Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Twenty-eight

After breakfast, Greg and Chuck left for a day of hiking in the mountains, and I settled down to relax and get a feel for my new arrangement.

Jogging in the mornings, I had obtained a very good knowledge of the layout of the little condo community, as well as the environs for at least five miles in every direction. But running past something and taking time to really see it are two very different experiences.

So I took a walk. Out of the condos and toward the lake, where I could see sailboats and kite-boarders enjoying the onshore breezes. At the water’s edge, I took a seat on an empty bench and just chilled. It was great, just doing nothing at all. I had almost fallen asleep when I heard a male voice.

“This seat taken?”

I opened my eyes with a start and took a second to focus. Standing at the other end of the park bench was a man about 40 years old, five-ten, one eighty, with dark brown hair and a bushy mustache. He was wearing an athletic shirt and running shorts that did little to conceal his large cock and dangling balls. I was speechless and couldn’t take my eyes off his package.

“Um. . . So, is it OK if I sit here?” the guy repeated, amused at my transfixion on his package.

“Oh. Uh. Yes. Of course. Sit right down. Make yourself comfortable.”

He smiled and winked at me, “The only way I’d be more comfortable is if it took off these shorts and let it all hang out.”

“And I bet that would be something to see.”

“You don’t look too bad yourself.”

It’s obvious that we’re flirting, but will it go anywhere, and do I want it to? I asked myself.

He extended a hand toward me. “I’m Ted Gorman.” He shook my hand with a firm, lingering grip.

Returning the grip, I replied. “Bruce Hobson. You live around here?”

He laughed at my awkward question. “Why? Do you have something in mind?”

“Oh, I have plenty of things in mind. But I’d rather have them in other parts of my body.”

“Is that so? Well, as a matter of fact, we’re sitting in front of my apartment.”

“Really. How convenient.”

“That it is. Would you care to see it? It comes with a great view.”

“Well, if the view inside is half as great as the one out here, I’m dying to see it.”

The formalities ended, we stood up, and Ted escorted me into the building and up to the third floor. Unlocking the door, he held it open for me to go into his apartment.

As soon as the door was closed, I turned and pulled Ted into a deep kiss. His mustache tickled a little, but it was a small price to pay for the pleasure I was getting, groping his cock and balls. I felt him hardening to my touch. He put both arms around me as we kissed and ran his hands down my back, ending by squeezing both of my ass cheeks.

We broke the kiss, stepped apart, and began pulling our clothes off. It took him longer to untie his shoes than for me to step out of my sandals, so I stood there and savored the grace and beauty of his masculine body.

When he stood up, Ted’s erection was pointing straight at me, and I could do nothing but fall to my knees and take it into my mouth. He let out a deep sigh and made little groans of pleasure. With his cock in my mouth, I looked up at him. He had thrown his head back and was smiling.

I lavished my very best cock-sucking skills on his seven or eight inches. His cock was long, but not thick, and I was imagining how good it was going to feel inside me.

He began to fuck my face, sliding his dick into and out of my mouth. His pubic hairs were just as bristly as his mustache, and I thought he must have some Italian in his heritage. I would never have said it, but I began to think of him as my “Italian Stallion!”

Ted pulled his cock out of my mouth and helped me to my feet. Then he turned me around and bent me forward. He knelt and buried his face in my ass crack, ramming his tongue as deep inside me as he could reach. I moaned with the pleasure.

He was an expert with that tongue. I felt it exploring every bit of my bung: up, down, and all around it went. Unable to stand it any longer, I straightened and turned to face him.

“Fuck me. Please. Fuck me, Ted!”

With a kind smile, he led me down the short hallway to his bed. I walked to the side of the bed and then got on my knees, arching my back and presenting my ass for his usage.

“Fuck me!”

Ted smiled as he reached over to a small drawer in the night stand. Taking out a condom and some lube he was ready in 30 seconds. He stepped up, positioning himself between my knees, and I felt his cock press past the muscle rings and fill me up. It felt so good to have a cock inside me again, and I moaned with pleasure.

We fucked in that position for a while, and then Ted helped me lie on my back with my feet in the air. He held one foot in each hand to steady himself and began banging my ass with determination.

“Jack yourself off.” He said between breaths, and I reached down and began to pump my own hard cock.

It didn’t take long for me to cum. As I felt my ass muscles squeeze down on his dick, his body shook and he pressed deep inside me, filling the condom with his sperm.

After Ted came, he stood there for a little while, his softening cock inside of me. Then he reached down, removed the condom, and fell into bed with me, cuddling and kissing.

After a while, we lay in silence, staring up at the ceiling.

“A penny for your thoughts,” Ted offered.

“Oh, they’re not much.” I parried.

“Come on, tell me something.”

“OK.” I thought for a moment. “I just moved here from Palo Alto and got a job. I’m sharing an apartment with two friends, and I’m hoping that I meet a lot of interesting men. . . like you!”

“Sounds promising.”

“What about you?”

“Oh, I don’t know if I should tell you.”

“Uh, oh. Now you have to!”

“OK. But don’t freak out on me.” He rose up on one elbow to look at me and I did a “cross my heart” motion.

He took a deep breath, and then said, “I’m a cop. A Seattle police officer—a captain, to be exact.”

Startled, my body reacted with a shudder. Fearing that he had upset me, Ted hurried to add, “But I’m gay, just like you, and I don’t go around fucking people and then arresting them, or anything like that.”

I turned my head and looked up at the ceiling again. Was I ready for another policeman? Would I fall in love with Ted and lose him, just like I lost Winston?

“Come on, Bruce, what’s wrong?” Ted asked with sincere concern in his voice.

I rose on my elbow and faced him. I leaned in and kissed him, then ran one hand down his body, from his shoulder to his ass.

“Nothing’s wrong.” He looked unconvinced. I went on, “Honest. It’s just that you’re the second policeman I have. . . well. . .”

“Been fucked by?” he volunteered.

“Well, that, of course.” I looked into his eyes and let it all spill out. “I was in love with a detective in Palo Alto. We had it all. . . and then he got killed. . .” A tear filled my eye and ran down the side of my nose.

Ted pulled me toward him and held me tight. He felt me shiver and pulled the sheet over both of us.

I whispered into his chest. “It’s not your fault, but I know I can’t get involved with another cop. It hurts too much when things go wrong.”

Ted let out a deep sigh. “Well, if you think about it, it’s gotta hurt any time someone we love dies.” He paused. “And if it’s any help, I’m an administrator—a desk job. I fire my weapon once a year when I have to qualify to carry it, but I have been off the streets for five years now. I’m more likely to get killed by some asshole driving drunk on the wrong side of the 450 than getting shot by a perp.”

I relaxed and leaned away from him. “I’m sure that’s true, and my fears are irrational, but they’re also buried deep inside me, and I’m afraid they might come out at any time—the wrong time, for sure.”

“And here I was, fantasizing about seeing you on that bench again and coming back in here and doing this all over again—a couple hundred times!”

I pondered that for a moment. “Well, here’s a thought. What if it’s just for sex? We never go out to eat, or to parties with friends, or do it any place except here in this bed? If that would work, I think I could handle that magnificent cock of yours, maybe a hundred times or two!”

“So, you’d be like. . . my secret lover?” he smiled at the idea.

“Exactly. And you’d be mine.”

“And it would just be sex?”

“Well, are you looking to fall in love?”

“Fuck, no! In fact, that’s just about the perfect arrangement for me. You see, I just ended a three-year relationship, and I was getting damned tired of beating off three times a day.”

“Only three?” We both laughed. I looked him in the eye and winked. “Well, if that’s what you’re used to, then you’d better put on another condom and get busy!”

And Ted did just that. We fucked two more times, and he sucked me off. I never asked, but I figured he wasn’t into bottoming. He came across as a take-charge kind of guy, someone who wanted to be in control and needed a partner who would take whatever he wanted to give them. And although I had never been in that kind of role before, it was interesting and exciting. . . and the sex was fantastic.

I made a point of being on that park bench a couple of times a week, depending on Ted’s work schedule. I never stayed the night, and we never went anywhere outside his apartment, but what we had in there, in that bed, was something special that I’ll never forget.

“Meanwhile, back at the ranch” as they say, my job was interesting and exciting, too. My managers seemed to recognize something in me that they could appreciate, and I finished my six-months trial period and was promoted and given a generous raise the next day.

The day all that happened, my colleagues took me out to lunch and we all celebrated a little too much. My boss gave me the afternoon off. “You’re no use to me in your condition anyway, and, hell, you deserve to let your hair down once in a while!” he said with an encouraging smile.

I knew that Ted was not going to be free that afternoon, so I just went home, put on my Speedo, and took a chair at the side of the community pool.

I must have fallen asleep, helped no doubt by the quantity of wine that I had consumed at the celebratory lunch.

I was awakened by a dark shadow looming over me. A familiar voice said, “Well, Greg, do you think he’s dead or what?”

“Oh, he’s just stoned again. Or drunk. Or basking in the afterglow of fucking his brains out all afternoon!”

We all three laughed. “You bastards!” I said with pleasure. “What the fuck are you doing down here by the pool? You never come here.”

“You’re right, but we looked out the back and saw this hunky dude wearing almost nothing, displaying himself in public for everyone to see, and we figured we’d go kidnap him and bring him back and have our way with him.”

“Well, feel free to do so!” I exclaimed with glee. “It’s about fuckin time!”

I gathered my towel and sandals, and we headed back into the condo. When I entered the living room, I heard “Surprise!” and saw a half dozen of our friends, smiling and holding glasses of champagne.

Turning to Greg and Chuck, I said, “what the fuck?”

“We heard about your promotion, and we wanted to bask in the glory of such a rising star!”

“Oh, fuck you!” I said with a delighted smile.

Greg put one hand on my neck and, pulling me close, whispered in my ear, “That comes later. . . if you’re up for it!” He let go of me and winked. Chuck also leaned in and added, “A three-way. . . unless one of these other studs wants to join us!”

We all laughed at that, and the group of friends looked at each other, mystified at the secret we had shared. I hurried up to my room to put on some more clothes, and then rejoined the party in my honor.

The evening was full of fun and laughter. All the guys in the little group were gay, and everyone had stories to tell of sexy, funny, and embarrassing encounters. The champagne flowed, and about 6 PM, the doorbell rang and a caterer arrived with a delicious buffet dinner.

“You guys! You didn’t have to do all this!” I said with sincere gratitude.

“Oh, yes, we did. You’re worth every penny of it, and besides, now that you have a steady job and are fucking rolling in dough, we can start charging you rent for your room!”

“An excellent idea, my friends!” I agreed.

The last of the guests left around 9:00, and I helped Greg and Chuck clean things up a bit. We never had a lot of cleaning to do, because we had a Latino woman who came in once a week and worked her magic on the little house.

Picking up the last open bottle of champagne, Greg came over to me, put an arm around my neck, leaned in and said, “So, how about it, Bruce? Ready to join us on the other side of the wall?”

I was more than ready. The three of us bounded up the stairs and into their bedroom. I realized that I had never been in it before. It was decorated with typical gay tastefulness, with real art on the walls, and a king-sized bed. Without realizing I was doing it, I glanced upward to check out the ceiling, but there was nothing there.

“Looking for a mirror or something?” Greg inquired with a suggestive grin.

“Believe it or not, I once dated a guy who had a big round one over his bed. And the bed rotated, too!”

They roared with laughter at that. In no time, we shed our clothes and fell into a knot of naked limbs and hard cocks, squirming around with pure abandon in the middle of the spacious bed.