Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Twenty-one

After a minute or so, it became clear to me that this was Joe’s idea of cock-sucking. I gently pushed his head back, and he looked up at me in surprise. I lifted him to his feet and kissed him on the lips. This being my first sex in many months, I didn’t want to fuck it up by being harsh or critical of his prowess.



“How many guys have you blown?”

He hesitated, unsure what I was getting at. “A lot.”

I looked puzzled, and he picked up on it. “Why? What’s the matter? Don’t you like it?”

Carefully, I replied, “Oh, I like it a lot—at least usually. . .” Studying his facial expression, I proceeded delicately, “But. . . this isn’t exactly what I was expecting.”

His face clouded. “Well, what the hell were you expecting?”

Continuing as if I were walking on eggshells, I said, “Well, to start with, did you enjoy the way I sucked your cock?”

“Hell, yes. It was great.”

“I’m really glad to hear that.” I looked into his eyes. “I guess I was kind of expecting you to do something like that to mine.”

He stared back at me. “What do you mean? I always do it that way. Nobody has ever complained.”

Hastily, I said, “Oh, I’m not complaining—not exactly. . .”

“Well, then what are you doing?”

I answered as kindly and thoughtfully as I could, “I guess what I’m saying is that I’m glad you liked what I did, because I wanted to please you and make you feel good. . .” I took a breath, “And so I kind of thought that you would also want to make me feel good.”

Joe’s face reddened. “I thought that was what I was doing!”

I put both hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes as lovingly as I could muster. “I know that, Joe, and I appreciate it.”

“But?” he still looked angry.

“But there are techniques that can make a man feel really good, and I guess I thought every guy in the world who sucked cock knew all about them. It was definitely not fair of me to expect that, and I’m really sorry.”

Joe sighed deeply and visibly relaxed. “Can we sit down?” he asked.

I nodded and led him back into the living room of the suite. He took a seat on the leather couch and sat stiffly. I settled next to him as lightly as I could and put a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at me, and I could see tears forming in his eyes. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips and tousled his hair with the hand that had been on his shoulder.

“Joe. . .”


“Joe, I like you a lot. You’re a handsome, sexy guy, and I want to have sex with you more than I can say. . .”


“No ‘but’—just I think there are a couple of things about pleasing a man that you might not have picked up on yet.”

“Like what? Do you have a fuckin list?”

“Absolutely not! But look at it this way. I’m 26—several years older than you, and I’ve had sex with a lot of men, and I know what feels good to me, and I have been able to learn what makes them feel good, too, and I want to have dynamite sex with you, so I thought you might want me to show you some of the things that I’ve picked up.”

“You mean, I’m so bad at sex that I need you to teach me how to do it right?” He was pissed again.

“No, not at all. Think of it as broadening your horizons a little. If there are things that men like, things that you are not doing yet, isn’t it possible that sex with them will get even better if I show a trick or two?”

He thought a while. “You mean, how to suck a cock?”

“Oh, not just that. I mean, we haven’t really gone very far yet, and I really want you to use every trick you know on me. I’m sure I’m gonna feel great.”

“But?” I was getting sick of him saying that.

“No ‘but.’ I will do my best to make you feel good, and if you’ll let me, I’ll kind of guide you to do the things that make me feel good. Is that fair?”

“I guess so.” By now, I was ready to show him the goddamn door. It was like trying to deal with a sulky little boy. But then I looked at him again and remembered how beautiful and fuckable he was, and I didn’t want to piss him off and have him leave until I had a lot more fun with him.

When I didn’t answer, he said, “OK. OK. I get it. To tell you the truth, I haven’t had a lot of sex with guys. I mostly just look at them and then go someplace and jack off thinking about them and wishing I was with them.”

I shook my head and smiled broadly. “That’s perfectly fine. I do that all the time myself.”

“You do?”

“Well, lately, that’s the only kind of sex I’ve been having.”

“How come?”

I stopped dead. I didn’t want to say anything about my past lovers, good or bad. Joe and I were not anywhere near the point of sharing our stories, and I rather doubted that we would ever be. “Oh, let’s just say I came out of an intense relationship a few months ago, and I haven’t really met anyone who interested me in getting back into the water, so to speak.”

Joe grinned. “Well, come on in. The water’s fine!” he leaned in to hug and kiss me, and I knew we were back on the right track.

“Come with me,” I said, getting him to stand and follow me into the bedroom.

Through all of the grief and worry, we had both been stark naked, and now I saw that Joe’s hard-on was coming back. I wasn’t feeling anything that good yet, but I knew it would come when it was needed.

“Let’s stretch out on the bed,” I invited. Joe lay next to me, both hands behind his head. “So let’s take this a little at a time, OK?” Joe nodded in response.

I scooted down so that my face was at his waist and took his hardening cock into my hand. I leaned in and put it into my mouth and mimicked the way he had stopped on the head and the first couple of inches.

“That’s nice. I like that.” Joe said, almost like a student responding to a teacher.

I removed my mouth. “Well, that’s because the most sensitive part of your cock is the head and that little bit of skin right under it, so it’s also where the best feelings will come from.”

I stroked his fully-hard shaft all the way up and down with my hand. “But you can see how there is still feeling in it, even down to here. . .” I said as I rested the palm of my hand on his balls. Joe nodded.

“So if it feels good when I use my hand all the way to the base, don’t you think it might also feel good if I used my mouth?” Joe nodded eagerly.

With that, I replaced my mouth on the head and began to tongue the underside furiously. Joe moaned in pleasure. Then I gradually began to take the whole length into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, wrapping my tongue around as much of it as I could. Joe breathed in ecstatically.

When I reached the base and had my nose buried in his pubes, I began to massage the full length with my tongue. Joe squirmed and I slowly withdrew.

Looking up at him, I said, “Now tell me that didn’t feel good.”

“Fuckin fantastic!”

I smiled and nodded wisely. “Now, do you think you could do that to me?”

Without a word, he pulled me up to the pillow and moved his face downward. Slowly, almost trying out the feeling of each movement, he repeated what I had done on his cock.

“More tongue,” I said softly. Then, “now tighter. Suck on it with your whole mouth.” Joe was doing fine—not the best I ever had, but clearly understanding the mechanics of a good blowjob.

“Let’s take this a step further,” I said, re-arranging the two of us into the head-to-toe position. “Now, whatever I do to you, you try to do it to me, OK?”

“Fuckin-A!” Joe said with a lascivious grin.

I proceeded to demonstrate several cocksucking moves and techniques, and Joe did a pretty good job of copying every one of them.

I took a short break. “Now, Joe, if I do anything that makes you uncomfortable, or that you don’t want to do, just let me know. I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment by putting pressure on you to go beyond your boundaries.

“So far, so good!” he said joyfully.

Remaining in the sixty-nine configuration, I showed Joe a few more tricks of the trade, including sucking his balls and wetting the area under them.

Then, I leaned back and said, “How do you feel about ass-play?”

He looked worried, but then quickly said, “I’m up for anything, Bruce!”

I rolled him over on his stomach, spread his cheeks, and proceeded to rim him and then pressed my tongue inside his hole as deep as I could get it. He squirmed and moaned in pleasure.

After a while, I withdrew and said, “Now, do you feel OK doing any of that to me?”

“I’ve never done that before, but, shit, it felt good, and if you were willing to do it to me, then what the fuck!”

He was very tentative, as I would expect from a first-timer, but he did a good enough job to warm me up for the next big step.

“OK, Joe, now that I’m all wet and wide, it’s time for you to fuck me. Have you ever done that before?”

“Shit, yes. I usually just suck a guy for a couple of minutes and then flip him over and nail him!” Having said that, he suddenly looked embarrassed and blushed a little. “I mean, if that’s something you want to do. . .”

I laughed, “Of course, that’s something I want to do. Everything else is just foreplay. The main attraction is your hard cock deep inside my ass!”

He laughed nervously. “OK. What do I do?”

“Well, why don’t you just show me how you usually do it?” I smiled, handing him a condom and picking up my trusty bottle of Swiss Navy.

He nodded in agreement and quickly put on the rubber. I lubed my hole and arched my back toward him. I felt his cockhead nudging around my hole tentatively, so I reached between my legs and grasped his shaft, guiding the head into its target.

Without warning, he savagely plunged deep inside me. Then he grabbed both of my hips tightly and began to slam my ass at a furious pace, not unlike a jackhammer. My whole body was propelled back and forth as he rammed in and pulled back. The bed was actually shaking from the violence of his fucking.

When I caught my breath, I reached back and pressed on his thighs, stopping him. He quickly pulled all the way out and sat back on his haunches.

“What did I do wrong?” His question was innocent enough, but I was still reeling from the pounding he was trying to give me.

After I caught my breath, I rolled over half-way and looked at his face. “Joe, is that the way you fuck guys? I mean, all the time?”

He looked humiliated and leaned back even farther, trying to put distance between us.

“I. . . I guess so. What’s wrong with it?”

At a loss for words, I just made a face like I was considering his question thoughtfully. Then I ventured, “Well, it’s a bit rough, all of a sudden like that.”

“Well, I always do it like that, with girls and men, and nobody’s ever complained.”

I quickly said, “Oh, I’m not complaining—not exactly. It’s just that for me to really enjoy something that. . . vigorous. . . I kind of need to work up to it.” I paused, “and you know what they say: ‘variety is the spice of life’.”

He was silent, but I could see that, instead of being angry or upset, he was giving serious consideration to what I had said.

“So, you mean, that I gotta take my time and build up to the real thing?”

“Oh, no, Joe. Not that at all. Every bit of it is ‘the real thing’, and all of it feels good and adds to the total experience. Fast, slow, deep, shallow, even stopping with your cock deep inside—all that is part of the total event.”

“And that’s what all guys like?”

“I can’t speak for all guys. I’m sure that tastes differ widely, and there are definitely guys who only like the rough stuff, but that’s part of the beauty of sex. You and your partner together explore the possibilities and discover what gives you both the most pleasure.”

He blushed deeply. “I’m sorry. I’ve never thought about it that way. I…” Joe choked back a little sob.

I sat up and hugged him tightly. “Joe. Joe. You’ve done nothing wrong. You have brought pleasure to many men—and women, too, as you tell me. I’m only trying to offer you a wider field of vision, ways to enjoy your own body and also give tremendous pleasure to the person you’re making love to.”

Joe hugged me back. “Thanks, Bruce. I guess I’m pretty fucked up, actually. I have been hiding my sexuality forever, and I guess getting off as quickly as possible and running away is all I’ve ever gotten past.”

So now I understood. Joe was deep in “the closet,” as I have heard some gay friends say. His love-making, or perhaps it should just be called fucking, was furtive and short-lived. I knew I could show him so much more.

We talked about that for a couple of minutes. Then I lay down and talked Joe through how to pleasure me from behind in every way possible. He was a quick learner. He entered me gently, pulled all the way out and re-entered, a little deeper each time. He started fucking my ass with long, slow, deep movements, gradually increasing the pace until he was back at his “slam-bam” style. Then I taught him to gradually slow down and stop completely, deep inside me. He talked to me as the lesson went on, saying how he had never felt anything like this, and how he hoped he was giving me pleasure while having his own. I assured him that was the case and then encouraged him to experiment, to develop his own style and pattern.

Perhaps 20 minutes later, he said, apologetically, “Bruce, I need to cum. I’ve been so close so many times that I’m getting blue balls!”

“Joe, you’ve earned it. Fill me up!”

He quickened the pace, although nowhere near the jackhammer routine of earlier. I felt his whole body stiffen as he stopped breathing and thrust his cock as deep into me as it would go. He shivered as each ejaculation filled the condom. After five or six bursts, he collapsed on top of my back, breathing heavily and hugging my chest with both arms. I slowly lowered myself until I was lying flat on the bed with Joe on top of me, still hard inside me.

After a couple of minutes, he spoke. “Fuck! I never did anything like that before! It was fucking awesome!”

Lying beneath him, I smiled and said, “I’m glad, Joe. I had a great time, too.”

He rested his body on mine a while longer and then seemed to become aware of what he was doing. “I’m sorry. Am I hurting you?”

“Not at all, but if you’re ready, you can pull out and get up. There’s no rush, though. I’m enjoying the afterglow.”


“You know, the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure when the sex is over.”

He seemed confused. “I can’t say as I do. It’s always been over pretty fast.” With that, he withdrew his now-flaccid penis from me, tossed the condom into the wastebasket, rolled onto his back, and put his arms behind his head again.

I inched up on my elbows, leaned over and kissed him, and said, “Well, Joe, I won’t ask if you enjoyed that, because the answer is obvious.”

“Bruce, thank you. You’ve shown me something I never imagined could exist. I think I’m in love with you!” He was smiling from ear to ear.

“Well, I hope you’re in love with sex and all that you’ve learned to do today. It’s way too soon to fall in love with someone you’ve just fucked for the first time. Take my word for it, what you’re feeling is real, it’s great, and it’s wonderful, but, Joey, it ain’t love!”