Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Ten

My parents arrived from Denver that afternoon, along with my Dad’s best friend and attorney, Keith Gardier (he pronounced it “gar-deer”). The kindly nurse who was taking care of me gently washed my face and did her best to make it look a hell of a lot better than it felt. She replaced the bandages on my head and gave me a clean new neck collar. I thought she might be going to try to give me a goddamn sponge bath, but she never brought it up, thank God!

As soon as Mom walked into the room, she burst into tears and ran to hug me. Dad solemnly approached and reached out to take my hand.

“You should have told us about that roommate,” he said, at little sternly.

“I didn’t know what to do. Carl is a scary guy, and I thought it would be best just to lay low and keep out of his way.”

“I understand he may have fled the country,” Keith added. Obviously, he had been in conversation with the authorities.

“That’s what the police told me.”

“If he ever comes back, he’ll be facing ten to twenty years in prison, so I think you might be rid of him.”

“Why didn’t you ask for a different room or another roommate?” Mom sounded almost desperate.

“I was just waiting for freshman year to be over, so I could get an apartment off-campus.”

My father frowned. “I don’t think it was worth waiting for. I’ll make the arrangements today. The university will not object – they’re worried that we’ll sue them for what happened to you on their property. I think they’ll be glad to have you living off-campus, even if you are still a freshman.”

We carried on a vague conversation for another half hour, and then my nurse came in and suggested that I needed to rest. Mom and Dad said they were going to stay until I was released from the hospital. Fortunately, that happened the next afternoon. Keith observed that we appeared not to need his services and said he was going to spend a day or two at the beach. Dad shook his hand warmly and wished him a good time.

Driving a rented Cadillac, Dad took me first to my dorm, where Mom and I packed up my belongings under the watchful eye of the security guard who was securing the “crime scene.” Then we drove through a nice suburban neighborhood to a brand-new apartment complex in a park full of trees and fountains.

“Gee, Dad. This is a bit up-scale for a lowly college student!”

“Well, since we’re paying for it, we want to be as sure as possible that you’re completely safe and living in decent surroundings. We had no idea that a college dorm at an expensive university like this would be such a… hell-hole.”

“Tim…” Mom began, disapprovingly.

“Well, that’s exactly what it looked like to me, Julia, and I am pretty sure you thought the same thing.”

They got me settled in at a furnished one-bedroom apartment on the third floor. It had a balcony that looked out on the swimming pool.

“We thought it might remind you of your room at home,” Mom explained.

I thought to myself, “It sure as shit does, except that, here, I can have all the rowdy sex I want and not worry about parents sleeping down the hall!”

The three of us went to dinner at a very nice café near the apartment, and then all three of them left for the airport, where they were staying in a hotel until their flight home the next morning.

Alone at last in my luxury apartment, I carefully took off the neck collar. The doctor said I needed to wear it in cars and sleeping, but that it would be good exercise if I took it off the rest of the time.

I transferred all my clothes from the suitcases into dresser drawers, put on a pair of board shorts, a tee-shirt, and sandals, and headed down to the pool to see what was happening.

It was early evening, but the temperature was still in the upper 70s, and there were quite a few people lounging and swimming at the pool. I was very pleased to see that there were a lot of men and women my age or a little older, and that most of the guys were not shy about walking around in nothing but Speedos. I started to get a little hard, as I checked out the many hunky packages on display inside those skimpy bathing suits.

I wandered over to a row of lounge chairs and stretched out on one. As I looked around, a voice to my left said, “Hi, sailor. New in town?”

I looked up to see a good-looking Asian man smiling down at me. He was wearing a neon blue Speedo and aviator sunglasses. A few years older than me, he was about my height, maybe 170 pounds, with a body to die for. His bright black eyes had a naughty twinkle in them as he was clearly checking me out from head to toe, with special emphasis on my crotch area. He was smiling at me with pearly-white teeth and had a can of Coors in his hand.

I moved to stand up, and he quickly said, “You look like you’ve been through a goddamn war. Don’t bother to get up. I’ll sit.” And with that, he sat on the side of the chair next to me.

He sat with his legs spread wide and nonchalantly placed his can of beer between his feet. It looked to me like he had intentionally positioned himself so that I had a straight-on view of his bulge, which was starting to make me uncomfortable. I didn’t want to sport a hard-on in front of a total stranger on my first night in the new apartment.

I gulped and said, in answer to his initial question, “I just moved in. I’m at Stanford, but the dorm life really sucked, so I’m living here.” I extended my hand, “I’m Bruce Hobson. I’m from Denver.”

Smiling, he shook my hand and squeezed it just a little too long and too hard. Reluctantly, I withdrew my hand from his and looked into his face.

“So, what the hell happened to you? Get hit by a bus?” he inquired.

“Fuck, no. My ex-roommate was a drug dealer and a total son of a bitch. He just took it all out on me and then high-tailed it to Mexico to hide from the cops.”

“Man! That’s fuckin awesome, dude!” he exclaimed. “Wait till word gets out around here that we have a real live crime victim! You’ll be swamped with questions and sympathy… and maybe a little tender loving care,” he said with a wide grin and a wink.

“Well, I can do without the fuckin sympathy… but TLC is something I would never refuse,” I tried to give him a look that said I knew exactly what he was offering and would be glad to receive it.

“By the way, I’m David Liu, and I sell insurance to rich motherfuckers!” he said with a grin.

We laughed and talked a while longer. Then David stood up and said, “I’m getting a little chilled out here, now that the sun is going down. My apartment is in Building Four – where’s yours?”

I pointed up at the balcony, “It’s right up there. Building Five, I think it is.”

“It’s pretty quiet at night around here, except on the weekends. I’ve got a nice bottle of Chardonnay chilling in my fridge. Care to share it with me?”

I didn’t hesitate for a second, “Fuckin-A! Your place or mine?” As soon as I said it, I was embarrassed at having used such a stupid cliché.

David laughed heartily. “Well, since you put it that way, I guess you’ve just moved in and probably don’t have everything in place yet, so why don’t you come over? I’m in 4-D, on the second floor.”

“OK. When?”

“Well, if you don’t have any plans right now, just come on with me. I’ll need to wash off the chorine from the pool, but you can get started on the wine while I do that… or maybe join me… in the shower?” He grinned suggestively.

It occurred to me that this was the most blatant invitation to sex that I had heard in a long time, but my body was already aching with desire, so I just said, “Lead the way!”

I stood up a little shakily. David quickly put his arm around me. “You’re a bit more wounded than you look, aren’t you, Bruce?”

Wrapping my arm around his waist, I admitted, “I only got out of the hospital today.”

“Well, we’d better take good care of you, then. Wouldn’t want to try anything too rough…” I secretly hoped that he would do exactly that!

We walked the short distance to his building, climbed the single flight of stairs, and entered his apartment. It was the mirror-image of mine. As soon as the door closed, David turned toward me, pulled me to him, and planted his lips on mine. Surprised, I jumped a little, which made him pull away.

“I’m sorry. Did I misread the signals you were sending out?”

“Fuck no! I just wasn’t expecting this so soon.” With that, I kissed his lips and pressed my tongue between them. After a moment exploring each other’s mouths, I began to chew lightly on David’s lower lip, using my hands to gently massage his ears.

David’s hands were busy pulling my shirt over my head. He had a definite advantage over me – he was wearing nothing but the blue Speedo. As soon as my shirt was off, I slid my hands across his chest, tweaked his nipples, which rose to hardness under my fingers, then ran both hands down the sides of his abdomen, finally hooking both thumbs into the waistband of his swimsuit.

As I started to pull it down, David broke the kiss and said, “We have the whole evening. What say we slow down a bit and have some of that wine? I find that a little nectar of the gods goes a long way toward making the whole experience more pleasant.”

I felt like a fool. Worse, I felt like an inexperienced kid, groping his girlfriend in the back row of the movies.

I blushed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…”

“I know exactly what you meant, and I’m all for it, Bruce, but the best things in life are worth waiting for – at least for a little while.” He smiled and gave me a warm kiss on the lips, then taking my arm and leading me into the apartment.

He indicated a stool at the bar, went around to the other side and opened a refrigerator. Taking out a tall green bottle, he got a corkscrew and skillfully opened it. Turning his back to me, he opened a cupboard and reached up to the top shelf for two glasses, which caused his swimsuit to stretch tight, emphasizing the beautiful globes of his ass. I almost thought that he wiggled his butt at me a tiny bit, tantalizing me with what was to come.

Turning back to me, he placed the two glasses on the bar and poured the golden liquid into them. My attention was drawn down to the glasses, but he had strategically placed them so that looking at them would inevitably bring my eyes to rest on the ever-growing bulge inside his Speedo. His cock was reaching such proportions that all I could think about was getting my mouth around it and maybe welcoming it into my asshole.

We lifted our glasses and toasted silently, and David came around the bar and sat on the stool next to mine. He took a deep breath, sighing it out, and I sensed that he was ready for me to do something. Placing my wine glass on the bar, I stepped off my stool and moved to stand directly in front of him, between his knees.

David lowered his glass, put it down, and gently pulled me to his face for another deep, lasting kiss. I put my hands on his waist, feeling the soft heat of his body, as he tenderly pinched my nipples. He then ran his hands around my body and stroked my back up and down.

Standing, he pulled my body tight against his, and I could feel his gigantic erection pressing into me. David slid his hands down my back and inside my shorts. Noticing that I was not wearing underwear, he smiled at me and said, “Going commando? Or were you expecting not to need them tonight?”

In response, I started kissing his chest. I nibbled on his nipples, and then ran my tongue down to his navel, from which a soft line of hair led down toward his package. Kneeling in front of his massive bulge, I leaned in and kissed it through the swimsuit. David moaned with pleasure, throwing his head back as he did so.

Encouraged, I began to lick and nibble on his cock, shrouded in spandex. He pressed it into my face, which I took to be the signal that it was finally time to slip the Speedo off.

As I grasped the waistband and began to pull it downward, his cock seemed to get even harder. Finally released, it sprang free, pointing straight up his belly and rising higher than his belly-button.

I had never seen a cock so big or so hard. It almost took my breath away, and it quickly dispelled rumors I had heard about Asian men having tiny dicks. Quickly, I slid David’s suit all the way down so that he could step out of it, and then pressed my face against his horse-hung balls that dangled downward at least four inches. I took one into my mouth, and he groaned, “Shit! That’s fucking fantastic!” I took the other one in, and then struggled to fit them both in. Smiling approvingly, David quickly leaned back a bit and said, “No man has ever been able to take them both at the same time!”

“Well, you can’t say I didn’t try!”

Moving upward from his testicles, I slowly ran my tongue the length of his hard cock, feeling his body quiver with sensuality as I did it. I reached up with my right hand and pulled his member down so that it was pointed directly at my face. Opening my mouth and sticking out my tongue, I eased his shaft toward the back of my throat.

He placed his hands lightly on the back of my head and guided his massive erection into the warm wetness of my mouth. I took it in as far as I could and then began to move my head back and forth, using my tongue to give him the most pleasure I could think to offer.

I put both hands on David’s ass-cheeks and began to push and pull his cock into and out of my mouth. He got the message and began face-fucking me, careful not to choke me with his enormous prong. No longer needed to guide his pumping, my hands were free to explore his hairy ass and the enticing crack that I had seen when he reached up for the wine glasses.

My fingers felt for the pucker that led to his chamber of delights and were rewarded as he pressed backward, helping them slip inside him.

“Oh, fuck, that’s nice!” David said quietly.

I stood, sliding my shorts completely off as I did so. Naked and hard, the two of us were breathing heavily with anticipation.