Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Fourteen

I opened my eyes and blinked at the bright light. I was in David Liu’s big round bed, naked as usual. David was cuddled up against me, also naked, the way we had been sleeping together for the past three years.

“Dammit!” I thought to myself. This early sunrise in summer was such a pain in the fuckin ass. We should close the goddamn drapes at night, so that we can sleep until we are ready to wake up.

I stretched and took a deep breath. At least the bed wasn’t moving. We always turned it off when we were ready to sleep, which was usually after a long session of fucking. The satin sheets on my bare skin felt so delightful. They were saying, “Go back to sleep, you dumbass. Nobody’s up this early.” But I am a morning person, so once I wake up, that’s it. I’m going for the day.

I stretched again and felt something hot and stiff pressing on my back. I reached behind me and felt for it. It was long. . . and hard. . . and hairy. It was David’s morning wood!

We had been together for three years, and I couldn’t begin to count the number of times his monster cock had been inside my ass, but I never stopped being amazed at the size of the fucker. I loved it, as much as I loved David, but the idea that something so big and thick went into me so easily and felt so good when it was there still fucking astounded me.

Reaching behind my back, I began to gently stroke the big thing. It responded instantly to the manual stimulation, growing in my hand, almost to its full eight inches of length and six of girth. I never got tired of touching, kissing, sucking, and admiring David’s monster cock. Just thinking about it during the day gave me an instant erection and sometimes in my dreams it led me to shoot cum all over myself.

David stirred. His breathing quickened as he woke up and realized that we would be having sex in about two minutes.

“Mmm,” he moaned as he pressed his dick up tight against my ass-crack and hugged me tightly. “Good morning, baby.”

“Good morning to you, lover,” I replied softly, snuggling back into his embrace.

The first time that David and I had ever had sex was the evening that I moved into my apartment. He hit on me at the pool, and we went to his place. There, he introduced me, first to expensive Chardonnay, and then to the biggest penis I have ever seen in my life. Later, he fucked the shit out of my ass with his giant cock. And that’s the whole story, really. We’ve been together, more or less, ever since.

Oh, sure, I still had my apartment, and I slept there when I had to study or write a paper, or when he was out of town on business. But all other nights were spent in his big, round bed that rotated slowly under a sexy mirror on the ceiling, where I had watched him make love to me a hundred times and dozens of ways. I had also fucked him back, but that was usually when he was doing the watching.

But if I had to tell the truth, it was the cuddling, the full-body contact, the hot skin man-to-man that I loved best. Sure, the sex was mind-blowing, and the thought that his massive member was mine-all-mine was something that I treasured every day.

But it was actually the intimacy, the loving, the. . . romance, I guess I would call it, that kept me coming back to David’s place and sleeping with him.

As he pulled me closer, David kissed the back of my neck and nibbled on my earlobes. I turned my head toward him and we kissed over my shoulder. He lightly rubbed his nose against mine, smiling as he did so. Then he opened his mouth and sucked on my lower lip. I responded by hungrily drawing his tongue into my own mouth. Then I kissed his face, rubbing my cheeks against the day-old stubble of his whiskers.

His hands found my nipples and began to twirl around them, pinching lightly and stimulating them to hardness. I moaned softly and pressed my back tightly into his belly and began to slide up and down against his erection. I knew that he was already producing the large droplets of precum that I usually lapped up hungrily, but I couldn’t enjoy them in this position.

I rubbed my ass against his groin, seeking the proper angle for him to penetrate me. It didn’t take long for both of us to get into the right positions. The head of his cock stretched my opening, something that I never believed possible, and yet it happened regularly. I felt it push past the first ring of muscle in my asshole, then the second, and then emerge into my man-pussy, filling it completely.

Knowing how big he was and how difficult it was for another man to receive his bigness, David always paused after fully entering me to allow me to adjust my position and accommodate my innards to the enormous piece of flesh that was now deep inside me.

I signaled my readiness by sliding my ass back and forth, fucking him with the motion. That let him know that I was ready—hell, I was ravenous for him to fuck me, long, and hard, and fast, and deep!

He began with slow, gently motions, barely moving his dick inside my ass. The tempo and depth of his movements gradually but inexorably increased, until his thrusts brought the full length of his eight inches of man-flesh into my willing cavity. Pulling almost all the way out and then plunging to the full depth of the stroke, David was completely in control of my ass and my entire body. He quickened the pace, and soon he was jarring me with an urgency and fury that pushed me forward several inches and then wrenched me back, tight against his hot body.

The first time that we made love, David had asked me to stay for the night, but I wasn’t ready to do that. He told me that, as great as our first passionate sex had been, his morning sex was even better, and I had soon learned that he was telling the truth. I don’t know if his morning hard-on was actually more ample than the evening version, but it felt like an entirely different cock and a completely unique man using it on me when we woke to make love like this.

After a time of poking me from the side, David expertly rotated onto his back, which rolled me on top of him, my back to his chest. I lifted my knees and he reached down and grasped them, pulling them up and stretching my torso to achieve a deeper angle of entry. He now pushed upward into me forcefully, causing my balls and cock to bounce around jauntily. I loved this position because I could look up at the mirror over the bed and watch every stroke of his dick entering and exiting my ass.

David knew that I liked to watch in this position, so he kept it up for several minutes. Then he carefully rotated me 180 degrees on his hard-on, holding me tight against him until I was facing him, his cock still fully buried inside me. Gently but expertly, he leaned forward, lowering me onto my back, landing on top of me and pinning me down on the satin sheets. I raised my knees, and he pushed his shoulders in between them, stretching them apart. Looking up at the mirror above us, I could see his beautiful ass cheeks contracting as he pistoned into me. The light brown tufts of hair in his ass-crack looked perfect against his pale skin. I could see his horse-sized balls smacking into my own as he fucked me well and true.

As his belly rubbed against mine, my cock was getting a stimulation that was impossible to resist. I started to moan “Ohh!” and “Fuck me, baby!” involuntarily. I had reached the point of having no control over my body. David was propelling our sex now, and he was fast bringing me to the joyous moment of release.

I felt my balls contract and my hot, wet jism spew between us, smearing all over both our bellies. The powerful contractions of my ass muscles brought David to his own climax, and I felt the familiar gush of his hot cum deep inside me. It seemed like both of us kept cumming and cumming, shooting endless ropes of sperm—his inside me and mine between us. We were both gasping for air and groaning like a couple of animals.

Slowly, we came back down to earth. I reached up and put both arms around David, pulling his face to mine and kissing him deeply. He responded with his tongue and also his hands, which were looped under my armpits and holding my head. I felt his cock beginning to go flaccid within me, but David knew that I wanted him to keep it there as long as possible. This was my second-favorite moment, after the cuddling, at which I felt that we were one being, united and joined to each other by his softening penis.

Taking a deep breath and giving me a gentle, affectionate kiss, David finally slid his dick out of my ass, releasing the gush of semen that he had planted in me. I had often wondered what his maid must think, having to change and wash the satin sheets almost every day because they were covered with dried-on cum, but I assumed he paid her well enough for her not to have an opinion.

Rolling off me, David sighed deeply, turned to look at me, and said, “Good morning, babe. I love you.”

I smiled back at him, “I love you more.”

We kissed for a while, our tongues gently teasing, and bit each other’s lips. Then we both rolled to our side, got out of opposite sides of the bed. Together, we headed into the bathroom and stood side-by-side, intermingling our streams of piss. Then we stepped into the shower and lovingly lathered each other’s bodies from head to toe.

This was our morning ritual, at least when we were both home. We followed it with hot black coffee and a bagel or toast. We often sat on the balcony, naked, as we greeted the dawning day. I don’t know if the neighbors ever noticed, since it was so early and they were either just waking up or out jogging somewhere, but no one ever said anything about the two bare-assed dudes sitting on the balcony drinking their morning coffee.

“You’re going to Honolulu today?” I asked, confirming the schedule that I already knew about.

“Fraid so. Gotta go kiss some executive ass to prove that I’m earning the big bucks they pay me.” We both chuckled at that.

“Well, just be sure that the only ass you ever really kiss is this one right here!” I leaned to the side and wiggled my butt in his direction.

“Don’t worry, lover. I’ll be the youngest person at the fuckin meeting, and there isn’t anybody there that can hold a candle to you.” He leaned over and kissed me lightly.

We bantered a while longer, then rose, took our empty coffee cups indoors and dressed—David in a business suit, and me in jeans and a polo shirt, my uniform as a senior engineering student at Stanford.

David’s taxi arrived and we kissed good-bye at the door. I lingered a few more minutes, going into the bedroom and lying face-down on the bed, inhaling the heady masculine pheromones of my lover and the raw odor of the sex we had just enjoyed.

I headed over to my own apartment, two buildings away, to pick up some things I needed in classes during the day. As a senior, my course load wasn’t much, since I had an internship 20 hours a week with a local civil engineering company. They made it clear that they hoped to hire me as soon as I graduated and got my license, but I fully intended to go on to grad school and get an MBA. I didn’t see myself heading a surveying crew in some goddamn swamp or poking around under bridges for a career. With a management degree and some more interning at one of the big firms like Boeing or Magnussen, I expected to serve my time working up the corporate ladder and then open my own company in about ten years. Of course, my parents had made it clear that they hoped I would join Dad’s company and run it some day, but I knew I couldn’t live near them, under constant scrutiny and pressure to marry and “keep the bloodline going.”

There was a nondescript black sedan parked in front of my building. As I neared, the entrance, a car door opened and a tall, black man of about 40 got out. As he turned toward me, I recognized him instantly.

“Detective Buchanan!” I greeted him hesitantly. “What brings you back here?”

He frowned at how loudly I had said his name. Shaking his head at me, he said quietly, “Let’s talk inside, Mr. Hobson.” Gesturing that I should move my ass and get off the street, he started to scare me a little.

Lieutenant Winston Buchanan was the detective who investigated my freshman dorm roommate, Carl Baker, who had assaulted me and then been arrested for selling drugs on campus. Out on bail, Carl had bolted, probably to somewhere in Mexico or Central America, never to be seen again. With outstanding warrants waiting for him back here, it was unlikely that he’d ever show his face again.

Silently, I led the way up the two flights of stairs to my landing, unlocked the door to my apartment, and started to enter. Quickly putting a hand on my shoulder, Buchanan whispered, “Just wait here a moment, Bruce.”

With that, he unholstered his gun and silently slipped past me into my apartment. I couldn’t hear him, but I could see his shadow from time to time as he apparently made a thorough examination of my small home. Shortly, he returned and opened the door wide, nodding for me to come in and then quickly closing and locking it.

“What the fuck. . .” I began.

“Just keep it down, Bruce. Let’s have a seat.” Buchanan led me to the couch and sat across from me in an easy chair.

“OK,” I said softly, “what the FUCK is going on?”

Taking a deep breath, Buchanan began. “Your old roomie, Carl Baker, has been spotted locally. Apparently, he’s back.”

“I thought he was going to be arrested as soon as he tried to cross the border.”

“He would have been if he had crossed at a legal point of entry, but we both know it’s easy to sneak across the border in any of a thousand places, and that’s probably what he did.”

“What does he want here?”

Looking at me solemnly, Buchanan said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, “We think he’s still pissed at you for turning him in, and he might be looking to settle the score with you.”