Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Seventeen

Once we were in the narrow passage, he turned to me and roughly pushed me back against the wall. Pressing his body against mine, he pinned me to the wall, as he furiously assailed me with deep kisses.

I began to suck on Winston’s lower lip, pulling it into my mouth. Then he forced his tongue against mine and pressed our noses together. My head was fully upright against the wall behind me. He lifted both my arms as he kissed me, huskily sucking on my tongue and then forcing it out of his mouth. His hands reconnoitered my upper body, at times firmly pinching my nipples, then lunging along my upraised arms all the way to my fingertips, at which point we clasped hands and reached for the ceiling together.

His passion was overpowering, his love-making furious and brusque. He attacked my armpits with his whole face, rubbing his nose into each of them, while feverishly slathering them with his tongue. He crushed our chests together, pinning me in place, as his hands raced down my back and forced my ass-cheeks wide apart.

He lowered his head and began biting my nipples, sending ripples of ecstasy through my whole body. He advanced his hand from my ass toward the front. Opening his hand flat and using just his broad palm, he tenderly lifted my hard cock and slowly closed his hot fingers around it. Alternating between the flat palm and a vice grip, Winston took hold of my manhood and controlled it.

Done with biting my nipples, he fell to his knees and, in one smooth motion, took my entire erection deep into his mouth. I felt his nose buried in my pubes. Then, without moving his head in the slightest, he began to massage my cock with his tongue, pulling it deeper down his throat, then sliding it back out, all the while squeezing it by pressing his tongue to the roof of his hot mouth.

I could only stand there, breathing heavily, as this powerful, dominating man took everything from me that he wanted, and more. He used his hands, rough from hard work – hands that held and fired a gun, hands that could knock a man down, disable him, and cuff him in one overwhelming movement. With those sturdy hands, he grasped me firmly around my rib cage. He wasn’t trying to hurt me or stop me from breathing. Instead, he was letting my body know that he would take good care of it and return it to me safely when he was finished with it.

As he released his viselike grip on my ribs and all but swallowed my poor prick, he fondled my balls as gently as if they were newborn babies. Tenderly pulling on them and rolling them around with his fingers, he stretched them to their full length and then wrapped his fist tightly around the top of them.

I finally found my voice. “Ahh! Ahh! Oh, yes! Fuck yes!” I breathed heavily. “Take me, Winston, take me and use me!” I threw my head back and closed my eyes. I had been fucking men for years, but this was the first who ever took over the love-making and used me in ways that filled me with passion and fury, but also left no doubt that he was the one in charge.

As he ferociously imprisoned my cock in his mouth, pulling and sucking it deeper and deeper it seemed, Winston reached behind me and spread my ass-cheeks wide. He thrusted his hand up the crack, seeking the golden door. When one finger landed on my quivering pucker, instead of piercing me with it, Winston softly circled around and around my hole, teasing and massaging with a firm purpose that I easily understood. He was going to enter me, take me, own me, and fill me, and all I had to do was relax and let it happen.
I sensed at once that his approach was “take no prisoners.” He was going to have me, and my only option was to let him do it.

To show my desire, I pressed my ass backward against the wall, forcing his finger deep inside me. As I did so, I groaned, “Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Yes!”

Grasping my ass in both his hands, Winston lifted me off the floor. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around his waist, and put both arms around his neck. If this wasn’t a clear indication of unconditional surrender, then I didn’t know what else to do!

Holding me as if I weighed next to nothing, Winston turned toward the door to my bedroom, carried me across the threshold, and gently lowered me onto the bed. I was still clinging to him with my arms and legs like a baby animal of some kind. Something told me that Winston was going to bring out all my animal instincts tonight.

I released my arms and legs and stretched full-length on the bed, completely exposed in my nakedness and powerlessness before this gentle giant with his manhood fully erect, pulsing with desire, and accurately aimed right at his target for the night. My bed didn’t rotate or have a mirror over it, but it was going to be a love-nest of passion and romance tonight, and I hoped for days to come.

Without even thinking, I lifted my knees, pulled my feet high into the air and grasped them with both hands, exposing my tenderest and hungriest part. My asshole trembled with anticipation as Winston leaned forward and placed his face firmly between my cheeks. His five o’clock shadow grated on my tender skin, but I shivered with delight as I bore the abrasion. I was finally, after so many years, so many lovers, going to be fucked by a real man!

His tongue began its attack on my anus, now pressing inside, then circling it with dripping saliva. I was amazed at how deep within me he could press that multitalented muscle! He licked from the base of my balls, all the way to my pucker and past it, wetting every inch of my man-pussy.

Then he drew back and I knew what to expect next. I felt the head of his giant cock exploring the territory already soaked and moistened by his tongue. He slapped his erection roughly on my cheeks and crack. I wanted it inside me so badly that I thought I would cry.

“Take me, Winston! Take me! Fuck me! FUCK MY ASS!” I begged.

Without a word, Winston leaned in to me, and I felt his thick cock breach my first sphincter. With gentle but unyielding pressure, my brawny lover continued forward, and the second barrier was quickly passed. Never varying its firm but caring advance, his dick filled me and pressed on and on, as I submitted to his overpowering authority. Finally, I felt his belly pressing on my ass and knew that he was all the way inside me.

I exhaled deeply, sighing, “That’s it, Winston. Fill me up. Take what you want.”

I opened my eyes and found his face poised above my own, smiling.

“I don’t know how much you wanted this to happen, Bruce, but for me it’s been so long in coming that I just want to stop right here and stay like this forever.”

“Whatever you say, officer!” I said with a grin. “I give up!”

With a kind smile, Winston tenderly pressed his lips to mine. I could taste his sweet breath, plus a little saltiness from the perspiration of his face. I wrapped both arms around his neck and clung to him. I lowered my knees and hooked my ankles above his ass and got ready for the ride of my life.

He began surging into me, cautiously at first, as if to see what I could bear. I moaned with pleasure, rocking my body back toward him as he entered me, and then away as he eased back. I wanted to give him pleasure while stealing every bit I could get for myself.

As he realized both how much I wanted him and how much of him I could take, Winston began to let himself go. Picking up speed, he drove his cock into me like a jackhammer destroying pavement. I held on for dear life as he pounded my willing asshole and put his whole weight on top of my body, pinning me to the bed.

Winston fucked me like that for a long time, his eyes closed and his breathing meticulously controlled, like a sniper waiting for the perfect shot. I thought of how he must be at the target range: his body fully attentive to every sight and sound, coiled tightly like a spring, intent upon nailing his target, and meticulously squeezing the trigger until…

I felt his body tremble, then go stiff. Deep inside my ass, I felt a flood of hot liquid, bathing my guts in life-giving sperm. Then it was as if we were transfixed. We breathed only in tiny gasps. Our bodies were hard as stone and just as immovable.

It seemed as though time stood still, but after some uncountable interval, Winston relaxed, breathed deeply, opened his eyes and looked into mine. He smiled, and I felt his body soften as he took his weight off me.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you,” he said, finding his voice. It was then that I realized that I had been the one making all the noise and saying all the dirty words while we fucked.

“That was fuckin intense!” I said. “But it was also wonderful. I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

Winston chuckled. “I guess it do get a little too wrapped up in what I’m doing. Was it good for you?”

I laughed at the silly, trite question. “Of course it was fuckin good for me! I would have asked you to stop if I wasn’t enjoying the shit out of it.”

Winston made a move to get off me, but I hugged him tightly. “Just stay where you are a while. I want the feeling to last.”

“I’m kinda heavy…”

“I want to feel like I’m some perp you have knocked down and pinned to the ground. I love your power over me, and I want to feel totally defenseless in your hands.”

“Shit, I wish perps really did feel like that!” With that, Winston allowed his body to rest on mine, put his hands under my head and gently lifted my face to his. Our mouths met and we began to trade kisses, nuzzled each other’s noses, and whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

Finally, I could tell that Winston was getting tired of the position, so I moved my ass a bit, and his long, flaccid cock, coated with his own jism, slid out of my ass like a Moray eel slithering out of its hideout.

Winston rolled onto his back, still holding me tight so that I ended up on top of him. “Now, it’s your turn,” he said, as he kissed me on the nose.

“Hunh?” I said, surprised.

“I got off, so now it’s your turn. What position do you want me in?”

I was floored.

“You mean… uh…” I said, doubtfully. “If you mean what I think you mean, I… uh… I can’t fuck you.”

“What? Why the hell not? I got my rocks off, now you can take care of yours.”

I thought a long time before answering. “Well, first of all. I doubt I can get hard after that beating my ass just took.” He looked surprised and a little sorrowful, so I hastened to add, “I don’t mean it was bad in any way, just that it took everything out of me. I’m fuckin exhausted, Winston!”

“Well, how about in a few minutes or half an hour?”

“Maybe, but I doubt it. I’m not exaggerating, man. That was more exercise than I’ve gotten in the past year, all together.”

He looked like he had done something wrong.

“Hey, don’t get me wrong, babe. I loved every second of it, and I’d love it you would come back every day and do it again.” He brightened a bit. “But it… that is… well, I guess I’m beat, exhausted, pooped, drained.”

“I’m sorry. I was a lot too hard on you.”

“Winston, it’s your hardness that I love the most!” We both laughed at my double-entendre. “I can honestly say that I’ve never had sex like we just had. I realize now that I’ve never been fucked by a real man, until you, and I’d just like to hold on to that feeling and let my body return to something resembling normal.”

“Are you sure? I can get you off…” Winston sounded almost desperate.

“I’m sure, baby. Don’t worry about at thing. This was great for me. How was it for you?”

“I feel like I just ran a fuckin marathon!” With that, he pulled me to his chest and rubbed my back all the way from the top of my head to my ass. “This was something I have been wanting to do with you for years, and I can’t fuckin believe we just did it.”

With that, I relaxed completely, stretching out full-length on top of his massive, muscular body, sighed a deep breath of pleasure, and lay my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating and feel the lift of every breath he took. For the first time in a long, long time, I felt like I had nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. I was in the arms of a man who wanted me, a man who I satisfied sexually, a man who cared what happened to me and was going to take care of me.

It occurred to me that I had completely forgotten David, and I resolved never to think of him again. Then I corrected myself and decided to remember the good times, the good things that we did together, the intimacy between us, and to forget the shitty way he dumped me. It was all part of life – my life – now, and I would incorporate it into every day of my future going forward. But going forward is exactly, and only, what I was going to do.

I couldn’t imagine where this thing with the police detective might go. I had a suspicion that he would be in deep shit if anybody found out that he had fucked the person he was supposed to be protecting, and maybe the police department was anti-gay and would kick him out if they new about us. That was a conversation for later.

“Winston?” I said, as we sat up, got out of bed, and walked into my living room naked.


“I was telling the truth when I said I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

“I can believe that.”

“Hunh? Why?”

“Because you’ve only hung out with pansies, guys who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag – no offense to them, but I’m just telling the truth.”

I thought it over. “I guess you’re right, although, to tell the truth, I’m kind of a pansy myself. It only took one punch for Carl to deck me and put me in the hospital – twice!”

“That fuckin asshole took you by surprise. What he did was grab a chance to hurt you, because he knew that face-to-face, you’d outsmart him, humiliate him, and make him feel like the goddamn worthless piece of shit that he is.”

I considered what Winston said. “Then, what is it about me that attracts you? Some kind of brother-protector complex shit?”

“You really want to know?”

“Fuck, yes, I want to know, goddammit!”

Winston looked me in the eye, kissed me on the lips, and then quietly said, “Bruce, I’ve had a rough life. I came up hard, fought my way to where I am, and I have to fuckin fight everyday to keep from turning into one of those goddamn creeps that I arrest. It’s like I’m torn in two, between wanting to do good, and uphold the law and what’s right, and on the other hand wanting to kill every fuckin one of those bastards.”

He took a deep breath. “You’re everything that I’m not, and I want to be close to you because you remind me that there is good in the world, when all I usually see is bad shit.”