Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Eleven

Once again, my new neighbor, David Liu, pulled me into a warm embrace, resting his chin on my shoulder, as I did the same to his.

“I’m really glad you moved in today, Bruce,” he whispered as he lightly bit my earlobe.

I was almost too out of breath to speak, but I knew that something equally encouraging was called for.

“I never in a million years thought I’d have such nice neighbors!”

“Mmm,” David said softly, pulling me closer, so that our cocks were pressed tight against each other. He breathed a deep, satisfied sigh and then shocked the shit out of me by casually picking me up off the floor.

Instinctively, I wrapped one arm around his neck and shoulder, as he cradled my knees with one arm and supported my back with the other. I giggled and he smiled appreciatively.

Without a word, David deftly carried me across the living room and into his bedroom. To my surprise and delight, there was a large, round bed in the middle of the room, and it had an equal-sized mirror on the ceiling above it!

The bed was covered with a soft satin comforter, on which David gently laid me down. Reaching over to a dresser near the bed, he picked up what looked like some kind of remote control for a television.

David pressed a couple of buttons, and the floor-to-ceiling velvet drapes silently drew closed, soft lighting came on, and romantic music began playing from speakers I couldn’t see. Then, as if I weren’t already totally fucking impressed, David touched another button and the round bed began to rotate very leisurely.

Tossing the remote control back onto the dresser, David joined me on the bed, with his head at my feet. I looked up at the mirror above us. We were both stretched out full-length, facing each other and resting on one elbow. Our hard cocks were aimed like Cupid’s arrows toward each other’s faces, and David deftly moved himself into position and lovingly took my erect manhood into his mouth.

As I felt his hot, wet lips surround my aching prick, I leaned over and did the same to his mega-meat. David drew me all the way into his throat with no effort at all, but I was limited to what I suppose were the first six inches or so of his monster cock.

Still keeping my entire cock in his mouth, David looked toward me with a sexy glint in his dark eyes. He even managed to smile, spreading his lips around my hard-on. I found the whole scene hilarious and began to giggle, then choke, and I was forced to remove his massive erection from my mouth.

Pulling away from my dick, David looked at me with amusement. “Kind of new to this, are we?”

“Fuck no. I’ve been having sex with men for years. I’ve just never had it this way before.”

“You mean sixty-nine?” he asked incredulously.

“Shit, no. I do that all the time.” I paused to consider my words. “It’s just that what we’re doing, and this whole room, is so fuckin romantic that I never even imagined that guys did it this way.”

“Oh, you mean you’re used to ‘slam, bam, thank you man’ kind of sex?”

“Well, not used to it, and definitely not preferring it, but I guess that is the way it seems to happen a lot of the time.”

Rising up a bit on his elbow, David looked right into my eyes. “Don’t get me wrong, Bruce. I have had it that way for most of my life, too, but there’s something about you that just told me to give it my romantic best tonight. I hope that’s OK with you?”

“Fuck, yes! Give me all you’ve got, David!”

And with that, we resumed sucking each other’s dicks. Even though I couldn’t get all of David into my mouth, he made it clear that he was enjoying the attention that it was receiving from my lips and tongue.

The bed’s deliberate rotation was almost imperceptible, but I stole a glimpse at the ceiling every once in a while, and each time I did it, my cock throbbed with renewed passion. It was like watching a porno movie, while at the same time starring in it!

After a while, David slid his body downward in the direction of my feet and gently inserted his face between my legs. He began to kiss my balls, then to suck first one, then the other, and then both into his well-lubricated mouth. I found that I was able to return the favor, minus the both-at-the-same-time part.

Inching forward again, David brought his head around so that he could begin kissing my ass cheeks. He ran his tongue from under my balls, all the way up to the top of my ass crack and back down again. He did it several times, but each iteration got shorter, so that he was finally lavishing his attention only on my quivering hole. Then he softly pressed his tongue inside me, wetting my sphincter with his saliva as he rolled his tongue and thrust it in and out, giving me agonizing pleasure.

I was moaning with ecstasy—so much so that I completely forgot to reciprocate on his ass-pucker. When I moved to do that, he quickly stopped me, saying, “It’ll be my turn later. Just enjoy this for now.” And David went back to work, rimming and tongue-fucking me.

I knew where this was going, and, while I wanted him to fuck me, I was also becoming more and more nervous about whether or not his penile monstrosity could even fit inside my ass. I guess I must have tensed up, because David removed his tongue and looked up over my hip at me.

“We aren’t going to do anything that hurts or that you don’t want to do, Bruce. I hope you’ll just relax and let us see where this takes us.”

At that moment, it occurred to me that I had never had sex with anyone so mature and thoughtful. All my previous partners had been young like me, and our only thought was “fuck, fuck, fuck, and cum!”

With that, David sat up and brought his face to me. He held his nose an inch from mine and looked deep into my eyes. Then he leaned forward slightly and touched his lips to mine. He stuck his tongue out and circled my lips with it and then pressed lightly but with determination until my lips parted and he could lick them from the inside. I opened my mouth like an obedient sex slave, because that was what I was willingly becoming.

David was taking me—or rather I was giving myself to him. I was entirely at his disposal, aching for him to do whatever he wanted to do to me, and thrilled by each new stage along the way.

With his hand behind my head, David pulled me even closer and thrust his tongue deep inside my mouth. I responded by sucking on it, as if to pull it even deeper into me.

In one smooth motion, David rose up onto his knees, bringing me along with him. He reached down and guided my legs out from under me, so that I was sitting with both of them outstretched, and then he supported my body as he gently laid me onto my back. All this without ever breaking our kiss!

He then stretched his own legs out behind him, and soon his entire body was resting on top of me. He wasn’t heavy, and the heat of his body against mine filled me with ever more desire to please him.

David broke the kiss and began kissing and licking his way down my neck, chest, belly and ending at my throbbing, pulsating penis. But he didn’t take it into his mouth. Instead, he slowly glided his tongue down it from the head to the base, and then nuzzled my balls.

He leaned forward slightly, lifted my ass to receive his moist ministrations, and continued to lick under my balls, rolling me forward until his tongue once again entered my butthole. Then, using his shoulders, he tenderly elevated my legs into the air, rolling me further onto my back. Finally, as his shoulders were firmly nestled in the crook of my knees, he pressed closer and made eye contact with me, looking at me with a loving smile. My body was aching with love and desire for this wonderful, sensual man, and I would give him anything of me—all of me—that he wanted.

I felt David’s cockhead press lightly but insistently on my hole. No lube was needed; he had so thoroughly drenched my entire ass-crack with his tongue. Continuing the tender roll forward with his shoulders, he bent me back until my rear end completely lost contact with the satin bedclothes beneath it. As he did so, his cock smoothly entered me and, centimeter by centimeter, filled me up.

To my utter amazement, I finally felt his hips resting firmly on my thighs, notifying me that his massive, thick cock was all the way in. It didn’t hurt at all, but I had never felt so completely filled in my life.

David rested in that position a while, smiling at me, and nuzzling my lips with loving kisses. I felt him withdraw his cock infinitesimally and then slide it back deep inside me. Next, he withdrew it a tiny bit more and glided forward with a little more pressure. Continuing that routine, he gradually increased the length and force of his strokes into and out of my love-tunnel.

The effect was that he was soon pounding me, rocking me forward and back several inches, but with no roughness or pain. David now increased the pace of his fucking, and I found myself slipping into a kind of dream state. Our two bodies acted as if they were permanently united by the hard spike of hot flesh that conjoined us. I rejoiced silently in the thought that there was no way on earth to be closer or more intimately connected with another man.

David’s thrusting soon took on a fervor that I eagerly matched. Without my asking for it, he fucked me faster and deeper, and, yes, more roughly, but that didn’t bother me, because he had arrived at it so gradually, gently, and lovingly.

At some point, we reached a crescendo of pounding rhythm that put me in mind of the ceaseless, unremitting percussion of Ravel’s Boléro, a composition that gives me a hard-on every time I listen to it. As David thrust deep inside me, I matched his potent incursions by obligingly pressing my ass back, hard into his belly. His shoulders bent my knees toward my chest, which lifted my ass higher off the bed and made even more room inside me for his colossal cock. Affectionately but unrelentingly, he pistoned into me, his horse-hung balls slamming into my ass with a rhythm like the pounding beat of a drum.

I felt as though we had been transported to some moment outside time and space, where nothing existed except our melded bodies. Even my breathing had adjusted itself to match the back-and-forth of David’s penetrations, and I sensed that his was doing the same. I saw that he had closed his eyes and lifted his head, as if he were in world of pure sexual abandon and ecstasy. And I was there with him.

Then his tempo began to slow bit by bit, as if he didn’t want to shock me with a rapid transition. When it had calmed to a gentle pulsing inside me, David slowly withdrew his prick from my ass, which had so easily reshaped itself around his member. I felt as if a part of my body had been suddenly amputated.

Pulling me up toward his face, David kissed me deeply and then deftly turned me over, onto my elbows and knees. Immediately, he delicately entered me, although he needn’t have bothered, since my ass was fully stretched and even eager to receive him, again and again.

Fucking me from behind, he replicated the previous gradual intensification in speed, depth, and force, and soon he was slamming my hips back against his with both hands. I found my body being piloted into a new motion of back and forth to match my lover’s welcome intrusions.

This time, however, the dance did not slow. Instead, his thrusts became increasingly urgent and incessant lunges, until I heard his booming manly voice cry out, “FUUUCK!” and felt the blast of his roiling semen fill my rectum, as he compelled me back against him so tightly that I thought I might actually be pulled inside his body.

After his massive ejaculation, David took a deep breath and relaxed, letting his chest fall forward to rest on my back. Our breathing quickly synchronized, as both of us were at the point of exhaustion. After a minute or two, I felt David caringly withdraw his now-flaccid penis from my asshole, pursued immediately by a flood of his hot cum that ran down over my balls and legs and dripped onto the now-defiled satin sheets.

Rolling to one side, David pulled me on top of him, lightly held me in his arms, and softly massaged my back and especially my glutes, which I was sure were red-hot and raw from the friction of our wanton coupling.

We lay there for some time as our breathing returned to normal. I looked up at the mirror above us and took it all in.

Two naked men lay spent on a jumble of bedclothes, drenched in sweat and splooge. The bed continued its tireless orbit, giving me a sense of Mother Earth turning ceaselessly, as time slowly passed.

David again rose up on one elbow, and gently pressed me flat on the bed. Then he reached down and began to lovingly massage my prick, which had gone completely soft. To my amazement, it quickly responded to his accomplished touch, and soon he was expertly jacking me in a way I had never felt before. It didn’t take long for my balls to contract, and ropes of my cum shot out all over both of us, causing me to giggle like a little kid.

With a wide smile, David said, “I might be wrong, Bruce, but I kind of think you enjoyed that!”

No words could express my utter, unconditional agreement with his observation, so I responded by simply kissing my lover. We lay there for what seemed an eternity, and then David slowly got up, helped me to my feet, and led me into his bathroom.

In the warm shower, we caressed every inch of each other sensually, expressing a profound intimacy and appreciation for the manliness and tenderness that was no longer sexual, but instead deeply familiar.

Dried off and swathed in thick white towels, we sat in chairs on David’s balcony and sipped fresh glasses of the heady golden wine. The evening was warm and the dark sky full of stars. I hadn’t said a word since our coitus had ended, enthralled as I was with the lovemaking that so far exceeded anything I had ever even dreamed could exist.

Finally, David turned to me, kissed me, smiled, and said, “welcome to the neighborhood, Sailor!”