Going Gay / Bruce – Chapter Twenty-nine

Things went fine for all of the first year of my job at Worldwide Aero. I lived in the condo with Greg and Chuck, and we had three-ways and foursomes and even intimate orgies with friends, whenever the mood struck us.

I continued to sit on the park bench and play coy with Ted, always ending up in his bed. Even though he knew me well and I was pretty sure he had sex with no one else, he always wore a condom, and I got used to the idea—it was just how Ted like things.

I kept the two sides of my sex life separate, and as far as I knew, neither knew about the other. Until one day. . .

Chuck and I were just putting the finishing touches on a dinner of grouper with fresh veggies from the Farmers’ Market, when Greg came in. He kissed Chuck and nodded to me. Then he broke into a wide-assed grin that I had seen before—he only used when he had something naughty to tell us.

“What is it?” Chuck demanded with lusty eagerness. I looked up, also interested, but then something in Greg’s expression warned me to be cautious.

“Well, I don’t know if I should say anything. . .”

“Why the fuck not?” Chuck said. “You’re always hot to tell what you know.”

“Well. . . it might be a little too personal. . .” Now I was more than just wary.

“Personal about who?” Chuck was hot and bothered.

“Personal about someone in this room.” I was started to feel sick to my stomach. What the fuck was he getting at?

Chuck turned and looked at me. “You look a little peaked, Bruce. Want to sit down for a moment?” He was now sharing in Greg’s naughty grin.

I cleared my throat. “Whatever it is, be careful, Greg. Some things aren’t meant to be shared—even among friends.”

Chuck looked right at me as he said, “Oh, come on, Bruce. We have no secrets from each other here.”

“That’s true,” Greg added. “One for all and all for one, right?” Then his knowing grin widened even further. “Or does somebody here have a little secret? Something he hasn’t told the other two?”

I was silent, glaring at Greg. At this point, I didn’t know if he was just fucking with me or actually knew something—I couldn’t imagine what.

“Some secrets are meant to be kept well. . . secret.” I warned them with cold steel in my voice. Either they didn’t recognize the seriousness with which I was reacting, or they chose to go on in spite of it.

“Oh, come now, Bruce. You’ve always enjoyed every little tidbit that any of us comes across. Why should this be any different?”

“Come on, Greg. Out with it! I can’t stand any more banter!” Chuck insisted.

Leaning across the table toward me, Greg said, “Do you want to tell us, Bruce, or should I?”

“Or maybe nobody should.” I stood up, glared at both of them, and went upstairs to my room.

After a few seconds, I heard a shriek of laughter from Chuck, followed by a long guffaw from Greg. “What could it be?” I asked myself. “What have I done that they would find so juicy?” My life was pretty run-of-the-mill, at least for a gay man of my age.

Then it hit me. Ted! Had someone seen me waiting on the bench, meeting up with Ted, and going into his apartment? Had they waited around until I came out again, figuring out what it was that took an hour and a half?

I grabbed my jacket and hurried down the stairs. “I’m going out.”

“Don’t you want to enjoy the dinner you cooked?” Chuck asked, concerned.

“I’ve lost my appetite.”

“Well, you can always cook something up with your boyfriend,” Greg hit me with it. “Unless he’s too old to chew!” They both dissolved in peals of laughter.

I turned to them, enraged. “It has occurred to me that perhaps living with a couple of infants has lost its attraction. At least an older man knows how to respect a friend’s privacy and not make a joke of their relationships.” I said with an icy tone. I turned and left without another word.

As I reached my convertible and opened the door, the front door burst open and the two of them tumbled out. “Bruce! Wait!” Chuck pleaded.

“We’re sorry,” Greg added. “We were just teasing.”

I turned and glared at them again, which brought them to a halt. There was no denying that they looked distraught over their little joke at my expense. I almost took pity on them, but then I knew I didn’t want to spare them their much-deserved misery.

“Don’t. . . wait. . . up. . . for. . . me.” I pronounced each syllable with unconcealed fury as I got into the car, started the engine, and peeled the tires as I sped away. In the rear-view mirror, I could see them standing helpless on the sidewalk, watching me with the saddest expressions I had ever seen on their faces. Too fucking bad. They knew what they had done, and they enjoyed it until it came time to pay the piper.

I drove around for a while, letting my temper cool and also considering if there was anything to what I had blurted out at them. Perhaps it had just taken one unpleasant event to demonstrate to me that it was not a good thing to be living with them after all.

Oh, sure, the sex was great. The variety of ways the three of us had fucked and sucked was a ton of fun, and the times we had added others to the mix were always wild. But my times with Ted were nothing like that. They were more grown up, intense, one-on-one, and—I thought with a pang of regret—they reminded me of my time with Winston.

But I didn’t know what Ted thought of our relationship. He never said he loved me, and I wasn’t going to go first. He was quiet and mature—he was 15 years older than me, after all—and when we were together, we were focused on pleasuring one another. The rollicking, joking, wild abandon that I had with Greg and Chuck was always exciting at the time, but then it was over, and there wasn’t much to remember about it.

When I couldn’t sleep, I always found myself lying in bed, thinking about Ted and the way he made love to me, the way he knew what I liked and did it so well. I had never even jacked off thinking about Greg or Chuck or the three of us together. Fucking them was like going to a sex party or a gay bathhouse—it was a good way to get off a few times, but it was not a relationship of any kind. I wasn’t even sure that they would say they had a relationship with each other. They were more playmates than lovers.

Without paying attention to where I was driving, it dawned on me that I was parked in front of Ted’s place. I wasn’t sure why I was there. It was already dark, so if I sat on the park bench out front, he wouldn’t even see me. Our routine was that I would be sitting there and he would walk by without seeing me. Then I would get up and casually follow him into his building, keeping about six feet behind him. I would wait until he unlocked and opened his door, and then I would scurry inside.

Only when the door was shut and locked would he take me into his arms and begin kissing me, and everything after that would be open and affectionate, if not loving.

I had not doubt that Ted loved making love to me. Beyond that, I couldn’t say with any certainty.

But now it was night, and I couldn’t be sure he was even home, or. . . I didn’t want to say it to myself, but I had to add, . . .or alone.

I was stymied. I wanted—needed—to see Ted right now, but our routine had never varied in the slightest; it always followed the same pattern until we were alone together behind closed doors.

As I pondered what to do, there was a sharp tap on the car window. I almost jumped out of my skin. Panicked, I turned to see who or what it was.

Ted was bent down, looking me eye-to-eye. He made a turning motion with his hand, and I lowered the window and looked at him, helpless as a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Were you going to just sit there all night?” he asked.

Nonplussed, I swallowed hard and squeaked, “I don’t know. I wasn’t sure what to do, or why I was here.”

“Something happen?”

I took a deep breath. “Yeah. The two guys I live with somehow found out about us. . .” I looked to see the effect those words would have on Ted, but he didn’t respond.

“And what was there to find out?”

“I don’t know. I got so pissed at them that I walked out.”

“Without a word?”

I felt myself redden. “No. There were a few words. . .”

“Never burn your britches!” Ted said with a smile.

I smiled back. “I don’t know how I ended up here, or what I thought would happen next.”

“Well, why don’t you just come inside, and we can talk about it?”

I rolled up the window, got out and locked the car, and then walked side-by-side with Ted up to his apartment. “This is different!” I told myself as I walked, almost in a trance.

Inside his apartment, Ted went straight to the refrigerator—another deviation from routine, because he would always turn and kiss me as soon as the door was closed. He took out a bottle of beer and one of Chablis, got two glasses and nodded his head toward the balcony.

Seated next to a small metal table on which our untouched drinks were sweating, we said nothing for a while.

Then Ted turned to me. “Well, Bruce. Why did you come here?”

“I. . . uh. . . I don’t know.” I thought hard. “I guess I wanted to make sure you were all right.”

Surprised, Ted said, “Make sure I was all right? What the hell did you think could be wrong with me?”

After a long pause, I shook my head. “Look, I’m not thinking straight. I guess I was worried that if they knew about us, something bad could come of it, maybe get you in hot water with the police department or. . .”

“Or what?”

A tear wet my cheek. With a shaky voice, I murmured, “Or if somebody knew about us, maybe you wouldn’t want to see me any more.”

He reached over and put his hand on mine. I looked up, wiped the tear away, and searched his face for some meaning.

“Look, Bruce. People already know about us.”

“They do?” I sounded panicked.

“Hell, yes. . . the people in this building, for starts. The people in the neighborhood who see you sitting on the park bench several evenings a week who know you don’t live anywhere around here. The people in my department. . .”

“The police know?” I sounded terrified.

“Whoa, buddy. Take a deep breath.” I complied. “Any cop who gets into a serious relationship with somebody he’s not married to is required to report that fact to his superior officer. It’s for your protection, in case somebody wants to get at me by going after you.”

“So they know you’re. . . gay?”

“They knew that a long time before I met you. I’ve always been open about it. I just never had anybody that I needed to report to my boss before you.”

“So. . . we’re in a ‘serious relationship’?” I asked meekly.

“Well, what the fuck would you call it?” He looked concerned, as though perhaps he had misread the situation.

“Oh, that’s what I’d call it, too!” I hastened to reassure him.

I took a deep sigh, and then another. The sick feeling in my stomach was gone, as were the tears in my eyes. I looked out over the water to the lights on Mercer Island and felt like a ton of bricks had just been lifted off my shoulder.

I turned to face Ted, who was smiling at me with what I thought was kindness or maybe affection.

“Do you love me, Bruce?” he whispered.

I took in a sharp breath. He had just asked me the question that I had been afraid to ask him for months. “Yes!” I almost shouted, causing him to furrow his brow and look around in the darkness.

“I mean. . . yes, I love you, Ted.” I said in a more controlled tone of voice.

“Then maybe your roommates did you a favor. . .” With that, Ted stood and pulled me to my feet. Enfolding me in his powerful arms he kissed me with a combination of gentleness and ardor.

Leaving our untouched drinks on the little table, we went into the apartment and down the hall to the bedroom. The only light came from a bright full moon.

We undressed, tantalizing each other, one garment at a time. As I slid his briefs down and removed one sock, and then the other, his hard cock brushed my face. I looked up into his smiling face and kissed the head of his cock.

When Ted had finished removing my boxers and socks, he stood up and looked at me with fierce desire burning in his gray eyes. I flowed into his arms, and our erections did battle until they were crushed against each other’s abs.

Ted wrapped both arms around me and held my like he would never let me go. I responded by running my fingers through his hair and then letting them travel down to his neck, across his shoulders, down his arms and back up again, and then inch-by-inch down the arch of his back.

He grasped my face with both hands and held it as he lavished me with his kisses. He then lowered his hands and began to caress my buttocks, pressing his hardness tight into mine. I raised my arms and locked them around his neck, and he picked me up off the floor. When he had me in his powerful grip, I wrapped both legs around his waist.

I knew that I had surrendered myself, body and soul, to this strong, gentle, loving man, and that, without a word, he had responded by promising to take care of me forever.

Still holding me, Ted took a step toward the bed lowered me onto my back with loving care. I lifted my legs into the air and Ted took hold of one of my feet and began to kiss and nuzzle it. I reached down between my legs and took hold of his cock, guiding it into my waiting hole.

As he entered me, it felt like our two bodies were merging into one, and that a part of him was now a part of me. Releasing my foot, he bent forward and put his arms under my shoulders. He lifted me back out of the bed and held me to his chest. His body heat felt like a furnace, setting me on fire with desire.

His cock was still deep inside me as he held me, so I began to move up and down on it as I breathed in and out. Our faces were a few inches apart, and we smiled as we gazed into each other’s eyes with blazing passion.

Ted lifted me up so that his cock came out of me and then guided me to lie beside him in the bed. He was flat on his back, and I was raised up on one elbow, teasing the hairs on his chest. Both of us were as hard as steel spears.

I realized we had not spoken since coming in from the balcony, and I didn’t want to ruin the moment by saying anything, so I just looked at him and smiled, trying to convey as much love as I could. He turned his head to face me and returned the smile.

I got up and straddled him, welcoming his hardness back inside my body. Rising and lowering my self, I kept my eyes fixed on his, trying to communicate how utterly I was giving myself to him. He raised his arms and took my hands, locking our fingers together in the air above our copulating bodies.

Ted began to raise and lower his ass, fucking me from below. I stayed still, allowing my lover to take charge of the mechanics of love-making. Varying his pace, he plunged all the way in at times, so that my balls slapped on his belly. At other times, he pulled almost all the way out, making me yearn to have him back within me, where I knew he belonged.

Then he rested, and I lowered myself onto his shaft until my cheeks rested on his thighs. I leaned forward and kissed him, and he again put both hands on the back of my head and pulled my mouth to his.

Lowering his arms to my back, Ted lifted me once again and turned us both so that I was lying flat beneath him, still impaled on his manhood. I bent my knees to my chest and stuck my feet straight up. Ted leaned forward so that my ankles rested on his shoulders.

He then began to fuck me in earnest, taking up a rhythm that was intense and urgent. I gasped as I felt a jolt of electricity inside my rectum and knew that he was reaching my prostate, my “male G-spot.”

With the constant urging of his cock head inside me, I felt the relentless sensation growing, and my body stiffened as my breathing became deeper and quicker.

Realizing that I was close to climaxing, Ted increased the pace of his thrusts. I threw my head back, took in one long, deep breath, and felt my prostate squeeze itself into oblivion. A long rope of cum shot out of my cock, which was resting on my belly, hitting me in the chin. A second hit my throat, and others followed, making a path down my chest and abdomen. I felt my pucker contracting and releasing, telling Ted’s cock how great it felt inside me.

As I came, Ted closed his eyes and held his breath. He thrust as deep inside me as he could go, and I felt the hot flood of his passion burst into the depths of my being.