Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Eight

Pete and I bought our tickets at the entrance to the seedy theater and were admitted into a long, narrow lobby. This place was apparently a very old movie house from around the 1950s. It was shabby to the point where it was probably ought to be condemned, and it smelled of piss, cigarette smoke, and popcorn. As we walked through the lobby, there were three or four guys sitting on chairs or leaning against the wall, smoking. Apparently, they had to come out to the lobby to do that, which only made sense, given the age of the building and the likelihood that it wasn’t even close to being up to fire code.

We passed through double doors covered with fake leather and studded nails, and suddenly we were in darkness. Only the exit lights provided any illumination at all. I stopped dead in my tracks, waiting for my eyes to get used to the dark and afraid I’d fall down some steps or run into somebody.

I felt Pete take my hand and whisper, “It’s OK. I’ll show you where we’re going.”

“It’s really fucking dark here, man!” I whispered back.

He chuckled. “That’s because a lot of shit goes on here that nobody wants anybody else to see.”

Haltingly, I allowed Pete to lead me across an open space at the rear of the theater. There was a large wall from floor to ceiling in the middle, which I figured was the bottom of the projection booth. Pete guided me to the right of it, where I could see the movie screen, and by its light I saw that there was a low wall in front of us, with an opening at the top of the aisle leading down through the seating area.

I looked up at the movie that was playing, and saw two men fucking the same woman. One of them was under her, fucking her pussy upwards, and the other one was on top of her, fucking her asshole. It was an interesting idea, but I’m not really into straight sex, although I usually enjoy watching the dicks.

Pete gave my arm a tug and pulled me over to the low wall. It reached up to my armpits, so I rested my arms on it and looked over. My eyes were now accustomed to the dark, and the light from the screen helped. I saw that there were around twenty men in the seats, most of them sitting alone. There seemed to be some guys down at the front of the theater, to the side of the screen, but I couldn’t make them out. Along the wall where we were standing, there were four other men watching, just as we were.

“What do we do now?” I whispered to Pete.

“Can you see OK?”

“More or less. It’s fuckin dark in here!”

“That’s the way people like it. It’s more private.”

I gave that some thought. Perhaps Pete was saying that it would be OK with him if we did some shit here in the dark. I wasn’t thrilled about sitting in what I was certain were filthy seats, but I had already decided that whatever Pete wanted to do was going to be just fine with me.

Tugging my arm, Pete led me to the opening in the wall and down the aisle. Near the center of the theater, he selected an empty row and preceded me to the middle. In this spot, there was nobody within ten rows of us in any direction, and anyone walking up or down the side aisles could hardly even see that we were there. We sat side-by-side in two seats that almost worked properly. They creaked loudly as we lowered the cushions and sat down.

“Shit! You really know your way around this place!” I told Pete.

He was silent for a moment. “I guess it kind of feels safe for me here. I don’t run into anybody I know from class, and I can be by myself and still enjoy…” his voice trailed off.

“Enjoy what? The movie? This thing is fuckin gross!”

“No, enjoy getting off all by myself watching.”

“Watching the movie?” I asked incredulously. The men doing the fucking were absolutely gross looking. Apparently their only redeeming quality was their big hairy cocks.

Pete didn’t answer. I turned to look at him. He hung his head and said, “No. Watching what the other men in here are doing.”

With that, I looked up and around. Now that my eyes were used to the dark, I could see pretty well all over the theater. Several rows in front of us, there were two guys kissing. Then one of them leaned into the other one’s lap and I could see his head bobbing up and down as he gave the guy a blowjob.

“I see what you mean. Would you like to do that?”

Pete squirmed uncomfortably. “Maybe later.”

I looked around some more. Down in the front row, the one with a big open space in front of it, I could just make out some motion. Squinting hard, I saw that one guy was sitting on another man’s lap, bouncing up and down, clearly fucking. I didn’t say any more. I had never been to a place like this, and it felt really seedy, but also excitingly dangerous.

My eyes tried to focus on the two shadowy figures standing in the front of the theater in the open space between the first row of seats and the screen. They were just to the left of the screen, right in front of a floor-to-ceiling black curtain. As my vision drilled in, I realized that one guy was fucking the other one, both standing up straight. The upward movements of the bare ass of the top lifted the bottom almost off the floor with every plunge, but the top was holding him down tightly with both hands on the other man’s shoulders. It looked uncomfortable for both of them.

Pete scrunched down in his seat and watched the movie. I did the same. After a minute or two, I felt a hand creeping up my left leg. I was careful not to react in any way. Pete was making his move on me. Inch by inch, his hand finally made it to my crotch, where he laid it on top of my cock, which was about half-hard. I didn’t move or make a sound. It seemed like the only way Pete could do this was for me to pretend I didn’t notice. But my cock did, and it responded eagerly to his stroking.

The next thing I knew, Pete sank down to the floor, completely out of his seat. I felt him squeezing past my knee until he was kneeling between my legs. Then I felt him unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants.

I lifted my ass as Pete pulled my trousers down to my knees, then my briefs. My cock sprang up, ready for attention. Pete took it in one hand and began to stroke it slowly. He wasn’t all that good at it, but I wasn’t about to tell him.

Next, he began to feel my balls, and I hoped he was going to suck on them, but instead he leaned his head into my lap and took my hard-on into his mouth. He began sucking just the tip, as if he was unsure how much of the length he could actually take.

“Watch the teeth!” I whispered as I jumped uncomfortably.

“Sorry,” Pete managed to say with my cock still in his mouth. At least he was tacitly acknowledging that he was giving me a blowjob. I adjusted my bare ass in the chair, still a bit concerned about what the fuck it was I might be sitting in. I moved a little closer to Pete’s face and he responded by taking more of my cock into his mouth.

Now he began to slide my erection in and out, using his tongue to massage it. I had to admit that it now felt pretty goddamn good. I thought about moving my butt up and down to fuck his face, but again discretion and a desire not to push him too far made me decide not to do it.

So, I just sat there in the stinking chair, watching ugly men with big cocks fuck an ugly cunt, with my new friend between my knees trying his best to make me feel good. And he wasn’t that bad for a beginner. I was kind of worried that I might not be able to cum this way, but fortunately nature took over and I could feel myself getting close.

“I’m gonna cum. Do you want to take it?”

Instantly, Pete pulled back and my prick popped out of his mouth.

“No!” he said vehemently. Then, more cooperatively, “but if you jack it, you can cum in my hand.”

“Oh, well, what the hell,” I thought to myself and did as the neophyte asked. I shot a medium-sized load and he managed to catch most of it in the palm of his hand. I was really curious about what he was going to do with it, but my question was answered as he leaned over and licked his hand clean. “At least the motherfucker eats cum!” I thought. I guess he wanted to see and feel it before it went down his throat.

Once his hand was empty, Pete quickly got back into his seat and fiddled with his clothes, leaving me to pull up my own pants and zip up.

We watched in silence as the scene changed. This one was more to my liking. A very cute young guy of around 20 came home and found an older woman, his stepmother apparently, lounging in a low-cut bra, crotchless panties, and a garter belt. He was shocked to see her that way, but she spread her legs wide and invited him to sit next to her, and she was soon sucking his very respectable cock. After she had him hard, she slipped the panties off and sat on his cock. Watching his hard manhood slipping up and down, in and out of that stinking pussy was actually turning me on.

I looked over at Pete, and he had his cock out and was jacking it vigorously. I reached over any replaced his hand with mine, and he didn’t move or say anything. Apparently, that’s what he wanted me to do.

But I had no intention of stopping with that. I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “You see those guys down in the front row?” I indicated the one bouncing up and down on the other’s lap.

“What the fuck are they doin’?” Pete whispered.

I thought to myself, “Now we’re getting somewhere. This young fellow is started to really cuss!”

“I believe it’s called ‘fucking’ – butt-fucking, to be precise.”

Pete leaned forward and watched in fascination.

“Right here… in front of… everybody?” he asked in awe.

“Right here, in front of the whole other ten people in this shithole.”

He was silent. I gave more attention to his pecker, leaning down to suck on it. Immediately, he threw his head back and sighed softly.

“I know you like it, but we’ve already been there, done that.” I said, lifting my head and looking him in the face. “Aren’t you ready for something better?”

“Like what?”

“Like what those two dudes down there are doing.”

“You mean you want to fuck me?” he said with terror in his voice.

“No, dumbass, I want YOU to fuck ME.”

“Here? How?”

“You just leave that to me.” And with that, I slid my pants and briefs down and off, lifting my feet through the legs carefully, in case there was something gross on the floor. Folding my clothes carefully and placing them over the seat in front of me, I rose up just enough to get over the armrest between us. Grasping Pete’s hard-on, I inched closer and above it, and then carefully lowered myself onto his manhood.

Pete groaned with pleasure, restraining himself so as not to make much noise. As his pecker slipped easily inside my ass, I rested a moment, sitting on his lap, to allow my insides to adjust to the size and shape of the intruder.

Then I began to move up and down, just the tiniest bit, so as not to be as obvious as the two fuckers in the front row. It was quite enough to keep Pete happy, though. He put both hands on my hips lightly and guided me to pleasure him.

It wasn’t long until I felt his legs tighten and his breathing speed up. His hands on my thighs pressed my ass down forcefully, and I felt his hot semen gush into my ass-cavity. He moaned, loudly enough for some heads to turn in our direction, but the show was already over – sorry, fellows!

Remembering how quickly he had pulled his cock out of my mouth after he came when I blew him, I just sat on his lap, not allowing him to escape. I quickly jacked off and shot another load of cum, this one more substantial, onto the seatback in front of us. I was pretty sure that was what everyone else did anyway, so I didn’t feel guilty about it.

We didn’t stay to watch any more of the movie. I had the impression that the theater just ran the same film over and over, all day and night long. I seriously doubted that anybody was there to watch the movie or follow the plot, if there was one.

We made our way out of the theater. Thankfully, it was dark outside, because I don’t think my eyes could have taken bright sunlight after being in the goddamn dim theater so long.

As we turned the corner, I looked up and suddenly got a sick feeling in my stomach. A block away, standing under a streetlamp like he was there on business, stood my asshole roommate, Carl.

“Oh, shit!” I exclaimed as I grabbed Pete by the arm and quickly steered us back around the corner and out of sight, wondering if Carl had even seen me.