Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Twelve

Later that evening, we finished the bottle of Chardonnay, and I made to get up and get dressed.

“I was hoping to see you in my bed in the morning,” David began.

“Nothing would make me happier, but I ought to spend at least the first night in my new apartment. And I’m pretty sure that my folks will check in with me by phone once they get home in Denver.”

“They must love you a lot.”

“I guess I never think about that, but, yes, they sure do.”

We sat in silence a while. “Of course, if you want to see me in bed in the morning, you could always sleep over at my place.”

David smiled, shaking his head just the slightest bit. “Thanks, Bruce, but I can’t imagine sleeping anywhere except my own bed. All my visitors seem to feel the same way, and I can assure you that morning sex is entirely different, but every bit as satisfying as what we just did.”

I paused to take in what David had said. “All my visitors” sounded like he did this a lot, and that I was just his latest conquest.

After a moment, I said, “Don’t get me wrong, David. That was the most amazing sex I ever had, and I loved every moment of it.” I paused. “But I think sex is like eating candy – the first bites are delectable, but the flavor soon fades and after a while you lose your taste for it entirely.”

David looked at me seriously. “You know, Bruce, you never cease to surprise me. You’re what? 21 or so?” I didn’t reply. “But you have a wisdom beyond your years. Great sex is like fine wine. You want to savor it from time to time, but if you were foolish enough to drink it every day, you would soon think nothing of it.”

I leaned over to kiss him. “Well, David,” I said with a smile, “we’ll always have Paris!” With that, we both laughed heartily, stood up and kissed passionately, and then went in search of my clothes.

Almost as soon as I walked into my apartment, the phone rang. I quickly checked my watch. It was only 8:15. Hastily, I picked up the receiver.

“Bruce? Thank God! We thought you might have been taken back to the hospital, or God forbid something worse!”

“Please, Mom, it’s only a quarter after eight.” Suddenly it hit me that Denver was two hours ahead of California time. “Oh, shit, I’m sorry. I forgot about the time difference.”

My mother took in a sharp breath. “Language, young man, language.”

“Sorry, Mom. It just kind of slipped out. I’ve been through a lot lately.”

“Well, I guess that excuses you.” She paused for a moment, “Are you all right? Are you following your doctor’s orders?”

I visualized myself lying flat on my back with my ass arched into the air as David’s massive cock plunged deeper and deeper inside me. “Yes, Mom, I’m taking good care of my neck, and the face wounds are healing nicely.”

My father’s voice boomed in. He must be listening on an extension. “When are you going back to class? You know you’ve missed a full week.”

“I have an appointment with two of my professors tomorrow to iron out what I need to do to catch up. They’re all being very accommodating…”

“Probably because I read the Provost the riot act for allowing a filthy drug dealer to live in the freshman dorm. I doubt they’ll give you a hard time, and if you encounter any resistance, just let me know, and I’ll straighten it out.”

“Great, just fuckin great,” I thought to myself. “If my teachers are mean to me, my Daddy will ream them new assholes.” But all I said was “Thanks, Dad. I’m sure that won’t be necessary.”

We chatted a while longer, and then I stripped off and went to bed naked. I had started doing that in the dorm, but Carl had walked in unexpectedly a couple of times and accused me of beating off in bed. Now that I lived alone, I could do any fucking thing I wanted to, and nobody could say shit about it!

I went back to class the next day, and the first person I ran into was Pete.

“Bruce! I was so worried about you. They told me that Carl beat you up because he saw you and me together.”

“Wrong,” I lied. “He was high on cocaine and didn’t know what the fuck he was doing. He beat me up because he could and felt like it. He was always mean to me and jealous of my family and money.”

“And I heard that you moved out of the dorm.” Pete looked at me hopefully.

“That’s right, and as soon as I get settled in, you’re invited over for dinner.”

That got a big smile from Pete as we went toward our respective classrooms. I began to worry how I was going to let him down easily. Pete had given me his cherry, and I was the first man he had ever fucked, but after what I had experienced with David, I would never be able to enjoy kid-sex again. I needed a man every night, the bigger, stronger, more romantic, and more take-charge, the better. My ass yearned to be violated in every conceivable way.

After two full days of classes, I headed to the library to try to catch up on some required reading. I found a quiet carrel and picked up the first book I was behind in. It was as quiet as… well… a library! I must have read for a couple of hours, and then my eyes started to hurt like hell.

Putting the text down, I leaned back and closed my eyes. David’s massive cock immediately appeared in my imagination, and I started to get hard, just thinking about that dangerous dong.

I got up and headed downstairs to the men’s room in the basement. There was always somebody there looking for sex, and it usually didn’t matter what kind.

I entered the half-darkened room and surveyed the stalls. There were three in a row, and the middle one was empty. I casually walked over, like I was just there to take a shit. I closed and latched the door and then stood and stretched. A couple surreptitious glances to my left and right revealed that there were eyes peeking through the two glory holes in the stall walls. I had gotten lucky finding the middle one empty. That meant I had two opportunities for sex!

Slowly and tantalizingly, I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and gradually slipped my briefs down to my feet, making sure that both watchers got a full view of my cock and balls, and also my ass. I stood there for a minute or two, absent-mindedly stroking my cock to hardness. Then I sat down and leaned back, allowing my hard-on to stick straight up in the air.

In a situation like this, it was anybody’s guess whose dick was going to appear through the glory hole first. Tonight, I was faced with an embarrassment of riches, so to speak, because two hard dicks poked their way through the holes.

The one on the right was bigger, so I deliberately disrespected it and leaned over to my left, taking the not-inconsiderable length into my mouth. I reached behind me and began jacking the big one. I was pretty sure I could take care of two men at the same time, as long as both were patient and willing to share my attentions.

After blowing the first guy until he was achingly hard, I replaced my mouth with my hand and turned to the other side. The big cock had softened a bit, but it responded eagerly when it felt my hot lips close around it. Soon, the guy was fucking my face and breathing hard. I was afraid he would shoot his load too soon, so I switched to a hand-job and returned to sucking the first dude.

Then I had a stroke of genius. Two guys wanted to get off. Two big hard cocks were being offered to me, one on the right and the other on the left. With a wicked grin, I continued to suck the guy on my left as I stood up. The stall was small enough that I knew I could pull off the maneuver I was contemplating.

Reaching behind me and grasping the big cock on the right, I slowly backed into. As the fucker on that side realized what I was doing, he pressed his dick as far into my ass as the glory-hole would allow and began pumping hard. As he did that, I intensified my tongue action on the dude’s dick on the left.

The restroom began to fill with heavy breathing and occasional moans from my two anonymous lovers. The guy fucking my ass was thrusting so hard that the wall of the stall was creaking and snapping. I was afraid he was going to bust right through it, instead of just busting a nut. The guy whose cock was deep in my throat had reached up and grasped the top of the stall wall on his side. He seemed to be doing pull-ups on it, using the extra height to jam his rod down my throat deeper and deeper.

The butt-fucker came first and filled my willing ass with his hot sperm. As he plunged his ample member deep inside me, I sat back on it until my asshole was partly sticking through the hole in the wall. With a loud “Fuck!” he pulled out of me, and I heard him pulling up his pants and beating a hasty retreat.

The guy fucking my face was taking longer, and my jaw was starting to hurt. Taking a break, I pulled away and said through the hole, “You gettin’ close?”

Silence. The cock was withdrawn. “Oh, shit,” I thought, “I turned him off.”

Then a soft voice said through the hole, “Bruce?”

My blood ran cold. The thing about anonymous sex is that it’s supposed to be anonymous, for fuck’s sake!

“Bruce?” the voice repeated. There was something familiar about it.

“Oh, shit,” I thought to myself, panicking, “it’s somebody from one of my classes.”

“Bruce? Is that you? It’s Pete.”

I let out a deep breath. It was only Pete. Then I thought, “what the fuck? What’s Pete doing here?”


“Yeah. I… uh…”

“You don’t have to say.” I quickly pulled my pants on and opened the stall door, moving over to stand in front of his. “It’s OK. You can come out. There’s nobody else in here.”

After a long silence, I heard him getting his clothes on, then the latch moved and the door opened just a crack.

“Come on, Pete. I swear it’s fuckin OK.”

The door opened all the way, and I saw my little pal, looking like a deer in the headlights. His face could not have been any redder, and his body was shaking with fear.

“Come here,” I said as I pulled him into my arms. His quaking worsened, and he started to sob.

“Pete. Petey. Hey, man, cool it. There’s nobody else here…”

“You’re here.” Then I understood the reason for his emotional response.

“Yeah, well I come here just about every day, so it’s no big deal.”

Pete looked up into my eyes, tears running down his face. I took his face in both hands and pulled his mouth to mine. Our lips met, but he wouldn’t open his. I ran my tongue all around it, then began softly kissing his face – his cheeks, his eyes, his nose, his forehead, his chin.

Finally, he spoke. “I’m so fucking sorry, Bruce. I just… I… Shit, I don’t know what!”

“Well, I do, buddy. You had a hard-on and needed somebody to take care of it for you. It’s the most natural thing in the world, and I’m just the guy to do it, as I kinda think you should know.” I pulled him into a hug and he relaxed in my arms.

I gave him a minute or two to compose himself, then stepped back.

“Hey, I said I’d invite you over to see my apartment. You free now?”

He just nodded. I guess it was too soon for words. Without saying anything, I put an arm around his shoulder and guided him out of the men’s room. We stopped at my carrel long enough to pick up my books, and then we strolled through the warm evening air the five blocks to my new home. I kept my arm around Pete’s shoulder most of the time and he put his around my waist the last couple of blocks.

Entering the apartment, Pete exclaimed, “Wow, Bruce! This is amazing! How the hell can you afford it?”

I looked him up and down. “Well, it’s not by selling drugs, if that’s what you and everyone else are thinking. My parents are footing the bill, to keep me out of that shithole of a freshman dorm.” I looked him right in the eye, “and by the way, my family is stinking rich.”

Pete blushed and hung his head. “I didn’t mean that at all, Bruce. And I don’t know anybody who thinks you were involved in that shit with Carl. I shouldn’t have said that, it’s just that your place is really nice.”

I gave him a hug, then lifted his chin with one thumb and kissed his mouth. This time, he let me press my tongue inside. He dropped all resistance and melted into my arms. I sucked on his tongue, then bit his upper lip lightly and pulled him tightly against my body. I felt his hard-on through his pants, but I wasn’t ready to do anything about it yet.

Gently guiding him to the couch, I said, “I think we could both use a drink. What’s your poison?”

“Uh… I don’t really drink much… I guess a beer.”

I smiled kindly and returned with a Coors for Pete and a glass of Chardonnay for me. The day after I met David, I started buying high-end whites and reds, just to remind myself of my time with him. I made a point to sit across from Pete, rather than on the couch beside him.

After another winning smile, I began, “So, Pete, what the fuckin fuck were you doing down in that shithouse?”

He blushed again and hung his head. “I… I guess I figured you thought going to that filthy theater was a bad idea.”

“You got that right!”

“So I heard you could get a blowjob down there, and I’ve been kinda going there when I wanted one.”