Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading! I am Tim Hobson (well, that’s actually my pen-name), and I write gay bromance stories and novels that I talk about on this blog.

First of all, everything on this blog is copyrighted and my intellectual property. It may not be copied, printed, reproduced, shared, forwarded, quoted, or published in any format without my express written consent (and email does not count as “written” in this case). I do allow and encourage sharing links to this blog and linking to it from other web sites.

I write gay bromance stories and novels about gay and straight adults (18 years old and older), and those who aren’t sure which camp they are in. My writing is romantic and also sexually explicit, using X-rated verbal images and language. If any of this offends you, or if you are not of legal age to view this material where you are presently located, thank you for visiting and please leave now.

Whew! That’s all the legal BS that I have been told I need to include. If I learn that I need something else, I’ll update this page, with the changes effective retroactively (I guess that’s some more legal BS – sorry!).

What I really want you to know is that I love to write, and I seem to have found a topic on which I can express myself effectively and also interest others in reading what I have written. I have always loved bromance, as well as almost any stories about gay men. Putting my work out here in public is a big, scary step for me, and I hope that I don’t regret it or lose interest in it.

A big THANK-YOU! to my many supporters, especially my followers who waited patiently for episodes of the Going Gay Trilogy to be made available. Your enthusiasm and encouragement is part of what gave me the courage to create this blog.

My ultimate dream is to have a career as a writer of gay bromance, and I hope that this blog may attract the attention and interest of publishers. If you are one and are interested in my writing, please contact me.

I am a fledgling writer, so I crave feedback. If you like something, hate something, or want to suggest something, please comment on the story. All comments are subject to my approval. If you don’t see your comment posted and you want to know why, please email me at the address on my Contact page.

News Flash: March 1, 2019 — I have joined Romance Writers of America (RWA) and the special-interest group Rainbow Romance Writers (RRW), and also ERWA (Erotic Readers and Writers Association). I now have an “alpha” or principal reviewer, as well as all the great folks on ERWA who read and take the time to offer suggestions and ideas. I am finding my association with other authors to be very informative and helpful.