turned on by a girl, even if I look at naked pictures, but I get a boner in a split-second if I see a good-looking man… like you.” He grinned right at me. Either this was a first-class seduction, or he was as innocent as a lamb. It didn’t matter – I was going to have him tonight, right here in this fucking laundry room, and there was nothing he could do about it. He was in my clutches!

“Well, Pete, old buddy, we’re just going to have to do something about that, aren’t we? I mean to tell you, I’m not the least bit shy having a guy look at me and get a hard-on. In fact, knowing that he’s hard helps me get my juices going, too.”

He thought a while, then looked at me eagerly. “What do we do?”

“Well, it’s probably best to start simply. Do you know how to suck a cock?”

“I guess so, but I’ve never actually done it.”

“Then it’s probably best if I go first.” With that, I went over to him again, got him to his feet, and kissed him lightly on the lips. I didn’t want to overdo things, so I decided to take it easy on him for this first time. If my guess was right, there’d be plenty of additional times to introduce Pete to the joys of man-sex.

I knelt in front of him and reached for his belt buckle. He stiffened, so I looked up at him and said, “We don’t have to do this, you know…”

“No, I want to… I just don’t know… what to expect.”

“Well, how about this? You just expect me to make you feel good, without putting any pressure on you or expecting you to do anything in return. Would that work for you?”

Blushing, he said, “Sure. Hell, I didn’t mean I don’t want to do this…”

“Great!” With that, I quickly got his pants down around his ankles and took a good look at Pete’s peter, dangling before my eyes. He was not tall, maybe five-five or so, with a trim body, as far as I could see. I made a mental note to appreciate his full nudity on our next encounter. His flaccid penis was about four inches long, and it rested on his fat round balls in a lovely nest of ginger pubic hair. I was delighted to confirm the rumor that if it’s red on top, it’s also red down below!

I opened my mouth and moved toward his pecker. He shied away, pulling back again, then thought about it, and pressed his dick toward my face. Mouth open, I stuck out my tongue and began to circle his cock head teasingly. He looked up at the ceiling and groaned with pleasure.

“That’s good. Keep telling me what you like, what you want me to do,” I said reassuringly, even though I already knew what I was going to do, and how he was going to respond to it. This was almost too easy!

With that, I closed my lips completely around his head and began to suck it in and push it out of my mouth. As I knew it would, his dick quickly got hard and grew a lot longer. I was delighted to note that it was about seven inches long. I couldn’t wait to get it into my other end.

“Oh, fuck! That’s so good!” This was the first dirty word I had heard him speak, and I took it as a good sign.

As his cock hardened, I pulled it all the way into my mouth and began to massage it with the back of my tongue. I could hear him making little sounds of pleasure, so I didn’t interrupt my ministrations by talking to him.

Pete soon began to move his hips, fucking my face with greater and greater intensity and speed. He put his hands on my head, gently at first, and then using them to force my face into his pubes with every thrust.

Suddenly he said loudly, “Shit! Fuck! I’m cumming!” and with that, he spewed an enormous load of jizz into my mouth, over my tongue, and down my throat. I swallowed eagerly, which seemed to make him cum all the harder.

As soon as he stopped cumming, it was abruptly over. He let go of my head, took a step back, and his cock came out of my mouth with a slurping sound. I looked up at him, not sure what to expect.

Breathlessly, he sighed. “Man, that was fucking fantastic! I never felt anything like it before!”

There was something about the way he said the words that made me think he was not telling the whole truth. Wiping my lips and swallowing the last drops of his salty-sweet sperm, I stood up and helped him get his pants back where up they belonged.

“Are you sure you never did this before?” I asked him, cocking my head to one side.

“Well, never with someone else.” Seeing my quizzical look, he explained, “I have been watching pornos in a theater in town, so I knew what it would look like, but not how it would feel.”

“Pete, my boy, you don’t need to go into town any more. Whenever you feel the need to see a porno, just let me know, and I’ll give you your own private show!” We both laughed mischievously.

Seated again, Pete and I talked while our laundry was in the dryers. I desperately wanted to get him up into my bed, where I could properly introduce him to the joys of man-sex, but I sensed that I needed to proceed carefully. He was like a little bunny that would spook and bolt if I moved too fast or pressed him too hard.

After I blew him, he didn’t say or do anything about taking care of me. I decided that I’d have to hold off on that, too. Some things are all the better because you have to wait for them!

As we folded our things, we made a date to have lunch in a little coffee shop off campus the next day, which was Sunday. I sensed that Pete was the kind of guy who needed to feel like he knows you and can trust you before he is comfortable taking things to the next level, and that’s fine with me. I would never toy with a man or tease him just for fun. I am happy to take things at his pace and enjoy whatever happens, when it happens.

Our lunch went fine. I learned that Pete is from Chicago. He is 19 and plays lacrosse for his fraternity. I still wasn’t sure if he was bullshitting me about never having sex with a man, or anybody, for that matter, but I was willing to take him at his word for now.

Wednesdays were the days when faculty members held office hours, so there were no classes. Pete and I agreed to get together and “do something” the coming week.

That “something” turned out to be a trip to the porno theater where he liked to hang out. Getting to know Pete better, I realized that anonymous, dark places were where he felt comfortable and safe. I had been to one or two movies in places like that, and the sex was OK, but I liked to do it in bed, where we could get bare-assed naked, stretch out, roll around, and just generally relax with each other. I was hoping to wean the guy off the dark and get him into a nicer place to fuck.