Going Gay / Bruce


I owe you an explanation as to why the story has petered out (no pun intended!).

I am in discussions with an e-book publisher, and they have asked me to rewrite the story and provided a lot of help in improving it.

They also don’t want me to post any more of Bruce’s story on my blog.

I feel like I’m growing up as a writer and need to do what the more-experienced people in the business advise.

So, there won’t be any more stories here. I will take the existing ones down at some point, but not until I know that the e-book is available to buy.

BUT. . . I deeply appreciate your faithfulness in reading my work, and I am especially grateful to all who left comments.

SO, when the e-book comes out, I will send you a link where you can receive a free copy of the final Bruce story!

Thanks again for your support. It is a big task, rewriting 40 chapters to conform to editing guidelines and I’m nowhere near finished, but “someday” the full story of Bruce will be out there for everyone to read.

Until then, “so long, and thanks for all the fish!”